Monday, October 3, 2011

Beer and Condom

I always had an urge of a photo shot of two common but very poetic things in one frame. Beer and condom. And a few years ago I shot one, a beer bottle and a condom on a blank white sheet.
But recently I just decide to use my bed as a platform to retake the photo, the white stuff on the bed sheet is the toothpaste foam that I spill there for mimic of you know what it should be.
Beer and Condom says a lot thing about my feeling of social activity of my generation, especially me, that doesn't mean I get laid regularly, in reality, I'm conceptually a still virgin, if self-sanctification does not technically count as sex, but beer I do drown in it. Seeing my life floating in this foaming surge for years, pulled by the current as my surrounding guides, and the natural desire within me endlessly rolling, yet in this uncertain realm how can one ever get on the shore? It's much easier for one person to hold onto the empty beer barrel and drift, if another person somehow grabs it firmly, then they would probably sink to bottom together. (how lucky are they maybe) But alone still a Yes. so many sleepless nights, and every morning it's an one-man battle to get up.... I believe there are many people stuck in this world. So here, this concept picture I shot would probably speak to them and also inspire them maybe. (Oh, the wet mark on the bed sheet is the beer spill, I cut up a plastic bag and put under the sheet, and then spill some beer and toothpaste. So I don't sleep like a pig.)

Beer and Condom
by Laijon Liu 20111003

I don't know where my life gonna float,
I can't predict my fate and road,
For any hope of prospect I dare not to dream,
but at least I've got now, at least we've got now.

Don't worry about world or politics,
Don't plan for a house or electric cars,
Debt can never bind those simple joys,
Let's go out, pop a beer and condom.

For anyone who doesn't understand why I shot above photos in a setting of bed and stacks of books, I wrote a following ekphrastic poem to explain:

Billions of sperms, billions of seeds
all drown and swim in beer foam
there they should never be

Joy in the bottle, love misses its mark
on this bed of uncertainty
who would dare to dream?

books for wisdom, fool's paradise
just like the intoxicated world
only a sober eye sees


对于未来的展望 我不敢去梦想





Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stormy Sky, Chinatown NY

Thursday afternoon I came back to Chinatown from our customer, and got off the subway, the sky was stormy and beautiful. Usually I hate rainy days, especially when morning drizzling and gloomy, I would sit up and turn off the alarm clock and say "damn! raining again?!" and lie down sleep a couple hours longer, officially have good reason to be late, of course I say "I am not late by hours, but my life is late by years and ages" if my boss kindly asks me "Headache again?" But I think there is something good and beautiful when it's raining. look.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I should silently come and gently leave

I should silently come and gently leave
By Laijon Liu 20110926

I should silently come
and gently leave
In this mirage world of neon lights
I should kindly hum
and softly step
Like a raindrop and a falling leaf

Life should not be
like rolling wave or thunder beam
where my heart
won’t find its peace

I should silently come
and gently leave
On this riverbank of rippling stream
Leisurely I roam
and pleasure I lay
like spring breeze or autumn ray

World should not be
like rumbling train or glittering peak
and there my mind
never finds ease

I should silently come
and gently leave
like a cottage in the woods
like a set of footprints
buried in snowflake

To Next 3 Stanza poem

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Am the Bitterness (Inspired by Flower Sermon and Christian View)

 [Flower Sermon I] [Flower Sermon II] [Flower Sermon III]

I Am the Bitterness (Inspired by Flower Sermon and Christian View)
By Laijon Liu 20110816
No poet can write bitter poem, but I
No poem is bitterer than I am
I, am the bitterness
The saddened eyes behind a veil
A trembling bloom on Buddha’s palm
And his elapsing painful smile

In bitterness, we share same smile on life subject.



和他嘴角上 那丝悲苦的微笑

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Three Poems about “Tiger in Cage”

Three Poems about “Tiger in Cage”

[poem 1]

Iron Bars and Fire
By Zeng Zhuo, written 1946
Translated by Pang Bingjun, John Minford & Sean Golden

The tiger paces his cage.

In his cramped cage,
Silently he paces
Quietly growls
Ignoring the jeers, the alms outside.

Weary, he lies behind the bars
A mass of blazing stripes,
A ball of fire!

He stands
eyes burning
fangs bared
tensed to pounce
shriek of terror from beyond the cage!

Lowering his snout, he takes in
a deep breath of the wilderness scent
That still lingers on his coat
Reminds him
Mountains, forest, valley….
Years of freedom and dignity.

