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Panda Need Freedom & Rights

Panda Need Freedom & Rights

Monday, December 21, 2009

What a Great Wall!

What a Great Wall!
By Laijon Liu 20091221

There are many sceneries I want to go visit
But I’d never pick the Pyramid and the Great Wall.
Such gigantic monument of human mark
Recorded generations’ slavery and culture tragedy.
One is a giant tomb, a hell hole of Pharaoh’s dynasty,
Whipping his people to lay up countless stone blocks,
That gradually, these massive piled up dead stones
Buried the king and everyone who stood around him.
How one man’s funeral, the whole nation is sacrificed?!

Another is the Great Wall, how great it is?
Since the First Emperor tyrant Qin to present,
That all Chinese emperors forced his people to labor,
Building a giant long wall blocking the whole nation,
In the name of protecting ‘his’ people thru this imprisonment,
So he could forever sit on his throne and enjoy his reign,
Even pigs and cows do have liberty to moan or howl,
And dogs and cats exercise their daily rights to see the outside world,
But no, not Chinaman, they were all born blind, deaf and dumb,
Sitting behind the thick and tall, this endless great fucking wall,
They ate, produced and labored all their life, generation and generation
To maintain our nation’s pride, to make sure our Wall stands forever,
Which truly a disgrace, our ancestors’ embarrassment,
That when Greeks were building their theaters everywhere,
Their massive balanced marble pillars stood in all corners,
And their thinkers and talents teaching civilization to reason,
To vote for their treasure and budget, we our Chinese people
Were so wise and planned to install a Great Wall.

I wonder, How proud every emperor stood on his Great Wall,
Watching his vast fertile land, the green countless mountain ranges,
The many silvery rivers and streams, and his tamed people and flocks,
All blocked and stapled, stocked for his pleasure and use,
Even seasons and moon and sun are circling around him,
All these, all things, all people, and all generations
Are all belong to him! All belong to him!
What a Great Wall!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Piece Red Band by Cui Jian

A piece Red Band
By Cui Jian
Translated Laijon Liu 20091214

That day you held a piece red band
Covered my eyes and covered the sky
You asked me, what I saw
I said I saw Happiness
Such feeling really made me well
It let me forget I had no place to dwell

You asked me where I wanted to go
I said I wanted to get on your road
I couldn’t see you nor the front road
And my hands were also held by you

You asked me what I thought
I said I let you be my master
I felt you were not iron
But liked iron strong and stern
I felt you got blood on your shirt
Coz your hands were so warm
Such feeling really made me well
It let me forget I had no place to dwell

You asked me what I thought
I said I wanted to get on your road
I felt that place was not desert
Coz I couldn’t see the earth cracks
I felt I wanted to drink water
But your mouth covered up my lips
I felt that place was not desert
Coz I couldn’t see the earth cracks
I felt I wanted to drink water
But your mouth covered up my lips
I couldn’t move nor could I sob
Coz my body was already dried up
I should forever accompany you
Coz I know all about your sorrows

This song was first performed by Cui Jian after his banned period due to his June 4th involvement, his first concert when he eventually allowed to do in China, so I guess he must wrote this great piece to what he experienced and felt, when he performed this song, he used a red band blinded his eyes and sang. Any reader can relate this lyrics after his future and own rights been robbed by someone else, most times, red means blood, earth means nation, sky means heaven and justice in Chinese culture. This song I love it, listen every moning.

Video Link:


一块红布 A piece Red Band
崔健 Cui Jian

That day you held a piece red band
covered my eyes and covered the sky
you asked me, what I saw
I said I saw Happiness
Such feeling really made me well
it let me forget I had no place to live

You asked where I wanted to go
I said I wanted to get on your road
I couldn’t see you nor the road
and my hands were also held by you

You asked me what I thought
I said let you be my master
I felt you were not iron
but liked iron strong and stern
I felt you got blood on your shirt
coz your hands were so warm
Such feeling really made me well
it let me forget I had no place to live

You asked me what I thought
I said I wanted to get on your road
I felt that place was no desert
coz I couldn’t see the earth cracks
I felt I wanted to drink water
but your mouth covered up my lips
I felt that place was no desert
coz I couldn’t see the earth cracks
I felt I wanted to drink water
but your mouth covered up my lips
I couldn’t move nor could I sob
coz my body was already dried up
I should forever accompany you
coz I know about all of your sorrow

贊唐朝樂隊 Tang Dynasty Band

by Laijon Liu 20091217

長髮飄飄走四方, 金聲高歌響路旁.
雷電吉他翻雲雨, 滾石鑼鼓震天河.
古箏綿綿敘演義, 絲絲舊琴泣知音.
太陽送別異鄉客, 婉啼月夢回唐朝.

    -> 美梦

Tang Dynasty Band - Nine Fourth Lyric
Translated by Laijon Liu 20110623

Who wanna pour me- some sour wine
I aint give a damn
The shattered past- lingers
and my brain still numb
Like in the past- all things are mess
Only look at the moon
In lies I have peace
but now- they are troubling my mind

Moonlight! Moonlight
Belong to me!
Moonlight! Moonlight
Melting moonlight!

I wanna be with you- sharing this life
Not to twist this- fragile nerve strand
Quit to believe it- suicide is the end
I am tired- this dark field gray sky!

Peak- in daylight where I be
Stream- carry me to the sea


[I] Wanna show you my power
Not to bury myself
Shame n despair are gone
Let out my desire
Like right now- express myself
Unleash my emotion
I want walk in the moonlight
Bath in hope and new life

Moonlight! Moonlight
Belong to me!
Moonlight! Moonlight
Melting moonlight!

I wanna be with you- sharing this life
Not to twist this- fragile nerve strand
Quit to believe it- suicide is the end
I am tired this- dark field gray sky!

Translation Note:
I translated the Mandarin lyric to English, tried to arrange the English words fit the melody of this song, and retain the original meaning of the Chinese lyric.

This is very beautiful song, melody, strength, beat, and poetic power, somehow always reminds me of Li Po’s poem Drink Alone Under the Moon, I can imagine how Tang Dynasty rocked, banged, howled on the 90’s stage, maybe Li Po had same spirit as Tang Dynasty Band sang this lyrical headstrong song, this spirit fits both Li Po and the band members. I think they have better hair than Li Po:)


Song name: Epic
Band: Tang Dynasty Band
Lyrics, extracted and edited by Tang Dynasty
Translated by Laijon Liu 20091214

Rolling rolling the Long River, to the east she elapses
Her spoondrift wash away all the heroes
Right and wrong, victory or lost all disperse as I turn back to look
But the green mountains still stand
And under the red setting sun,
(I wonder) how many times we’ve viewed such scene?

There’s a gray hair fisherman cooking in his boat
He used to see the autumn moon and feel the spring wind
A pot of cheap wine he greets his passerby with merry
And shares all the matters of past and present
That all become laughter and chat.

