Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sonnet 046

Sonnet 046
Laijon Liu 20160331

Window shows world, inside, outside
Inside reveals partial, outside is vast
Chest stores belongings, secrets and toys
Secrets to unlock, toys for children to play
Myriad blooms and unpredictable weather
Countless faces, more real than portrait shots
Priceless memorabilia only for love to keep
Broken trinkets are always someone’s treasure
A face never ages to that special someone’s eye
Beauty through years with her beauty expands
Heart is a locked drawer, an unknown world
Secretly holds that special someone’s ______ [space].
Eye beholds, heart conceals
An object, a world

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sonnet 045

Sonnet 045
Laijon Liu 20160330

Labor, grief, spirit, and passion
These four elements I make myself
Four limbs thrust into earth, wrestle in sweat
Two sunken springs hold shimmering ripples
Gasping breath calls forth four seasons
Fever burns and burns till death drops
Beastly hunger devours many souls
Demonic desire to come alive again
I strive to be beautiful, like an angelic voice
Sing a melancholic melody, rest
Or chant a serene prayer, wake
The sleeping to feel moving again
I’m healthy, I want and I chase
Should I be happy? Should I?

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sonnet 044

Sonnet 044
Laijon Liu 20160329

Thoughts trapped in the brain, all our thoughts
The very fabric of our being incarcerated in flesh
Emails, sextings, video chats in this internet age
Yet, I am still lonely, all of us still lonely
I hate smart phones and social networks
They are more of a distraction than connection
Billions accounts interact, trillions twitts update
We all live in a distance, converse in a distance
How I wish my family and friends sit beside me
Share simple dishes and sour wine around table
Talk about food price and dark matter, curse politicians
Together live in a real life, in a real communion
Those good times are long gone
Now everyone is on his own road

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sonnet 043

Sonnet 043
Laijon Liu 20160328

Nights bring me dreams, desire and fantasy
Away from the world, the days and mundane
My senses are magnified in quiet darkness
Daylight cannot distract me with its illusions
And you shine brighter in the veil of night
There you are in the spotlight on my mind’s stage
The sparkling starlight glitter on your gown
And you stare and smile at me silently
I tell myself many times, not to be too fixated
Your appearance at night is but imaginary
But dreams always bring comfort and happy
And make dead nights brighter living days
O, days are white nights in your absence
And nights turn sunny if I see your face

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sonnet 042

Sonnet 042
Laijon Liu 20160327

You don’t love me, and that’s not all my grief
But the way you act like you do love me dearly
That pretending love is truly my wailing chief
A false love that hurts me greatly
You love’s pretender, should I excuse you?
You deceive me because you know I love you
And for this reason you abuse me
So I suffer more to please
If I lose you, then my love is loss
But I keep you, I must continue to lose
Ah, why it’s so hard to be in love!
Can we just be who we are, and love what is true?
Love me tender~ love me true~
All my dreams fulfilled~

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sonnet 041

Sonnet 041
Laijon Liu 20160326

Youth betrays everyone of us
Those pretty wrongs that liberty commits
Beauty of our years, full of promise and energy
We believe our dreams and we pursue
Brave we are, therefore to be fooled
Beauteous are we, so to be marketed
When the world woos, most of us will accept
Is it wrong to crown our youth with fancy and glory?
Ah, everyone must pass through young adult years
Why blame our natural beauty and straying youth?
I treasure and praise my youth
That time I was fun and for real
Stupidity I have done then
Now think of it, savory sweet.

Sonnet 040

Sonnet 040
Laijon Liu 20160325

Yea, take all my loves, my love, I’m all yours
What you have not before and now you have
Whatever you demand and seize, that suit you
Or even make me your servant if you please
But true love is that we both respect each other
Being together and communicate in equal rank
Instead of venting, abuse, endless episodes
Selfish love kills itself, makes everyone suffer
And I do forgive your past gentle crimes
Everything you’ve ruined, everything can go
Only broken heart cannot be pieced together
That's too delicate, and we know not how to fix
What is love~ love~ love~
Baby, don’t hurt me~ don’t hurt me~ no more~

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sonnet 039

Sonnet 039
Laijon Liu 20160324

I too live a double live [1]
To compose a better self of me
I also have a pseudonym
And multiple personalities
I and myself divided walk
But hold a same identity
Through this separation I gain
The best complete image of me
O absence torments me
Trapped in this dreadful tragic reality
Make myself on my pages
Beautiful, heroic and carefree
Like everyone else I am two or many
Till I and myself finally... -woo~hoo!

[1] correct phrase should be "lead a double live", but I want to be truthful, so I use "live a double live", mathematically speaking there are two "live" words in the phrase literally, that's truly "double live" in numerical sense.