Late in the night
He paws the bar;
A longdrawn roar of rage and grief
Scatters the night air
Dies in the darkness
Like lightning flash!

Iron bars
Locked up fire!


[poem 2]

By Niu Han, Written June 1973
Translated by Pang Bingjun, John Minford & Sean Golden

In Guilin
In a small zoo
I saw a tiger.

Pressed in crowd,
Outside two rows of iron bars,
I peered at the tiger in his cage
For a long long time.
But could see nothing
Of his brindled face
And flaming eyes.

The tiger in his cage
Turned from the cowardly, hopeless crowd,
Lay calmly stretched in a corner.
They pelted him with stones,
They goaded him with cries,
They coaxed and lured him,
But he ignored them all,
Slowly flailing the floor
With his long rough tail.

Tiger, o, caged tiger!

Are you dreaming the west mountain forest?
Is your stout heart twitching with shame?
Or are you thinking of lashing
The sad, laughable crowd
With your long whip tail?

Your sinewy legs
Are stiffly splayed.
Each broken claw
Blood encrusted.
Were they wrenched out
As you lay trussed and bound?
Or, did you yourself
Out of wrath and despair,
Crushed them with your splintered, bleeding teeth?

On the grey cement wall
Beside the cage,
Runnels of blood
Blasted my eyes like a forked lightning.

Finally, I understood…
Leaving the zoo in shame
I seem to hear a sound
An earth shattering roar-
A soul unbound
Had roared above my head

I saw the fiery stipes.
I saw the flaming eyes!


[poem 3]

A Tiger in a Cage
By Laijon Liu 20090611

A tiger in a cage
A crown taken away
In forest he’s a king
But here he falls into Cat category

Children adore him all day
Dogs bark at him
Behind bars he laps his paws
Invincible daggers he’ll never use

What kind of beast
Waits for people to feed?
Isn’t he a sun-god?
Plays a devil role at night?

Beautiful camouflage coat
Should be an art of mystery
But now he can’t find a bush
To show off his magic act

A pair sad and big eyes
Golden and mild
No light of hope
Shining no pride, nor wild

Ah, he is a tiger
But caged behind bars
A god of mountain
Became a wooden idol 

New enlightenment Tiger poem (title: Hunger) inspired by BBC Hunt TV program. also famous Tyger Poem by William Blake.

Society is a jail that locks our spirit and breaks down our will. I often feel I should accomplish more with whatever I have, but often feel that I’m unable to do. There is a greater force that shut all the doors right in front of me, till one day I stop hitting my head against walls, and I would walk by its side back and forth, couldn’t give up, and one day I might eventually become that brother tiger I met at the zoo years ago, that he stopped looking at the visitors, stopped walking by the bars to hope a miracle gate to be opened, just laying there half-sleep all day, given up dreaming the green forest, high mount top, deep valley, living springs, and never cared if he was alive or dead, or hungry or lack of mate or sex. He should have his kingdom and title, his deity and honor. I shed tears for him, sometimes I only pity him that he did not deserve such treatment, he was not human, he only took what he needed, but even so strong like him still could not break away from the bars we made, all of his identity stripped away, and such life even worst than death. There is a Chinese saying: “Rather live a day of tiger, should not suffer for hundred years like a sheep.” But in our zoo, no one can break loose, not even terrible beasts, maybe only Jesus. And a few prophets and suicidal poets? I doubt. They simply lived a short life in our zoo. Just an opinion

Note about the 3 tiger in cage poems:

There are maybe more Tiger in Cage poems, but I wonder how my poem [A Tiger in a Cage] shares same view with other two Modern Chinese poets. I never read their tiger poems before I wrote mine, and I don’t believe the poet Niu Han read [Iron Bars and Fire] before composing his Tiger, yet 3 poems are inspired by one theme, shared same view, but holds different character.

[Iron bars and Fire] written in 1946, China in civil war, the tiger ready to break out of the cage anytime.
[Tiger] by Niu Han, written in 1974, China just finished culture revolution, the tiger is tormented and yet still in strive.
But my poem I wrote in 2009, when I was so depressed, that feeling reminded me a tiger I saw when I was a kid, that tiger totally lost his identity and became a toy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ode to Lotus

Ode to Lotus
By Zhou Dunyi (1017-1073 Song Dynasty)
Translated by Laijon Liu 20110803

Flowers upon our earth, many kinds we do like.
Tao Chien of Jing, loves chrysanthemum alone,
And after Tang Dynasty, the world adores peony,
But I am a person that admires a lotus in pond.
For it comes out of the mire earth, yet not defiled,
And cleansed by the pure ripples, but never flirty;
Humbleness fills its stem, and upright toward sky;
It’s never entangled, never branched to the side;
Its fragrance spreads far, yet its pureness does not fade,
Straight, lofty and clean, stands such character of its kind,
That world can only behold it afar, yet never tamper it.