Heroes under heavens
All brave with skill as wind and thunder, so invincible
They’re righteous and ambitious that never be afraid

Heroes under heavens
All royal and frank, and models of their word
Their will hangs above as sun and moon, guarding the land
Whether in past or now, winds never shake heaven, earth and moon
They renew this land from the old of past
Thru history, no one forever stands
But a loyal heart always shines light into people’s mind.
All and all, this world and matters never cease
Heaven and earth that no one can ever escape
And the moon of the past was not all different
Tonight, she looks upon my cup like all past affairs.


Song Name: Moon Dream (On Amazon: Paradise)
By Music and Lyric Tang Dynasty (Elegy to Past Member Zhang Ju)
Translated by Laijon Liu 20091227

Moon dream, so quiet and deep
Silver frosty fog, fair soul floated and dispersed
So dreary and lonely, I wandered at this long dark night
The wind blew, flower shed, I looked at sky and sang
Where are you among the clear sparkling broken pearls?
Tranquil water rippling in pond, the moon smashed and gone
My heart like spring well shook, this moment and last night
My thoughts searched everywhere in this vast firmament
But moon already wend to the west, how I could forget
You were by my side, we shared so much joy
And now so much grief, it never would be the same
Moon and your shadow joined and parted, how much joy
How much wandering as the wind past by
Cloud and your shadow like a dream, how could I forget
You were by my side, we shared so much joy
And now so much grief, it never would be the same
Moon and your shadow joined and parted, how much joy
How much wandering as I looked up the moon
With my flute I sang you my tribute, how I could forget
You were by my side, we shared so much joy
And now so much grief, my night never be the same
Oh- oh- oh- Oh- oh- oh- Oh- oh- oh-
I want to hold you, I want to hold you, I want to hold you

This most touching song, and sad. There are some tradition that Chinese family and friend sing elegy to their past member, melody more like dreadful crying mourning, I heard two, I was scared, couldn’t endure their howling that tear up ear drum. But I never thought any rock band could work a piece so sad and beautiful like this song, the melody, the lyrics, and sing out of authentic emotion.

Why I like Tang Dynasty Band, Again Band (Lun Hui), Cui Jian, Spring and Autumn Band, Xu Wei, Zheng Jun… and many many Chinese Rock and Metal bands. Oh, I love RocknRoll and metal, Led Zeppelin is the greatest, their music songs so different comparing to other bands, no disrespect to others, it’s just my opinion.

(Another note:

Why Rock is so widely accepted by people as an art?

There reasons:

Rock music involves in three art forms that rooted back to our art origin.

1) Music that played simple beats that appreciated by our ancestors, and anyone nowadays teenage would fall for it, from Blues and Folks that all goes back to African music. And no one needs any art education to appreciate Rock.
2) This form of music involves dancing, that in ancient time, all music are accompanied with dance.
3) Lyrics, simple poem or verse that can be sung by everyone and mostly all sing out aloud together, not Opera or musical shows that only a few professional can hit the melody and note.

In ancient time, people only have four activities, hunt, eat, party, sleep; just like today, we work, eat, (watch TV or play instrument or read…), sleep.

Three basic art form, music, dance and poetry all expressed in one form, usually after every dinner, and such art form all composed upon people’s daily work and life, like hunting, warring, harvest, death, of course after the dance, they have sex and go back sleep:) more like RocknRoll party today:)

So we probably all know why Rock is loved by every culture and everyone, it is our root.)

And Chinese rock band are inherited a treasure from our ancestors, the Chinese Poets!
First, the language is invented into each toned picture, and the poetic form is so easy to grow into a form, which means it’s much easier to write lyrics for one melody in Chinese. And not only that, all these artists and song writers have million poems resource to pick for lyrics, and all of them are educated in such system, and they are so talented that they don’t even realized that ancient poets already done the lyrics.

Also, 2008 Olympic ceremony, Mr. Zhang Yimuo done a great job, but without a deep art culture I don’t think any director can entertain audiences for 3 hours, maybe Mr. Shakespeare and a few.

Okay, let’s get back to why I like Chinese rock and metal, the sound and melody are young and fresh with beats that pumps my blood and bangs my head, the lyrics, oh mine the lyrics that these few creative artists put all great classical poems into nowadays music, that old wine into new wineskins:) god that’s rocking!

Especially, Tang Dynasty, not only they put classical poetry into their melody, they also use the traditional Chinese instruments in their thing, Guzheng, Guqin, and Again Lun Hui band use Pipa for one of their so-good song that called Wind Fire Yangzhou Road, that its lyric is poem of great Song poet. And all their songs sound so attractively from melody and lyrics.

I translated one of Tang Dynasty’s hot song, Epic, any reader would finds the lyric are unmatchable, only a few lyrics are poetic I find nowadays, Stairway is so good, Pink have some, and Hotel Cali is cool, and a few others. But Tang Dynasty really creative, I guess only Chinese like my age group would appreciate both their music and lyrics.

I put this song’s video link here and following a few their other good songs:



This is most attractive Rock Metal Piece I have ever heard!)



A Dream Back To Tang Dynasty

Nine Fourth

Moon Dream

Bright Moon Sends Love Note Across Thousand Li

Time at My Heel

Soaring Bird



Don't Go Hiding

Black Humor
No Video (go check amazon cd 'Epic'; the opening scream, I saw Robert Plant:)

Their Discography:
A Dream Return To Tang Dynasty

I am indebted too our ancient poets, as the way I look at and put down poems, but I know have not obtained all of their treasure yet, only their little toys, I am still a baby in poetry, I am only proud that I get their love to poetry and art that they pass down to me, even I don’t write or compose well, but the love they pass down and I hold is more than enough. Even though I would never look for a publisher, or published, or priced, prized or awarded, or whatever I am very much happy that I have love for what poetry and art what’s really worth.

I am sure Tang Dynasty people and artists and poets all appreciate Zhuo, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing poets. They are so great! They are the same as Homer, Shakespeare, Mozart, Beethoven… they all belong to everyone, west or east. Rockstars are the same!

My Chinese poem for this band:

by Laijon Liu 20091217


English Translation:

A Tribute to Tang Dynasty Band
By Laijon Liu 20091217

Their long hair flow everywhere they go
Their metal voice sings all along the road
Lightning guitar riffs bring cloud and rain
Rolling drum and gong unleash the Milky Way
Their guzheng echoes its waves, Epic retold
Their guqin strings vibrate, weeping for a friend
The Sun Farewell a Guest From Other Places
Beautiful Caw Moon Dream Return To Tang Dynasty

This poem is for a Hard Rock & Metal band
They are musician and poets,
And put Chinese poetry and traditional instrument
Into their progressive music art.
For more info. Search for
Tang Dynasty Epic
Tang Dynasty A Dream Return to Tang Dynasty


演义 Epic
唐朝 by Tang Dynasty Band

Rolling rolling the Long River, to the east she elapses
her spoondrift wash away all the heroes
Right and wrong, victory or lost all disperse as I turn back to look
But green mountains still stand
And under the red setting sun, how many times we have viewed

there’s a gray hair fisherman cooking in his boat
He used to see the autumn moon and feel the spring wind
A pot of cheap wine he greets his passerby with merry
And shares all the matters of past and present
That all become laughter and chat.