Sonnet 038

Sonnet 038
Laijon Liu 20160323

You and yourself are your subject to invent
And your breath pours into my verses too
Your own sweet argument, too excellent
Let every four-eye pedant scratch his head
Please give yourself thanks and fun for me
That worth every hour we rack our brains
For everything is so easy to write for you
If you see yourself in your invention light
You Are the Tenth Muse, the Living Muse
Ten times more worth than those nine dead names
Now, call your name: Creativity and New!
Sing out your life and never fade.
Thank you Bard and your mighty Muse
The pain you go through, now we praise!

Talk about Creativity, my 2 cents is a long time Observation and Meditation combine on the subject we study, we learn to observe and meditate. Human Being is creative animal, it's our brain evolution. Everybody is creative and should be creative, unless we are lazy, and we give ourselves excuse to dally. Rome isn't built in one day, so the pyramids and Great Wall, so the Iliad and Hamlet. It takes millions years to make fire with 2 dry sticks. keep going at it. what?!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sonnet 037

Sonnet 037
Laijon Liu 20160322

Delight in youthful bright: our worth and truth
For whether strength, thirst, or faith, or insight
Or any of these all, or all, or more
That we must thrive like April blooms
For burgeoning spring fleets in tweeting noise
Bees busy, butterflies flutter, nests done in hurry
Earth brings forth her plants in the heart of light
In fortune we must march with drums and roars
The happiest time of our life is early May
Mild sunshine, healthy and glad
Fragrance in breeze, welcoming and pleased
Spring is special season, short and once
We all should be glad in spring
Exploit it, that’s our happy time

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sonnet 036

Sonnet 036
Laijon Liu 20160321

For love we calculate our best choice
Often we have no option but to part ourselves
Self-sacrifice, self-deny, self-outcast, stay behind
So the person we care can be burden free
No love is greater than Mother’s Love
The Son of man agonized on His cross
Mary’s whole being was ground to sand
One heart to die, another to be tortured forever
How we wish only Death do us apart
That ceremony vow for every close bonding
To pass the exams of time and distance
To love someone is to die for, to say: “forget me.”
Ah, this Love burdens me forever
Even with all my success I can’t pay back.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sonnet 035

Sonnet 035
Laijon Liu 20160320

For love we make war, for love we sin
There are things so valuable to us in this world
That we weaponize ourselves to protect
Be a soldier, a sinner, and a redeemer too
Trespasses we have done in our quests
Wars we have waged against each other
Blood bath we crawl out on our trembling hands
No holy rituals can cleanse our hearts
Hope takes root in poverty and despair
Faith grows in doubts, love for sworn enemies
Maybe living is just a constant conflict
Confounded we are, but we must be in peace
Our world is like a film set
Art is created out of mess

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sonnet 034

Sonnet 034
Laijon Liu 20160319

Potion for the body, tears for the soul
Bitter herbs are better use than crocodile tears
Minor injuries that body naturally heals
But O soul, soul is incomplete, incurable
Pedestrians walk in their fashions, cloaked
Their stress, fears, doubts, and lonely misery
Daily cross the street on the zebra lines
In their rush hours and mechanic motion
Every face is a blob in a grand painting
How insignificant we are, successful or not
In this vast vacant seemingly timeless world
Our life seems only a biological process
Tears are pearls of a repenting soul
Precious remedy also cures another

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sonnet 033

Sonnet 033
Laijon Liu 20160318

Your warm grace showers upon my face
Crown on my head, your golden glory
And in your shinny armor I suit myself
Standing on the mountain top in your light
But friendship also comes raining days
Drenched thoughts, raindrops drum my heart
Obscure clouds blur my vision
Suddenly I alone search in the dark
Like the sun, you bring triumphant splendors
Dawn covers the reviving earth with roses
Or like the thunders break the peaceful morn
You drop stage curtain that mask my mind
O, true friendship should never give up
In our sunny days, in our gloomy days

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sonnet 032

Sonnet 032
Laijon Liu 20160317

The best verse is a soul that cries and sings
That moment Death has no effect on mortal being
Your bones are now already dust by wind
But your body on page regains new spirits
What a man can give to this world, only his true self
What rhymesters can do with their elementary skill?
I’m always tuned for true love :D and we all do
Your poor rude lines better the bests of the times
O, vouchsafe me with your loving thoughts
Be my friend and Muse, for my old age too
Because your love has brought many births
Of the past, the now, and the future true poets!
Men die, and new comers will come
Their new style sings constant Love.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sonnet 031

Sonnet 031
Laijon Liu 20160316

What makes you “You”
When you cease to breathe?
The warmth of your blood long gone
But your heartbeats still echo
In you hold love and all loves’ loving parts
Where all your friends buried and their love lies
Through you I also see my love
And our holy religion’s creed
O, you are grave where love still lives
Hung the trophies of all past lovers gone
All their parts of you they’ve given me
And all parts of me that you’ll receive
Ah, their beauties I see in you
And your beauty perfects me