I believe, chrysanthemum is a hermit among flowers,
And peony, it ranks as the rich and noble plant,
But lotus is a gentleman among the bloom kind.
Ah! There’re only a few people love chrysanthemum,
And are there anyone admires lotus nowadays?
No. Most of all people in the world admire peony!

When I was teen, I read this prose and loved it, here translated it for people to share.



Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two New Translate

Death Poem
Tang Yin (Ming Dynasty)

Life in this world meets departure
And die we will return to the abyss
The world and the abyss are all alike
A lonely soul drifts in a foreign land

唐寅 (明)



Cross River
Wen Dian (Qing Dynasty)

Green hills like old friends,
River flows like sweet wine.
Today we meet here again,
Let us toast my good friend.



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poetry Web Links


第一部分: 诗歌简介: 第1页
第二部分: 当代诗人简介: 第5页
第三部分: 诗歌资源: 第12页
第一部分: 诗歌简介

1 多样性
1.1作为一种艺术形式,诗歌在英伦三岛不断蓬勃发展。诗歌可以一种当地语言或是国家语言。英国由四个国家组成:英格兰、苏格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰。因此我们拥有四种身份和四类诗歌。但这四种身份并非一成不变或融汇为一体的;相反,他们可以变得很复杂。正如卫报的记者Nick Laird谈到,北爱尔兰的诗人约翰·休伊特(John Hewitt)是这样定义他自己的,“我是一个阿尔斯特(北爱尔兰地名)人,来自Planter stock。我出生于爱尔兰岛,因此我的次身份是爱尔兰人。我又出生于不列颠群岛,英语是我的母语,所以我是英国人。不列颠群岛由众多岛屿组成,其中包括一些与欧洲大陆相连的沿海岛屿,因此我也是欧洲人。上述是我的价值架构。因此就我而言,忽略了这一价值层次和顺序中的任何组成部分,就无法弄清真实的状况 ”。这类多样性其实是英国当代诗歌的优势之一。诗歌中没有所谓的名门正派。许多来自其他地区的诗人都选择留在英国:芙拉·阿德寇克(Fleur Adcock)来自新西兰,是我们最尊敬的诗人之一。已故诗人彼得·波特(Peter Porter)生于澳大利亚,但人们总将他当作一名英国诗人。杰基·凯(Jacky Kay)在格拉斯哥由养父母抚养成人,她的生父是尼日利亚的伊博人,而她的生母则来自苏格兰高地。对于很多作家而言,拥有多重身份的多样性能够丰富他们的作品。
1.1.1 英格兰 在组成英国的四个国家中,英格兰拥有最大的陆地面积。在我看来,英格兰没有一个统一的身份。相反,众多强烈的地方特色代表了风格迥异的英格兰。英格兰拥有为数众多的著名诗人,其中包括安东尼·斯韦(Anthony Thwaite)、艾伦·布朗约翰(Alan Brownjohn)、 约翰·富勒(John Fuller)、杰弗里·希尔(Geoffrey Hill)、查尔斯·汤姆林森(Charles Tomlinson)、雨果·威廉姆斯(Hugo Williams)、彼得·雷丁(Peter Reading)、西门·阿米蒂奇(Simon Armitage)以及托尼·哈里森(Tony Harrison)。同时,还有很多引人注目的新生代诗人。他们之中大多为报刊杂志写诗,还有些为戏剧表演作诗。当代英国人在文化和种族领域的多样性为我们的诗歌带来了新的韵律和理念。
1.1.2 北爱尔兰孕育了很多极具天赋的诗人。大卫·科恩文学奖得主德里克·马洪(Derek Mahon)和迈克尔·朗利(Michael Longley)都是天赋异禀的诗人。保罗·马尔登(Paul Muldoon)属于稍年轻的一代,是最具影响力和创造力的当代诗人代表之一。他的模仿者层出不穷。正如马尔登,夏兰·卡森(Ciaran Carson)是一名杰出的语言演奏家,他能用其超常的热忱写出感情细腻的韵诗。荣获诺贝尔奖的谢默·斯希尼(Seamus Heaney)住在都柏林。他是如此地支持爱尔兰共和国,以致在外出做活动时与选择与爱尔兰的文化机构,而非英国文化协会与其同行。北爱尔兰著名的出版社是Blackstaff Press。