Heroes under heavens
all brave with skill as wind and thunder, so invincible
They’re righteous and ambitious that never be afraid

Heroes under heavens
all royal and frank, and models of their word
their will hangs above as sun and moon, guarding the land
whether in past or now, winds never shake heaven, earth and moon
they renew this land from the old of past
Thru our history, no one shall forever stand
But a loyal heart always shines light into people’s mind.
All and all, this world and matters never cease
Heaven and earth that no one can ever escape
And the moon of the past was not all different
Tonight, she looks upon my cup like the past matters.


Paradise / Moon Dream

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ode to Eagle

Ode to Eagle
By Laijon Liu 20091010

Who are you, my love, soaring so high!
The god of all birds, a king of azure sky
On the precipitous cliff you make home
Off the lofty peak you leap a great dive
You call up the morning sun to ascend
And escort the moon where she roams
Earth revolves under your mighty talons
And heaven is for your wings to mete
A pair firm claws, steel dagger sharp
Where your enemies find no escape
Above the vast land or the roaring sea
All livings are under your decree
Your eyes are made of pure gold
To see through the hour of dark night
Who dares to stare at the glorious sun?
And catch the true splendor of light!
Upon the high rock you pick your nest
Above the deep sea you set window-view
And facing the cold winds you make love
There you raise young, hatch a brave heart
All worlds look up and envy your spot
But they never know how much you sacrifice
Your title and fame must cost so much
Upon that rocky cliff, in the gushing winds
Lonesome and pride is the way of your life
It’s against your deity to group with a flock
No one dares to dictate your hour of flight
And no peak or valley is out of your reach
Toward the sun you stare and rise head on
And into the wintry wave you make a splash
White clouds are for your wings to smash
Rain and snow are your showers and bath
Nature has preordained your tragic fate
Struggling since birth, fighting to become
Where your infant bed is a wrestling court
And then your test flight is a deadly dive
Yet you raise your hooked beak proudly
Stretch your broad wings measuring winds
Hop your muscular legs for a great leap
To aim the sun and answer the storm
How calm you are, driving the winds above
Rise and fall freely, soar and turn with ease
Where in the sky you find dragon is a myth
And shadow of phoenix disappeared in sun
The idols on earth all become fairytale news
Only your wings and spirit are true examples
Death and fear can never conquer you in life
Dream and desires are all possible to reach
Oh my great Bird, a miracle you pursue!
You’re hatched on cliff and born of storm
Sun above you and earth down below
Sky your lodge and death is like a home
In the gushing winds you howl battle cry
Into the cold waves you toy snowflake
Through the challenges you grow strong
And in turmoil and crisis you obtain peace
Who is the maker of your striking shape?
Who gifted you a pair golden pupil
For the far vision and detail view?
Who gave you a pair brave wings
To set your faith fly and courage to dive?
Who made your nest on high cliff?
Who drove the winds and storms
And the red sun over the blue sea?
***Who made you, so great?***

Saturday, November 7, 2009

500-Character Poem A Reflection on the Road from Capital to Feng Xian Town by Du Fu

500-Character Poem A Reflection on the Road from Capital to Feng Xian Town
By Du Fu (712-770)
Translated by Laijon Liu 20091107

I am a common man of my hometown,
Now old, but more determined.
With a silly wish I held myself
To be a good servant in Emperor’s court.
Still never been received,
Yet I wrought with my gray hair.
Till my coffin closes, then all affair stop,
And I believed myself always,
That one day I should achieve.

All the years I worried about people,
With all my sighs and my heart burnt.
All my classmates laughed at me,
But I even strove more with singing.
I wanted to travel between rivers and seas,
Take leisure of sunshine and moonlight.
But I believe our emperor is graceful,
So I couldn’t let go this good chance.
Yes, there are talents filled today’s court,
We aren’t lack of pillars for our mansion.
Yet, the sunflower always beholds the sun,
And we can’t take away his natural character.

I don’t want to be like ants and worms,
Only care myself and the dwelling hole.
Nor I admire the great fish in the sea,
Liberally swims and makes his splash.
Because I’ve obtained my living purpose,
Is to strive for the best with what I have.
So with uprightness I worked alone to now,
Enduring all the hardship like dust in wind.
And now I’m a little embarrassed of myself
Comparing to those hermits in ancient time.
So I drink more to bring me some joy,
And sing aloud to shout away my sorrow.

My years liked setting sun, withered grass,
And strong wind above the hilltop gushing.
Gloomy sky with turmoil clouds those days,
I, a sojourner, got on my road in midnight.
Cold misty frosts, even my jacket string broke,
And my fingers I could not feel or bend.
By morning I arrived at the Li Mountains,
The emperor’s palace was above those hills.
The north winds blew the cold blue sky,
Each stair was slippery on cliff or in valley.
Yet I could still see the steam of hot spring,
Rising from the spears of countless guards.
Emperor and his officials were partying there,
Symphony of their musicians loudly echoing.
All the high ranking royals bathed together,
And their feast no lowly officers allowed to join.

The silk of our court all made by common maids,
And the collectors whipping their family to gather.
Ancient kings only gifted their official baskets,
So their people would not be too stressed.
If the officials really understood such concept,
Then why our emperor still gave away silk?
Oh, too many those people filled our court,
Even a righteous person feared to step in!
Not to mention the treasure of the court
All stocked in the royal family’s house.
The beautiful ladies in their palace, like goddess,
Burning incense all hours for their cream skin.
Marten coats for their guests to keep warm,
And with their instrument they sing a sad song.
Their guests enjoy the exotic cuisine,
And orange and fruit served fresh with frost.
Within their red mansion walls, meat stored to rot;
Outside on their sidewalk, bony men froze to death.
Luxury neighboring the withered so close,
Yet so different; oh, my heart wanes, I can’t express!

As I got on a carriage, heading to Wei and Jing River,
By the checkpoint they made us turn to another road.
All the rivers rushing from the western mountains,
Their source looked like from Kong Dong peaks.
For a moment, I thought the pillar of sky was falling.
It’s fortunate the bridge above the river was not broken,
She bore our carriage with cracking sound.
So we helped each other, carrying our own luggage
And walked across the bridge, over that rushing river.

My wife waited for me in Feng Xian town,
My nine children and I been cut off by storm.
What husband on earth would abandon his family
for such long period of time?
And I must rush to be with them
Together we in hunger and thirst.
And by my door I heard the wailing voice,
My youngest son died of hunger.
Even if I did refrain myself not to howl,
Still my neighbors couldn’t stop their sob.
How could I be a dad, being so poor!
That couldn’t bring back food to feed my son!
And I never knew that in autumn time,
A reaping season, poor people starved to death!

I hold a lowly position in government,
By law I’m tax exempt and no draft for war.
Now I reflect all my past matters I feel sad,
And common people even bear much more.
Those who lost their family and their house,
And faraway our soldiers in the battlefield,
Then my sorrow weighing over my heart
Like a mountain, or a flood immersing.