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sonnet 030

Sonnet 030
Laijon Liu 20160315

Debt of the past, how can I not to collect?
All sweet moments are already paid then
Yet the dried tear marks still stain through years
Thoughts circled me like seasons, never leave
My memory refreshed like newly happened
My mind screens those permanent scenes
My heart torn by the preset ending known
My soul cries like I meet doom the first time
Then I relive my life that’s long gone
Retell myself the old stories told many times
Curse the present resulted from its root
And be mad, as rising ash burning in flame again
But when I think of you, my love
I feel somehow I'm debt free.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sonnet 029

Sonnet 029
Laijon Liu 20160314

We live in circles, family circles, friend circles
Circles overlapping, in men’s eyes and opinions
Mingle to gain people skill, to be a social animal
Or else we be ostracized and confined in solitary
I wish I be that popular dude or that prom queen
Making entrance like a brand new yacht into bay
Friends fist bump me and enviers dare not to hate
Always be confident with my talents and state
But our society is never a world that we wish for
There are locked doors, walls, corners and edges
That everyone must go look for his/her hideout
To share that sanctuary with his/her close friends
I know a few places, where away from the noise
Some great books, great music, and great friends

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sonnet 028

Sonnet 028
Laijon Liu 20160313

Life is not about pursuing happiness
It’s dealing with survival matters:
Troubles, problems, you fix or you endure
In this eternal mess to somehow gain momentary rest
Daytime comes with struggles and labors
The usual business and routine shows
Those fighters and gamers urge you on
So you rehearse your lines, and try not to be a victim
Night comes with your silent reflection
Your dream starts to self-construct
After your doors shut out the world
That’s when loneliness wraps around you
I fear the daylight, men hunt in those hours
I hate the nights, I tremble and I wait alone

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sonnet 027

Sonnet 027
Laijon Liu 20160312

What makes you weary and toil all day, every day?
What makes you haste on your endless journey?
What makes you awake in bed and restless?
What burdens you after your heavy labor done?
Something or someone at far distance
That always draws your mind, always
Sleepless, tossing and turning in bed
Staring at darkness like a blind trying to see
O, your soul’s imagery sight, or a friend
Does he give you vision and light?
Like that round moon beneath the night sky
Even make your nights seemed beauteous?
Ah, labor at day, dream at night
For what you must try, but probably never find?

Sonnet 026

Sonnet 026
Laijon Liu 20160311

The heart of love is hidden in this message
Where a reader finds through a winding passage
A burdened tillage from child years to old age
That bitterness and tears made sweet distillage
Happiness parted that’s a dreamer’s wage
Bonding aparted, a sail lost on her voyage
Mirage of deserts guides thirst of a mage
Aria on stage is a songbird in his cage
Those sacred years poured out like wine
All pieces are carefully broken and served
By writer’s own hands, his damaged hands
Cuts, scars and deep wrinkles woven fine silk
Mark and reread this page
Remember, Take Courage!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sonnet 025

Sonnet 025
Laijon Liu 20160310

Title, fame, and surname are earthly label
That we judge each other on our social ladder
Royal and blood line are vain pride
Degrees make speech right and sound
Artists with awards, athletes medalled crowned
We are simply a price tag we project
Auction blocks, coliseums, HR department
All a same place as a muddy pigpen
I don’t know what’s the real value?
In all the shouts and bidding calls
Sold or not, worth or not, hot or not
Everyone is a number in the noise.
There’s no profit in true honor,
The trade distains its meaning

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sonnet 024

Sonnet 024
Laijon Liu 20160309

From colors, lines and shapes
Our mind constructs pictures
By pre-categorized perceptions
An individual models his groups
A painter paints what he sees
The appearance and his subject
But the true image of his object
Is secretly hanging in its heart
Our eyes can only see forms
Our mind can only interpret
But heart keeps and shows its truth
Like the sun gaze upon you and me
So, do not rely on eyes
Only judge individuals

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sonnet 023

Sonnet 023
Laijon Liu 20160308

Actors on stage, life on a page
It’s often too difficult to express
Everyone has a role and must play well
Parents, child, lover, a bully boss
Some thoughts are never meant to say
Some rants you wish to take back
And someone you dare not to call him out
How I wish we live and work in a noisy bar
Be that eye twitching stiff to speak out
Be unrestrained, drunkard to drunk
Strip off our costume just for a moment
Sex or brawl, things and cause are simplified
Verse that in truth makes us drunk too
But truth hurts, so we all need alcohol :D

Monday, March 7, 2016

Sonnet 022

Sonnet 022
Laijon Liu 20160307

My Friend, what keeps us young?
When mirror tells us we’re old
When wrinkles cover our faces
Do we feel the rush of our years?
All the good deeds we have done:
Family, Love, Friends, and Career
Aren’t they like badges of honor
Hanging, shining on our chests?
I stare at myself in front of mirror
Gray by efforts, through seasons
Smiling, because I’m never off course
And now homecoming, journey ends.
My heart quits not, it’s in you now
And you will go on In My Pulse.