1.1.3 苏格兰的诗人也是层出不穷。爱丁堡文学奖得主罗恩·巴特林(Ron Butlin)拥有爱丁堡桂冠诗人的美称;利兹·洛赫黑德(Liz Lochhead)最近也被授予了苏格兰桂冠诗人的称号;两度荣获艾略特文学奖的唐·帕特森(Don Paterson)由TS 艾略特的遗孀为其颁奖;凯瑟琳·杰米(Kathleen Jamie)是一名游历四方的诗人;约翰·伯恩赛德 (John Burnside)是苏格兰最多产的诗人之一,同时也是获奖小说和众多回忆录的作家;罗迪·拉姆斯登(Roddy Lumsden)拥有诗人和诗歌活动组织者的双重身份;罗宾·罗伯逊 (Robin Robertson)荣获了英国年度诗歌大奖——进步诗歌奖。苏格兰Canongate有一家著名的出版社。

1.1.4 威尔士涌现了极具天赋的诗人包括:丹妮·阿贝斯(Dannie Abse),博士以及威尔士英语诗人的老前辈;吉莉安•克拉克(Gillian Clarke),威尔士的民族诗人;托尼·柯蒂斯(Tony Curtis),诗人兼诗歌评论家;斯蒂芬·奈特( Stephen Knight),诗人兼小说家;格尼丝·刘易斯(Gwyneth Lewis),诗人、小说家、歌词作家以及旅行家;还有欧·文希尔斯(Owen Sheers),诗人兼小说家。值得一提的是罗文·威廉姆斯博士(Rowan Williams),他是坎特伯雷大主教、威尔士人,同时也是一名诗人,他对当代诗歌的公开评论是极有见地和全面的。威尔士诗歌界的知名出版社为Seren Press。
2 诗歌翻译 值得注意的是,我们诗歌的历史传统是开放的,从其他地方汲取了不同的诗歌类型:例如,在伊丽莎白时代引入意大利式的三行诗隔句押韵法、十四行诗以及十九行两韵体诗(源自法国)。一百年来,我们从不同的传统引入了大量的翻译/改编/版本的诗歌。在每一次的翻译浪潮中我们均丰富了自己的诗歌内涵。在十九世纪二十年代,由阿瑟·韦利(Arthur Waley)和以斯拉·庞德(Ezra Pound )翻译的中国唐诗为英语带来了崭新的风格、韵律和简单之美。在整个二十世纪,我们读到了从欧洲和其他国家语言翻译而来的许多作品,其中很多绝佳的翻译都出自诗人本人,而这样的例子数不胜数:由查尔斯·汤姆林森(Charles Tomlinson)翻译的秘鲁著名诗人塞萨尔·瓦列霍(Cesar Vallejo)的作品;由迈克尔·汉堡格(Michael Hamburger)翻译的两位德国诗人保罗·策兰(Paul Celan)和弗里德里希·荷尔德林( Friedrich Holderlin)的佳作;由唐•帕特森(Don Paterson)翻译的西班牙诗人安东尼·奥马查多(Antonio Machado)和雷诺·玛丽亚·里尔克(Rainer Maria Rilke)的诗作;由泰德·休斯(Ted Hughes)带来的拉丁诗人奥维德(Ovid)的作品,以及谢默斯·希尼(Seamus Heaney)翻译的盎格鲁撒克逊人贝奥武甫(Beowulf)的早期史诗巨作。除此之外,由托尼·哈里森(Tony Harrison)带来的15世纪约克悬疑戏剧的现代译本成功将戏剧从纯学术拯救出来,在重新编排后用当代的语言介绍给当代戏剧观众。
3 桂冠诗人称号 史上首位桂冠诗人是与莎士比亚同一时代的诗人本·琼森(Ben Jonson)。许多著名诗人都曾被授予该称号,其中包括威廉·华兹华斯(William Wordsworth)、艾尔弗雷德·丁尼生(Alfred Tennyson)、C·戴·刘易斯(C Day Lewis)以及泰德·休斯(Ted Hughes)。该称号可以赚到的钱很少,但是依照传统却可以获得一定量的雪利酒。安德鲁·莫逊是上一任的桂冠诗人。09年5月桂冠诗人的称号第一次被授予了一位女性:卡罗尔·安·达菲(Carol Ann Duffy)。按理桂冠诗人属于英国皇室的成员之一。但实际上,它只是一个荣誉称号。桂冠诗人可以按照自己的意愿创作,为公众场合以及报纸发表而创作的诗歌除外。其他地方开始效仿桂冠诗人的机制。在美国总统奥巴马的就职典礼上诗人伊丽莎白·亚历山大(Elizabeth Alexander)朗诵了委托桂冠诗人完成的诗:《当日赞歌》(Praise Song for a Day)。
4 牛津大学诗歌教授 历史上,马修·阿诺德(Matthew Arnold)、罗伯特·格雷夫斯(Robert Graves)、奥登(W H Auden)以及保罗·马尔登(Paul Muldoon)都曾担任该职。最近,新闻中报道了诺贝尔奖得主德里克·沃尔科特(Derek Walcott)撤销他的提名,以及露丝·帕德尔(Ruth Padel )先是欲被委任但最后辞职。现任的牛津大学诗歌教授是杰弗里·希尔 (Geoffrey Hill)。大家普遍认为他是我们这一时代最重要的诗人。