Poem Note:
People ask me what is one example of talented poets, Li Bai; but there are great poets, like Du Fu, who loved his people, his family, his wife, children, and his work and his poem. This is the best poem of Du Fu I personally praise, surely shown he was a follower of Confucius, he put all his wish and struggle for people. So every Chinese and poets respected him. A poet is emotional, always, he is sensitive to things, even to a dead leaf, or a blink of star, or to everything, so whatever a poet cannot stop writing is how he feels about things that pulls his heart string, but not every poet has a feeling for everything or everyone, even though he forges with his black art he learns from his bookshelf, a reader can discover thru his verses about something that not authentic. But this poem Du Fu has a great heart, and real feeling, a truthful friend for every reader, and all his poems so great with heart.

I don’t think there is any English translation for this poem yet.

Chinese Character and English Word Translate and Notes:
The following format is each line, one verse, 5 Chinese characters; second line notes
唐 杜甫

杜Du 陵mountain 有has 布fabric 衣cloth,
Note: 杜Du陵mountain: a place where the tomb of Han Dynasty Emperor, Du Fu’s birth place.

Note: As I get old even more stubborn

Note: Allow myself to be such foolish

Note: 稷与and契: names of officials of two graceful Emperors in Ancient time

Note: 濩?: Archaic character, something related to water that spilled out

Note: With gray hair willingly submit to work for every thing



穷poor年year忧worry黎元people world,

Note: Ancient Chinese believe emotion from belly

取笑jest同学schoolfellow翁old man,


非无not because I don’t have江river海sea志will,

萧洒natural and unrestrained送accompany日sun月moon。

Note: 尧舜: two most graceful emperors


当今today廊庙emperor court具instrument,




顾care惟alone蝼worm蚁ant辈the like,

但only自self求beg其its/their穴dwelling hole。


辄always拟draft偃cease溟渤sea waves。

以according to兹now悟realize生life理reason,

独only耻shame事affair干dry谒call on。

兀兀stand upright遂then至to 今now,


Note: 巢与and由: two ancient hermits

未能cannot易change其their节joint of bone。
Note: someone don’t bend his bone, kneel down




疾风high wind高high冈ridge裂break。

天heaven衢thoroughfare阴gloom峥嵘lofty and steep,




凌晨wee hours过pass骊Li山mountain,



蹴蹋foot stepping崖cliff谷valley滑slippery。

瑶池Yao pool气air/steam郁gloomy律climate,
note: Yao pool, from Chinese myth, that located at Sky Mountain, where the empress of heaven party.

羽林Emperor’s guard相each other摩stand up戛spear。


乐music动move殷ardent樛trees bend downward嶱。
嶱: archaic, maybe something related to mountain that shake

long tassel: only High rank official wear long tassel

Short jacket: local officials wear


Cold house woman: only rich women could afford enough wood to make their chamber hot in winter, as my personal experience, all women like hot not cold:)



holy man: indicates those graceful ancient emperor



君emperor岂why弃give up此this物stuff。



gold plate: emperor use for decoration

尽all在in卫霍Wei Huo室house。
Wei Huo, indicates the concubine’s family



暖warm客guest貂鼠marten裘animal coat,

se: an instrument

soup or food material that carried by camel pass the silk road from west

霜frost橙orange压cover香fragrant橘fruit like orange。





Continue later

唐 杜甫


Monday, November 2, 2009

Yong Yu Yue (Forever Meet Melody)

Yong Yu Yue (Forever Meet Melody)
By Li Qingzhao (1084-1155)
Translate by Laijon Liu 20091103

Setting sun like melting gold
Rosy clouds blanketing the blue sky
Where is the one in my thought?

Willows painted green
Smoke rising from every house
I played the plum melody non stop
But the spring understood me not!

Ah, January Fifteenth again
Night lanterns all lighted
Weather mild and warm
But how can we be sure
There won’t be sudden rains and wind?

My friends came and greeted
Riding in beautiful wagons
To their drink feast and poetry club
But I declined their invite

Oh, I still remembered the holidays
In our state of the good old days
So many, I skipped
Yet only prepared for this Lantern Day

The emerald pendant on my hat
Gold twist and silver trim jacket
And all the colorful strap and belts

But now, with my haggardness,
And this wind blown foggy hair,
How could I go out at this night?

It would be better for me
To just sit under the blind
And hear other’s laughter and chat.

Some say this poem was composed when the poet’s husband lay in sickness in other state.










Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drink and Talk

Drink with
Good friends,
A thousand cups
Not enough.
Different interest,
Half sentence
Is too much.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Song on the Platform of You State

Song on the Platform of You State
By Chang Zi Ang (Tang poet 659-700)
Translated by Laijon Liu

Before me, I cannot see the past heroes
Behind me, I don’t see anyone following
In btwn the far heaven and vast earth
I myself wailing alone

Chamber Sorrow

Chamber Sorrow
By Sheng Ru Jun (Tang Poet)
Translated by Laijon Liu

Oh, I cannot tell the wild goose
To carry a letter to my husband
And sorrow weighing down
Even a dream I cannot make
How I wished every night
To follow the lonesome moon
Travel across the far heaven
And spill out the bright light
Over my love one’s camp

Praise Willow

Praise Willow
He Zhi Zhang (Tang Poet 659-744)
Translated by Laijon Liu

Green dress like a piece of giant jade
Myriad strings hanging down as skirt
Her thin leaves who’s the tailor of it?
Look, the Feb wind has a sharp scissor

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves
By Kong Zhao An (Tang Poet 577-622)
Translated by Laijon Liu

Early autumn shook the leaves
Falling like the heart of drifter
Fly and fly, they try and strive
Ah, they miss their home tree

I want to make Cumin and Stardreamer proud, so I translated this Tang poet’s poem and share with everyone. I read their poetry everyday, coz I don’t have wife and life:) so from now on, I find some good ones, especially no one ever translated before, I translate it and post here also. better thank me, and raise your banner ads’ price:) ha ha ha

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Drink and Write

I Drink and Write
By Laijon Liu 20091022

I drink and write
It feels so right
Don’t prep my thought
Just ride with the flow

After some dose
I see all the pictures
That makes me dizzy
Yes, I’m in cloud and touching stars

Poetry is so easy
I meditate it with life
When my heart aches
The rhythm naturally tuned

I can forget the tones
I can erase the image
Just baby talk, random thoughts
Still make you woozy

Like seeing the sun
Rising from west
Like seeing the moon
Smiling in the pond

Yeah, I must drink and write
So my mind speaks truth
Like my absurd verses don’t work
And this world in a bottle of hope

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beautiful Dream

Beautiful Dream
By Laijon Liu 20091019

Brewing my dream
In the fifty states,
With a thread of grief
I drink and fall asleep.
On the bank of river
I look for my goddess,
Only to roam alone
In cloud and peach bloom.

Heavenly mountains,
Crystal ice, and stars
Shining bright as plates;
Deep blue oceans
With their roaring waves,
Splashing toward high.
Oh, this great bird
Spreads his giant wings
To strike myriad miles
For the limit of sky.