Sonnet 021

Sonnet 021
Laijon Liu 20160306

Word games, catch phrases, make me yawn
I like to see beauty undressed, who does not?
Nude charm is more revealing than heaven’s ornament
Every fair is fair if rhymesters rehearse not
Their constellation maps and neuropsychiatry terms
Paired with criminal analysis and gene mutation thesis
Or some are just daylight intellectual property robbery
And spin it as “good artists copy, great poets steal.”
Sigh, not many true in love and truly write
Do not believe me that my love is fair, or rare
As to any mother’s child or child’s mother
Love is always true and heavenly fair
So, let bees hum their new vocabularies
I myself, want no mic, and not for sale.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sonnet 020

Sonnet 020
Laijon Liu 20160305

Aren’t we all part man and part woman?
That’s how our brains wired in Nature’s womb
Les, gays, bis, and trans in dazzling riot colors
Their shifting hues bewilder a gawker’s head
Nature works on a body, and gives it breath
Her perfection is in her own possession
By her extra touch which why men lack a stroke
Not all men’s desire should dictate women’s acquire
O, must accept all gifts, everybody houses a soul
Thoughts expressed in varied ways and forms
Men also feel to belong to women’s want
All creatures are complete in Nature’s wrought
Body for one’s own pleasure
Love for lovers to treasure

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sonnet 019

Sonnet 019
Laijon Liu 20160304

The Past, is a mighty gravitational pulling force
That contains antiquity, present and future
The Big Bang(s) of Universe(s) collapse and fall into it
Becomes a trace of information, of knowledge, of mystery
Matters and Time collide, distort, and converge
Assemble men and their worlds into past tense
All things proceed forward, toward the Past
Begin and end also in it, it’s logical, and terrifying
What men could do to survive the Past?
Paint lively pictures on a cave wall to preserve
Recite a heroic epic, and keep reciting it
Compose moving melodies that make hearts sing
Let the Past be our time vehicle
Keep sending us into the future

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sonnet 018

Sonnet 018
Laijon Liu 20160303

Love, you are my eternal verse, eternal!
I sing of you, summer’s day and wintry nights
With you I be content in hunger and thirst
With you I’m calm through thunders and hails
When seasons of Time bring forth its decay
Your beauty, every beauty will never decline
When earthly eyes are clouded by dim smog
Your gold complexion shines through heaven
You will never fade or cease, never!
Your eyes, your lips, your lines and shades
Forever wander about continents and seas
You, update times, and stride across the void
As long as men can breathe and see
So long you live, you give life to me.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sonnet 017

Sonnet 017
Laijon Liu 20160302

I never expect anyone would read my verse in future
Pen pal, soul mate are hard to find even in their time
Verse is but a marble tomb we chisel our life to carve
How satisfied am I to know we are on the same page
You write the beauty of his eye, I count his heartbeats
His grace in your numbers and pounding in my lines
World may one day call us poets all liars and trolls
But every drop of our ink is tears of heaven made
So on the day I finally fold my books, read no more
Be old, dry and tired to keep his kindled spirit warm
Then I’ll truly earn the rights to be rage and mad
Let it be babbling, grumbling, rhymed meters or not
Dive into your passions with my obsessions
I’ve lived so many times in your voice!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sonnet 016

Sonnet 016
Laijon Liu 20160301

But my mightier way is to make peace with Time
That bloody tyrant is presiding over everything
All fortification must meet its own decay
Even the best verses will be forgotten someday
Ah, our happy hours are always short and past
Many maiden gardens deserted, slumber in dreams
A flowering place requires too great costs and tasks
Labors in rains, in heats and barren winter snows
Lines of life renews life through heavy burdens
No great poets pencil can brush over the pains
Inward worth, outward fair, be that temporal
It’s not a bad thing to rest in the eye of men
So give away myself or keep myself still
Oh, only Time knows, then let Time tell

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sonnet 015

Sonnet 015
Laijon Liu 20160229

What is perfection in every living creature?
Is his, her pinnacle state or whole acts?
Highlights of blood, of thrill, of moan, of sweet melody
Soliloquies of main characters in their given time
Men take root, burst sprout, and gradually weathered
How beautiful their rough palms and wrinkled faces
How solemn their simple prayers and genuine speech
These are the spectacles of Nature’s work
Ah, I must treasure you, and all your seasons
Even those boring hours of housework are precious
Time may not be our enemy after all
Having is great, and lost we value more
No one can defeat Time, I think
But Love makes it void, I guess