5 诗歌主题 诗歌的主题纷繁复杂。我将会将重点放某些主题上。将诗歌与环境相结合是一个比较新的发展趋势。近年来,有一批女诗人开始用崭新的方式表达生态问题,其中包括:爱丽丝·奥斯瓦尔德(Alice Oswald)、 媚兰·查兰杰(Melanie Challenger)以及 珍··海德菲尔德(Jen Hadfield)。爱丽丝·奥斯瓦尔德( Alice Oswald)是我们最具原创性的诗人之一。在她的书《Weeds and Wild Flowers》中谈到,鲜花实际上是我们在别处的表象。该书荣获了由英国诗歌协会管理的泰德·休斯诗歌奖。奥斯瓦尔德谈到,“阅读诗歌享受的是一种稍微不安的快乐,像是夜深人静在花园里散步时,所有的植物都来到他们名字的边上,然后超越它们自己。”受到瑞切尔·卡森的研讨会汇编《Slient Spring》的触动(该书谈到在上世纪六十年代,因为高毒农药的滥用而导致众多鸟类的中毒),在2004年,约翰·伯恩赛德(John Burnside)和莫里斯·里奥丹( Maurice Riordan)编辑了名为《wide Reckoning》的诗歌选集,该选集的影响颇为深远。同时,我们还考到很多主题类的书籍,其中包括:露丝·帕德尔(Ruth Padel) 曾经写过一首名为《Darwin: A Life in Poems》的诗,该诗作关于达尔文生平,其长度就像一本书一样;米克·伊姆拉(Mick Imlah),虽然他已经不幸离世,但他的书《The Lost Leaders》确流传甚广,用诗歌的形式讲述了苏格兰的历史。
6 出版途径
6.1 诗歌杂志
诗歌杂志: 在诗人们结集出版作品前,这是他们发表诗歌的地方。在英国有为数众多的诗歌杂志,而且这类杂志的几乎所有销售都是通过邮局订阅,其中包括:《诗歌评论》(Poetry Review)﹑P N Review﹑《伦敦诗歌》(Poetry London)﹑Stand﹑ Agenda﹑现代诗歌翻译《 Modern Poetry in Translation》、《苏格兰诗歌》(Poetry Scotland)﹑ the Rialto以及《威尔士诗歌》(Poetry Wales)。
6.2 诗歌出版社
英国拥有众多出色的商业诗歌出版社,他们在出版图书时也出版诗歌,其中包括: Faber & Faber﹑Picador﹑Jonathan Cape﹑以及在爱丁堡的Canongate。除此之外,还有其它专业的诗歌出版社,其中的一些还受到艺术委员会的资助。这些出版社包括: Anvil﹑ Arc﹑Bloodaxe﹑Carcanet﹑ Enitharmon﹑ Seren (威尔士) ﹑Blackstaff (北爱尔兰)以及Gallery (爱尔兰). Salt 出版社是一种新的快速新闻出版商,他们出版的书籍在初次印刷时的印量不大,之后会根据需要加印。
6.3 诗歌奖项和比赛
这些是铁定可以获得读者的方式。比赛的胜出者可以在报刊杂志上获得关注。著名的诗歌奖项包括:每年由英国诗歌作品协会管理的T·S艾略特诗歌奖,奖项价值1万5千英镑。该奖项颁发给在过去12个月内出版的一本最出色的书。虽然TS艾略特已于1963年离世,但他的遗孀每年都亲自颁奖给获奖者。此外还有进步诗歌奖。该奖项拥有悠久的历史,其中包括三个奖项:最佳作品集﹑最佳处女作品集以及最佳诗歌。另外,由作家协会管理的埃里克·格雷戈里(Eric Gregory)奖每年被授予三十岁以下的年轻诗人。我们今天的许多知名诗人都曾荣获该奖 ——该奖鼓励了正开始其诗歌职业生涯的诗人继续前进。诗歌竞赛为主办方获得经费,并且帮助大家将目光聚焦在获奖诗人上,其中最著名的比赛包括英国诗歌协会的全国诗歌大赛(National Poetry Competition)和阿尔文(Arvon)基金会的国际诗歌大赛——该两项赛事均为全国性的比赛。
7 诗歌组织
和诗歌有关的组织包括:由英格兰委员会支持的英国诗歌协会,于每年十月举办全国诗歌日活动;诗歌档案(Poetry Archive)是一个独特的网络资源,该网站上有众多诗人录制的诗歌可供读者在线上免费阅读;南岸中心诗歌图书馆位于伦敦南岸的皇家节日音乐厅,内有从1912至今的诗歌收藏,其中包括各种书籍﹑杂志和录音;英国诗歌作品协会是一个专注于诗歌的读书俱乐部,以邮寄的形式向读者介绍众多诗人的作品。可惜的是,由于2012/13年度因英格兰艺术委员会对其拨款的减少,该机构的前景堪忧。
7.1 诗歌节
7.2 电视及电台
近年来,BBC和第四电视频道举办了诗歌季,其中参访了许多诗人:西蒙·阿米蒂奇对十四世纪的古诗《加文爵士与绿衣骑士》(Sir Gawain and the Green Knight)提出了新的注解;格里夫·里斯·琼斯(Griff Rhys Jones)和欧文·希尔斯(Owen Sheers)将诗歌介绍给新的观众,并帮助扩展喜欢诗歌的人群。BBC第四电台有一个广受欢迎的节目,该节目名为Poetry Now,每周由罗杰·麦戈(Roger McGough)主持。听众可以根据自己的喜好点播诗歌,然后节目中会有很多当代诗人朗诵这些作品。除此之外,BBC第三电台在播出诗歌音乐会的时候,会在其中穿插了一个二十分钟的诗人和诗歌的特别时间。诗人伊恩麦克·米伦(Ian McMilan)也在同一频道主持一个名为“动词”(The Verb)的主流而且知名的现代诗歌节目。该节目介绍了众多知名和未知名的诗人,深受听众欢迎。据卫报2009年6月27日报道,尼尔森BookScan以及The Bookseller调查显示,自BBC电视台和第四电视频道电视的诗歌活动系列在五月播出后,诗歌的销量一路飙升。其中,秀维亚·普拉斯(Sylvia Plath)的销量比之前的六星期激增92%,而T·S 艾略特作品的销量则增长了惊人的222%。