A translation of my own Chinese poem.


美梦酝酿五十州, 一丝牵挂醉中眠.
湘水湖畔思神女, 独游云梦卧桃源.
天山冰晶星如斗, 琼海洋溢浪涛天.
此鹏欲展鸿飞翅, 挥翼万里志无边.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Spring Dream

The Spring Dream
By Laijon Liu 20090604

The spring dream
Twenty years ago
Was blown away
By the east wind
The flowers shed
And petals fallen
But lover abode
Still grieving that
Ah, undying grief
I dare not to tell

Poem Note:
Those young faces in the crowd;
Red petals on a wet black bough.

I edited Pond's poem to explain the meaning of my poem, to record a historical event, to mourn for the fallen flowers, and report to reader for the present state, like so many ancient Chinese poems, that only composed for reader of future, that those past poets did not know, their descendants inherited all their great art and writing the same poem, that their future was not easy, just as their time.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


By Laijon Liu 20091014

I am the one under your feet
Where history and future meet
I am the one that lies across
In the air and over the sea

I am not like any window
That only allows you to look
But I invite you to walk upon me
And I am never locked or shut

Yes, thru me continents joined
Thru me cultures burn and melt
And thru me lovers hold hands
And experiment their first kiss

Thru me a new journey
And a new world to see
And at the end of every voyage
There's a friend waiting to greet

I swear I’m built for both sides
And I always stand firm in peace
And I let you reach your hope and dream
If you put your faith in me

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ode To A Little Mouse

Ode To A Little Mouse
By Laijon Liu 20091009

'Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.'
- Shakespeare, The Tempest Act 2, scene 2, Line 40

In my tiny room, there’s a little mouse
A New Yorker he is, a resident of Queens
He’s lonely like me and nameless he is
He works all the days to see who he really is
Oh, my heart cries for you, my little friend
This world too big and your life too frail
In my roommate rooms they set the clip traps
And in each corner they prepared your last meal
But you still, running wise and boring brave
To be a master of your own fate, not a slave!

For that sweet cheese cake! You try to nose
For whole life among the rooms and traps
Oh dream of fulfillment, drives living purpose
That one day you may gain fat like those rats
But no, you are in my room, and I only have books
This is not a restaurant, nor subway tracks
And out there on street, too many wild cats
They are not house pets that live on diet food
So, you must be patient and do with what you have
For you haven’t met any girl mouse yet

Oh, love for a little mouse? Too unreal!
How that 2-second intimacy can make you feel?
What’s after, still loneliness, emptiness,
Such state even human wail and gods pale
In this mice and rats crowded capital,
How many couples truly find their nest?
Once you were born into this cold world
Then you must walk and search alone
Btwn the walls, sneak in and out the pipes
And hoping to find your sweet cheese

Go! You little mouse! Be smart and brave!
Don’t just hide in my tiny room
Even though you moved in here first
But your life is not staying here and starve
Even though I never wanted to trap you
Nor I’m too wicked to poison you
Still, you must go out and be stuffed
For all those trash are waiting for you
And you might be luckier than me
Soon walk with a mouse next door in flowery forest

Yes, you already used to be in this room
And I dare not to claim what I paid it’s mine
So all these years I let you stay in your corner
And marked the spot with a cookie each month
But it does not mean that I’ve accepted you
Or changed my mind to receive you as my pet
Mice and rats are not equal with dogs and cats
Not even people on earth obtain same rights
Maybe only in sleep or heavy drinks
So we can all be a big happy family

How many times at night I wake up
Fearing you may sneak into my bed
And how many times I almost hit you
That you broke the law of this room
Even though I’m a guy that fears a mouse
But in madness men can march out for kill
And not to mention if I find girlfriend, God willing
Then I’d be forced to set poison and traps
Haven't you ever heard that in love
A woman is more jealous than death?

Oh, you little mouse, sad and alone
All your life you search in hunger and fear
But tonight, you are so lucky
You’ve got a safe corner, no trap or death cookie
A poet observes you with his drink
And writes a few drunken verse in ink
Not for his love, not for any girl
But only for you, my roommate and companion
How are we two miserable creatures
Under same shelter, sharing same roof!

Let’s enjoy this moment for a temporal rest
Before sunlight shoots into this tiny room
You little mouse has worked all night
Yet must get up in hurry for a weary road
Man labors from cell to cell
To chase his dream in tunnels of world
Mouse seeks from pipe to pipe
To look for his cheese in the hall of trap
And both come back in dust and dark
Till one day we must part for love or death.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Girl In Her Greenhouse
Cui Jian
Translated Laijon Liu 20091007

I walked by your side; I couldn’t say a word to you
I dared not to raise my head, to see you, oh your face

You asked me where I go. I pointed to the sea
Your surprise seemed you were admiring me

But you drew me into your greenhouse,
And I couldn’t escape from the fragrance,
I didn’t know why, I forgot my direction

You said I was the toughest in the world
And I said you were most graceful on earth
You didn’t know why, you felt like you were a bloom

You said I was the toughest in the world
And I said you were most graceful on earth
You asked me to abide here, you wanted me to be like them

I looked at you and said, oh, no, I could not
I wanted to go back, I wanted to return

But I knew I couldn’t walk away from you, oh, girl
But I were willing to go back, to return

But I knew I couldn’t walk away from you, oh, girl
But I were willing to go back, to return

But I knew I couldn’t walk away from you, oh, girl
But I were willing to go back, to return

Video Link:

I Have Nothing

I Have Nothing
By Cui Jian
Translated by Laijon Liu 20091007
I can’t stop asking you
When we’ll get together and go
But you are just jesting 
That I have nothing
I want to give you my pursuit 
And also my freedom
But you are just jesting 
That I have nothing

Oh, when we’ll get together and go
Oh, when we’ll get together and go

The ground under our feet is moving 
The streams by our side are flowing
But you are just jesting 
That I have nothing
Why you can’t stop jesting 
And why I must hold tight my pursuit
Maybe in front of you I will forever
Have nothing

Oh, when we’ll get together and go
Oh, when we’ll get together and go

I tell you I’ve been waiting for so long
And I tell you my last wish
I will grab your two hands  
And drag you along our way 
But now your hands are shaking
And now your tears are streaming
Maybe you are telling me
that you love me because
I have nothing

Oh, when we’ll get together and go
Oh, when we’ll get together and go

This is Chinese Rock Song Anthem, June 4th students picked this song for their Freedom Anthem. Every Chinese can sing this song. A great example of Chinese poetry uses love content to reflect for political statement for people and state.