8 在此我试图介绍当今诗坛中涌现的一些作品。我会将重点放在知名的诗人,但也聚焦于更年轻的一代。对每个诗人我都附上了简洁的介绍,并且提供了能够获得更多信息的网站链接。英国文化协会的当代作家网站在传记、著作数目以及重要信息提供了很大的帮助。同时,我还提供了诗歌档案(Poetry Archive)的相关链接——如果你想听诗人谈论他们的作品,你可以登录这些链接。我认为这些诗人应该可以与在中国相关的翻译很好地配合。同时,他们也可以成功地朗读或表演诗歌。
8.1莫妮扎·阿尔文(Moniza Alvi)出生于巴基斯坦的拉合尔,年纪很小便开始在英国生活。她的诗歌作品曾荣获乔蒙德利(Cholmondeley)奖。她的作品曾入围T·S艾略特奖,并成为诗歌作品协会的诗歌选择之一。
8.2 西蒙·阿米蒂奇(Simon Armitage)是我们最有名的诗人之一,同时也还是小说、非小说、歌剧剧本以及诗集的作者。同时,他还制作了十二出与诗歌有关的电影。除此之外,他还是知名的电台主持人。他的作品赢得了众多奖项,其中包括进步诗歌奖的最佳诗集以及兰南(Lannan)文学奖
8.3 弗兰切斯卡·比尔德(Francesca Beard )出生于马来西亚,在英国长大。她是我们在诗歌表演方面最熟练的诗人之一。她以微妙的方式与观众交流并表演她的诗歌作品。在教育和主流方面她的表现也是极为出色的。在担任诗歌相关职位时她也是一名成功的诗人。

8.4 约翰·伯恩赛德(John Burnside) 是我们最出色的当代苏格兰诗人之一。他同时也是一名小说家以及两本回忆录的作家。他的诗歌备受推崇,描述了现实世界和精神世界。他是苏格兰艺术委员会图书奖、惠布瑞特(Whitbread)诗歌奖以及乔蒙德利奖等多个诗歌奖项获得者。

8.5 罗恩·巴特林(Ron Butlin)是爱丁堡桂冠诗人,曾三次荣获苏格兰艺术委员会图书奖。同时,他还是一位备受尊敬的诗人、小说家、短篇小说家、歌剧编剧、剧作家、教师、记者以及其作品的朗读者。他的诗歌和散文作品已被翻译成十种语言。.
8.6吉莉安·克拉克(Gillian Clarke)是威尔士的民族诗人。她可能是迄今最出名的用英语写作的威尔士诗人了。最近她与卡罗尔·安·达菲(Carol Ann Duffy)以及 简奈·温特森(Jeanette Winterson)一同赢得特德·休斯奖。她的诗歌作品已经赢得了诗歌的最高奖项:英国女王诗歌金奖。她的诗歌在学校中被广泛研读,并被翻译成十种语言。
8.7 温迪·科普(Wendy Cope) 是能够拉进知识分子和普通读者之间距离的少数诗人之一。她与诗歌界外的世界联系紧密。她的第一本书至今卖出了180,000本的销量。她的近作名为《Family Values》。她曾赢得乔蒙德利奖和迈克尔·伯傲德(Michael Braude)简明诗作奖。她是一位广受尊敬的诗人,其诗歌作品也同样地机智和深刻。
8.8卡罗尔·安·达菲(Carol Ann Duffy)是苏格兰人和爱尔兰人的后裔,为现任桂冠诗人以及首位担任该职位的女性。她曾获奖无数,其中包括惠布瑞特文学奖、T.S艾略特文学奖、进步诗歌奖的最佳诗歌奖、苏格兰艺术委员会图书奖以及毛姆文学奖。她创作有诗歌、戏剧、儿童文学作品,是当代最负盛名的诗人之一。
8.9萨沙·达格代尔(Sasha Dugdale)于2003年获得格雷戈里奖,现已出版了两本畅销的诗歌书籍,而其第三部作品也有望在今年面世。她曾在俄罗斯工作,并且参与发起了俄罗斯皇家宫廷剧院新创作计划。她擅长将俄罗斯的诗歌和戏剧作品译成英文。
. 8.10海伦·邓莫尔(Helen Dunmore)是英国著名小说家以及英国柑橘文学奖的小说奖得主。她也是一位多产且备受成人和儿童读者所热爱的诗人。她曾获得了艾丽斯亨特巴特莱奖和斯马尔蒂斯儿童读物奖,更与2009年在全国诗歌大赛上成功胜出。她曾在英国和海外的许多地方对自己的作品进行讲学。海伦·邓莫尔还一直担任作家协会主席。
8.11伯纳迪恩·埃瓦里斯托(Bernardine Evaristo)是诗歌和散文作家。她母亲是英国人,父亲则是尼日利亚人。她因创作了《拉拉》(Lara)和《皇帝的宝贝》(The Emperor’s Babe)两部作品而声誉鹊起。上述两部煌煌大作以一种极具可读性和原创的方式,针砭了种族和历史问题。她曾荣获英国国家科技艺术基金会奖和英国艺术理事会作家奖。伯纳迪恩是一位经验丰富的文学工作坊领导和一个天生沟通者。
8.12法利·保罗(Paul Farley)是新生代的诗歌形式和技术的创新诗人之一。他以一种独有的、扣人心弦方式将传统诗歌发扬光大。他先后荣获惠布瑞特诗歌奖、E·M·福斯特奖、进步诗歌奖的最佳处女”奖。他同时也是《星期日泰晤士报》评出的1999年年度青年作家。他非常善于策划主持电台广播中的诗歌创作节目。
8.13珍·哈德菲尔德(Jen Hadfield)已经出版了两部诗歌作品,并获得了埃里克·格雷戈里奖和杜瓦奖。她的《无邻之地》(Nigh-No-Place)曾获著名的T.S.艾略特文学奖。她的诗歌以独有的方式,反映了其在苏格兰设得兰岛生活经历。
8.14托尼·哈里森(Tony Harrison)是最杰出的且仍在创作的诗人之一。他的诗歌语言既高雅脱俗,同时也具有生活语言的强大生命力和可读性。他的戏剧作品以及他创作出的一种如同电影的诗歌体例也享有盛誉。他作品提醒人们:英国事实上是一个具有非常强烈文化地域观念的国家。如果有人问到,我敢肯定,托尼·哈里森会首先说他是一个约克郡人,约克郡是英国北部的郡县之一。他的诗歌已经影响了许多其他诗人。
8.1大卫·哈森特(David Harsent)已出版10卷的诗歌作品,并已获得许多奖项,包括埃里克·格雷戈里奖、乔蒙德利奖、“进步诗歌奖”的“年度最佳诗歌集”奖和费伯纪念奖。他也是一名戏曲编剧,并曾与当代著名作曲家哈里森·伯特威斯尔密切合作。