Video Links:




喔 妳何時跟我走 喔 妳何時跟我走

腳下這地在走 身邊那水在流
可妳卻總是笑我 一無所有
為何妳總笑個沒夠 為何我總要追求
難道在妳面前我永遠 是一無所有

喔 妳何時跟我走 喔 妳何時跟我走

(腳下這地在走 身邊那水在流 腳下這地在走 身邊那水在流)

告訴妳我等了很久 告訴妳我最後的要求
我要抓起妳的雙手 妳這就跟我走
這時妳的手在顫抖 這時妳的淚在流
莫非妳是正在告訴我 妳愛我一無所有

喔 妳這就跟我走 喔 妳這就跟我走

(腳下這地在走 身邊那水在流 腳下這地在走 身邊那水在流)

喔 妳這就跟我走 喔 妳這就跟我走
喔 妳這就跟我走 喔 妳這就跟我走
喔 妳這就跟我走 喔 妳這就跟我走

Cui Jian Chinese Rock Song Lyric - Fake Monk

Cui Jian Chinese Rock Song Lyric
Fake Monk
Translated Laijon Liu 20091007

I want to walk from south to north
And I want to walk from light into dark
I want all people to see me
But don’t know who I am
If you see that I’m a little weary
Then please pour me a cup of water
If you have fallen in love for me
Then please kiss my lips
I have this pair hands, I have this pair legs
And I have all these hills and rivers
I want everything and all things
But I don’t want hatred and grief
If you dare to love me, then don’t regret
Coz one day I must leave here to far away
I don’t want to stay at one place
And I don’t want anyone to follow me

I want to walk from south to north
And I want to walk from light to dark
I want all people to see me
But don’t know who I am
I only want to see your fair face
But please don’t tell me you bear too much pain
Coz I only want the water of heaven
but not your sad tears
I don’t want to believe there’s devil
Nor I want to go against anyone
You will never know who I truly am
And never see thru my fake skin

I love this song, one of good Cui Jian songs that I listen every morning. Cui Jian is one of my idols, a great musician and poet, his songs are not only rock in classic group, but very spiritual and poetic that many rock star can’t match.

His Song Video Links:



Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tang Poet Wei Zhuang

Huan Xi Sha
Wei Zhuang (Tang)
Translated Laijon Liu 20091001

Night and night, I stay up
Hearing the watchman beats the hour drum
Alone and sad, I stand on the balcony
Staring at the bright moon

I guess my love is thinking about me now
Worrying if I have enough blankets
To keep my bed warm

My small living room, suffocates me with sorrow
And I sink like I am drowning in the sea
Hour by hour I read her letters
Again and again

Oh, I wonder when we can reunite
And hold hands, together to Chang An

To My Bright Star

To My Bright Star
By Laijon Liu 20091001

I watched the bright star last night,
He drifted across the screen of my mind,
Lightened my tiny dark room n time.
How lonely he was, and how shiny
His steadfast fire glared in a poet’s heart.
Like a butterfly he danced in pair,
As a nightingale he sang his sweet tune,
To his love he asked for mending thread,
But still, he was steadfast, and alone
Left home with a lock of her hair.
How blessed he embraced and kissed,
And sank deep together in a warm dream.
Tonight I look up toward sky, for the stars,
To catch their flare n find my crash, till death.

Poem Note:
I watched the movie Bright Star,
To admire Keats’s talents and his love affair.
Not to brag, when he moved into the dark small room, I saw myself.
I pray his true life were the same as this movie portrayed,
And according to his poems I guessed he experienced all such,
That made me happy for him, but sadder for myself.
All great songs touch heart, and the singer must be heartbroken,
So he maybe able to heal others. There is no other way.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Am Content in This Fight

I Am Content in This Fight
By Laijon Liu 20090929

I am content in this fight
That I’ve forever striven
With my strength n cries
I dance like I’m in a ball
So the result I fear not
Whether victory or defeat

I’m settled wherever I be
Coz I always stand tall
No matter how often I fall
And how far I’ve crawled
I am prepared to face all
Whether heaven or hell

I am ready to face this moment
Whether sunshine or rainstorm
Coz my past hunts me no more
And future I don’t worry at all
So I walk on with a smile
Whether life or death

I care not what they call me
Whether lunatic or a loser
Let them jest and ignore
Like they hold joystick of Tao
I just proceed what I believe
Whether foolish or wise

This is my poem that says some characters about me.
It’s a self-portrait.

Wuling Spring By Li Qingzhao

Wuling Spring
By Li Qingzhao (1084-1151)
Translated Laijon Liu 20090929

Wind stopped, incense bunt to dust,
And flowers shed their petal over my desk,
Day is getting dark; I am weary to do up my hair.
All his things are still here, but he is gone,
It feels like everything is stopped,
Before my word comes out,
My tears already streamed out.

I heard about the beautiful spring scene
At the Couple Streams,
I want to row my boat there to see if it’s true,
But I am so afraid that my boat is too small,
And she can’t carry too much sorrow.

风住尘香花已尽, 日晚倦梳头。

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two Photos

One is the happiest goddess on earth, another a great thinker.
I must learn from these two, they hold wisdom of happiness.
The photos are from Picture People magazine that mailed to me.

Monday, September 21, 2009

This Is Not About Healthcare

This Is Not About Healthcare
By Laijon Liu 20090922

This is not about healthcare,
This is about money!
That billion dollar industries
Fighting to hold American money.

The problem is not that our moms
Who are waiting for cancer treatment,
Neither about our kids who’re dying
From Leukemia and other disease

This is about those senators
Who desperately cry out “Nay!”
To protect their contributors
And their richly donated fund!

This is not about saving life,
This is about expense!
That such budget system is controlled
By the big Corps and their barking dogs.

The stake is to double the income
From their customers and Uncle Sam
So this way they can insure
All their well-beings and their pockets

Breasts cancer, cut them off;
Bone disease, walk it off;
They insure their dogs are fully covered,
The rest, sell your house or pray to God:)

To avoid unnecessary complaints and opinions and threat email, I must state this poem is just personal opinion after one pack of beer. I try to avoid all political poems, or a poem that involved politics, but I cannot just watch the sick people are dying and professionals just watching and say sorry you are not covered for treatment, would they say that to their mom? Or kids? If they all got dying disease?... I guess this battle looks like how should a big chunk of money be spent, but I know one thing might take most people to decide if their family members get dying disease, they probably sell their house and jewelries to race against time to save their love ones, they probably wouldn’t do many weekly or monthly joint-meeting to discuss a better way (money-wise-plan) to save their ma or sweet baby or their one-to-be-with wife. I just want to jot down this first thought poem for those who are rushing to be cured or waiting to die, while a few who playing this like an usual game. Averagely 45000 American die of lack of healthcare each year, wow, those poor people who cannot make a living, and die not of disease, but lack of healthcare. Oh, they are the casualties of war, a business and political war.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall
By Laijon Liu 20090911

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who is the fairest in the world?
My soft cream skin white as snow
And dark long hair like ebony wood
The bodice laces of silk I fashioned
To tie you up and cut off your breath
The glistening comb I carved it to sell
To brush off your thoughts and all your hair
And the green apple, the work of my art
Holds a red cheek of sweetest death
Your glass coffin and seven candles illume
There your beauty sleeps and never resurrect
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who is the greatest among all?

I wanted to write about pride and envy for sometime, and I feel that pride always goes with envy, usually shows on someone holds great talents like artists, writers, musicians… those very creative people. After some weeks of finding, I revisited the beloved story of Snow White that I read when I was a kid. And immediately the urges of being in the character of the envy Queen (Snow White’s step mother) came upon my mind. She must be an artist in business, or a poet or writer who wanted to outshine all others, or someone held great talents but was fatal with her pride and envy (she’s fashion designer, she made colorful silk bodice laces that can cut off your breath; she’s good sculptor, she made the glistening comb that with magic of death, and she’s bio-chemist that only the red skin part of her apple kills you, you think Jan Davidszoon painted the fruit that you want a bite, but the envy Queen produced real poison apples), so all her beauty and feature, and talents she worked to beat down her ‘competitors’, too sad, she never realized that for beauty there is no judging, there is no first nor second nor third, every artist is unique, every poet speaks distinctive voice, yet they all have their weakness and strength. Snow White was pure and naïve, she was tempted by the beautiful laces, the glistening comb, and the artful apple;( she couldn’t help it, for she was a pure lover of art) she died three times, yet revived. And I feel her character is more beautiful than her appearance, I guess that might be the original purpose of this story, what’s more beautiful than purity? Even her corpus does not rot but fresh, so her beauty remains, like she never dies…. There is also another metaphor for aesthetic view of inspiration for artists, the biological mother of Snow White who sits by her window and sews, her aesthetic inspiration is from outside her window, she is humble and always recognizes the beauty of her outside world (the snow, the blood, the ebony), so her wish and faith begets her fruit (Snow White); but the envy Queen (Snow White’s step mother) can only look into her mirror(self-adored but not-narcissism), she realizes her weakness, yet she cannot learn better, coz she can only get her inspiration from herself, the mirror. Two queens and Snow White are artists, three different views and attitudes toward beauty of art. I think every artist should see two persons in her mirror, Snow White and her step mom hauling and pulling each other’s hair and cat-scratch fighting against each other, sometime Snow White on top, often the envy Queen beats the crap out of Snow White:)
Some new understanding about Snow White.
There are three aesthetic states one must go thru:
1) Staring at the mirror: Self-reflection of Narcissistic view or Self-loathing that draws envy.
National Pride, Race Pride, Culture and Ethnic Pride, or the opposite
2) Looking outside thru window: Seeing the wide world that improves aesthetic standard.
Observation and analysis, to imitate the good and eliminate flaws
3) Seeing the beauty thru each object: Snow White none judging, falls for something beautiful every time, even we readers see the dark magic in a beautiful disguise, the ribbon, the apple, the product of the witch...  her naive attitude toward person and things is truly admirable for a artist and poet or anyone to learn see the goodness in everybody and everything.
People must go thru these 3 stage to be beautiful.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Choosing Fruit

Choosing Fruit
By Laijon Liu 20090902

Fruit, all shapes and sizes
Red, yellow and green…
In every land and corner
They grow to fill our space

And we, human beings
Live upon this food source
So we plant them in our garden
And bargain for them in market

When I was a little kid
My mom taught me a skill
That every child must learn
How to pick a good fruit

Each their kinds are different
According to their nutrients
And their skin and sizes
Do tell their story and state

So now I am an expert
A specialist on choosing fruit
I read their color, feel their body
Smell their scent to judge them

And daily I go to the market
Stand by the piled up tables
Examine each of them
Like some sort of ritual

They should be natural
No chemical or biocide
They must not be hard
And should be fully grown

But sometime I do wonder
If we pick all the good ones
Then where the rest should go?
Those ones aren’t so perfect

Those ones that ripe early
That we didn’t catch up to gather
And the ones were not ready
But we plucked them off anyway

And poor ones never met good soil
Been sprayed every damn week
And not to mention the ones were taken
Tossed into our truck for a bumpy road

What would happen to them?
Those should be nurtured by nature
And each of them ought to be perfect
But tragically failed by our cause

Should they just pile up on our stands?
Laying miserably for a clearance price?
And still be abandoned again and again?
Then waiting their sad life to rot away?

For all the years I picked the best ones
To follow this concept of living
But recently I’ve just realized
That we are all piled up on the stand!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dating Is So Difficult For Me

Dating Is So Difficult For Me
By Laijon Liu 20090819

Dating is so difficult for me
It’s like a young poet aiming for a good poem
For me, being a five ft. and size six shoes
That there’s really nothing to brag about

So I could only focus on my skills
Like making a good image and sweet lines
And in the morning I practice singing
At night I would work out my form

And on weekend I’d go shopping
For the dirty Levis, and blue suede shoes
So I could get myself into the club
To draw your eyes, heart or hands

But sometime I really do wish
That dating is simple as writing & reading poetry
On that very first date we meet
We can just strip off, all naked

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who Wants To Live Forever?

Who Wants To Live Forever?
By Laijon Liu 20090818

Who wants to live forever?
Like a vampire never dies
All the meanings of life
Vanished into thin air

Like gods we sit in eternity
Drinking our lust to get by
Our past never be adored
And matters are all waste

We never need to strive
Or catch time by rush
And our fate and chances
Like seasons circle around

No, we don’t urge or yearn
Nor taste any griefs or lost
And all the senses of existence
Become sex without love

Oh, we wish we never die
So we can enjoy forever
But only death reminds us
The value of present time

Behold the present moment, for each second is eternal.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Give Myself a Little Break

Give Myself a Little Break
By Laijon Liu 20090805

I’m too tired of walking
Too tired of searching and working
I’m gonna lie down for a while
Don’t care if a train runs over me

I’m gonna lock myself in today
And stay in my room all night
Just listen to music till dawn
Don’t care if this ghetto house is on fire

I’m gonna let go of myself
Just to loose myself for once
Not to worry about bread or milk
And not to be bothered by any thoughts

I’m gonna stop all my believing
That this life is about chasing dream
Coz in the end of our journey
Not everyone all reach it

I’m gonna quit asking girls to go out
Coz they’re gonna say “No” anyway
Who wants to hold hands with a loser?
Or be crazy enough to marry poverty?

I’m gonna quit my shitty job
And tell all the collectors to fuck off
Coz in this game of trickery world
None of us gets a fair rate

I’m gonna withdraw all my savings
And eBay all my books and CDs
Gather up all my five hundred bucks
For a sky diving without a parachute bag

And I’m gonna shut my weary eyelids
Just to give myself a little break
And if God awakens me some day
Then I’m gonna recite Him this poem

Monday, August 3, 2009

Drink Alone Under Moonlight (Sad Version)

Drink Alone Under Moonlight (Sad Version)
By Li Po
Translated by Laijon Liu 20090803

Among the flower bush
I set a pot of wine
At this midnight hour
I drink alone again

So I raise up my cup
To invite the bright moon
And bow down my head
To greet my shadow friend

But how the moon in sky
Knows about the taste of wine
And my shadow just follows
To wherever he doesn’t understand

Still, the moon and my shadow
Are my temporal friends
And at this short spring season
We must make joy for all us

So I sing out aloud
The moon tangoes and waltz
And I rock and swing
My shadow rolls and disperses

O at this wakening hour
We share our love and pleasure
But after we sunk in drunkenness
We all separate toward each road

How we wish to be together forever
On this mutual voyage
And wait for the date we sh’d meet
In that far vast Milky Way


I have done translations on this poem before, but never satisfied.
Coz I felt I could not bring out the loneliness and sadness,
But this translation is really closer to Li Po’s mind state.

Monday, July 27, 2009


By Laijon Liu 20090725

Plath says mirror tells truth
But eyes can be deceitful
How we stand in front of it
Seeing same picture everyday

We first always see a youngster
Then a fine lad or a fair maiden
Like God we adore our look
That moment seems eternal

But as our years flow by
We somehow never realize
How different we have become
How gradually, and so suddenly

The face of a familiar stranger
Pierced into our woken mind
Then memories like old photos
Comparing with current evidence

Yet, mirror remains faithful
And silently reflects our image
Only we, staring and pondering
Over our past and unreal present

Thru our eyes we perceive
And mind searches or defines
Who that person really is
In this mirror of flying time



那时, 我们好似永恒的

逐渐的, 却又突然的

一个熟悉的, 陌生的面孔
接着, 回忆象破旧的照片

但, 镜子保持着它的忠诚
只有我们, 还在凝视和沉思着:
我们的过去, 和这不真实的现在


Thursday, July 16, 2009


By Laijon Liu 20090715

Paiting: Manet's Olympia

In between the streaming cars
I stand alone, posing like a supermodel
And waving with my glamorous smile

The gray pavement is my silver runway
And street lights glaring on my long hair
My pink hand bag stores our protection
And I’ll make you feel good at any night

Yes, I am a street fairy
I’m goddess in bed
And I’m your seventy dollar baby
If I really liked your hearty offering
Then I’d do you a dirty favor for thirty

My high heel boots w’ red leather neck
Look shining great by the black tire
My tight mini skirt, and black net socks
Never shy away from the stormy winter

On the table I’m a young dancer
And at home I’m an exhausted mother
But tonight, I let you be my driver
Or I can be your back sit lover

You can call me Mommy
Or make me scream Daddy
Or share all your heartbreak stories
Thru your psychotic revenge

For cash I must bend over
I must sing or moan or howl
I must rock my hips and roll back and forth
To turn you on and set you off
To let all you men pick up what you have lost

The queen size bed is my living stage
For each show I must nail my acts in sweat
The wet sheet marked by all past stains
That reminded our history and violent affairs

No, showers cannot cleanse
Soaps do not wash away
The deeds and fears I have endured
Only alcohol and tears would drown me
So I can sink deep in sleep
And run away from my haunting thoughts

Oh, I sold my body for soul
I traded my eternity for choice
I collect all the tips to buy hope
I strip off and kneel down
I beg around naked
And exchange in truth
But no one in this dealing world
Has much left to console

Christ died on the cross
He’s resurrected in books
And men are lost in streets
And in market place they’re waiting
Oh that second coming of God, seems at halt

So I must be my savior for now
I must be a savior for myself
I cleanse men’s feet with my hair
I feed babies upon my breasts
And I give boys their motherly love
That this world never provides

I’m a sweet little girl, holding a lollipop
I’m a beautiful lady in red, waiting in a bar
Tonight, on this shaky bed, I lay myself flat
For all my children and our better day
I must lie quietly and calmly spread

I’m praying for the lips of my date
I’ve forgotten the taste of love
And all I’ve had is this battling sex
Till one day this body says
"I am too old to sell"

I watch the ruby sun goes down
I greet the pale moon when she rises
Up on my hills I lie down
I see people climb on and fall off
Then I take a deep breath
I look up toward the dark sky
And I yell out:
Tonight I survived again
And tomorrow I get up, I live on!

Part 2:
Civilization II

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poet Li Yu 937-978

Poet Li Yu

He was a young king, and captured and surrendered when he was old.
He was one of the best poets for Chinese Ci poetry.
The following are three of his lyrical Ci poems.

Wave Wash Sand
By Li Yu (937-978)
Translated by Laijon Liu20090615

Outside the window, rain drizzling.
My silk shirt can’t stop the midnight cold.
In my dream, I forgot I was just a guest,
And still struck by the joy of moment.

Alone I stood on the balcony,
Staring at this limitless landscape blankly.
How are we, so easy to depart
And too difficult to meet?

The river slowly flows,
The flowers silently fade,
And the spring gone away.
Ah, heaven and world!


Yu Mei Ren
By Li Yu (973-978)
Translated by Laijon Liu20090615

Spring blossom, and autumn moon,
They are circling,
But when shall they cease?

Memories, and the past,
How much are they,
That I should recall?

Last night, the east wind blew,
Again it past by my small chamber.
It reminded me of my home state,
That I dare not to think,
But the image
Still shining in the bright moon.

Those carved railings,
And pale marble stairs,
They should remain the same;
Only our young face changed.

Do not ask me
how much sorrow
I must bear,
It’s like a river
full of spring ripples
That rolling to the east.


Crow Cry Night
By Li Yu (973-978)
Translated by Laijon Liu20090615

The flowery trees faded their spring red,
Ah, too soon!
Yet the cold rains drizzle in morning,
And winds gushing at the evening.

Their rouge mixed with their tears,
Made me drunk, but when I can revisit?
Life always with griefs, is like a river
That always streams to the east.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Tiger in a Cage

A Tiger in a Cage
By Laijon Liu 20090611

A tiger in a cage
A crown taken away
In forest he’s a king
But here he falls into Cat category

Children adore him all day
Dogs bark at him
Behind bars he laps his paws
Invincible daggers he’ll never use

What kind of beast
Waits for people to feed?
Isn’t he a sun-god?
Plays a devil role at night?

Beautiful camouflage coat
Should be an art of mystery
But now he can’t find a bush
To show off his magic mark

A pair sad and big eye
Golden and mild
No light of hope
Shining no pride, nor wild

Ah, he is a tiger
But caged behind bars
A god of mountain
Became a wooden idol

Society is a jail that locks our spirit and breaks down our will. I often feel I should accomplish more with whatever I have, but often feel that I’m unable to do. There is a greater force that shut all the doors right in front of me, till one day I stop hitting my head against walls, and I would walk by its side back and forth, couldn’t give up, and one day I might eventually become that brother tiger I met at the zoo years ago, that he stopped looking at the visitors, stopped walking by the bars to hope a miracle gate to be opened, just laying there half-sleep all day, given up dreaming the green forest, high mount top, deep valley, living springs, and never cared if he was alive or dead, or hungry or lack of mate or sex. He should have his kingdom and title, his deity and honor. I shed tears for him, sometimes I only pity him that he did not deserve such treatment, he was not human, he only took what he needed, but even so strong like him still could not break away from the bars we made, all of his identity stripped away, and such life even worst than death. There is a Chinese saying: “Rather live a day of tiger, should not suffer for hundred years like a sheep.” But in our zoo, no one can break loose, not even terrible beasts, maybe only Jesus. And a few prophets and suicidal poets? I doubt. They simply lived a short life in our zoo. Just an opinion.





失去了野性, 也没有骄傲.