8.16约翰·赫格里(John Hegley)在当代诗歌中拥有独特的地位。他的作品在成年读者和年轻读者中都享有盛誉,并且他既以奇异的爱德华·李尔般图画阐述他的作品,甚至自己谱曲并用曼陀林和吉他演奏。他将严肃的艺术和通俗的流行很好结合起来。他对自己的作品而言,也是出色的演奏家。
8.17马修·霍利斯(Matthew Hollis)作为新生代诗人,他荣获了埃里克·格雷戈里奖。他的最新著作《地下水》(Ground Water)已入围多项大奖。他最近完成了一本关于诗人爱德华·托马斯的书。他是一位经验丰富的诗歌作品出版商,并正在为英国费伯出版公司(Faber & Faber)挑选拟出版的诗歌作品。

8.18艾伦·詹金斯(Alan Jenkins)曾荣获埃里克·格雷戈里奖、乔蒙德利奖以及“进步诗歌奖”中的最佳诗歌集奖。他的诗是用极优美语言反映我们人类最强烈的情感。他的诗歌是爱情的挽歌,歌颂爱情与奉献。他现任英国《泰晤士报》文学副刊的副主编。
8.19罗杰·麦戈 (Roger McGough)在上世纪六十年代,利物浦诗人成功将利物浦市打造成为全国诗歌复兴的中心。作为其中的一员,他因此而在诗坛声誉鹊起。他先后两次获得信号诗歌奖、一次乔蒙德利奖。他的诗通俗易懂,但同样语言优美且针砭时弊。他主持BBC第四电台的诗歌节目 Poetry Please获得广大听众的热烈追捧。他极其善于朗诵自己的诗歌作品。
8.20伊恩·麦克米兰(Ian McMillan)作为一位诗人引领诗歌走出书斋,踏进更广阔世界。他为创作诗歌曾居住在足球俱乐部、警察局和办公室。他的诗歌朗诵无论是对成年或是年轻的读者而言都是魅力十足和妙趣横生的。他正主持BBC第三电台每周一次的“动词”(The Verb)节目。

8.21 8.21保罗·马尔登(Paul Muldoon)出生于北爱尔兰。他也许是当今最有影响力的诗人。他对年轻一代的诗人的影响可谓是巨大的。其平和的处世之道和随处可见的押韵修辞尤是如此。他的诗歌作品可视为对语言的一种审视,而日常用语在其笔下往往也别开新意。他的作品载誉无数,包括T ·S 艾略特奖、莎士比亚奖以及普利策诗歌奖。

8.22达尔吉特·纳格拉(Daljit Nagra)的作品《多佛,我们来了》(Look We Have Coming to Dover)获得了进步诗歌奖中的最佳单首诗歌和最佳处女作奖,以及英格兰艺术委员会De 分贝奖。他的诗歌作品主要探讨其称为“与旁遮普有关的”(Punglish)文化遗产,即移民英国的旁遮普人通用的语言。
8.23爱丽丝·奥斯瓦尔德(Alice Oswald)是当代最负盛名的诗人之一。她的诗歌是以一种特创的语言方式描绘自然世界。她的诗歌是独一无二的。爱丽丝·奥斯瓦尔德的诗歌获奖无数,包括T ·S 艾略特奖和杰弗里·费伯(Geoffrey Faber)奖。最近,更是从桂冠诗人卡罗尔·安·达菲手中接过了泰德·休斯诗歌奖。
8.24唐·帕特森(Don Paterson)是苏格兰诗人,也是唯一一位曾两次赢得T ·S 艾略特奖的人。 2010年,他荣获了著名的女王诗歌金奖。他是一位伟大且备受推崇的诗人。他同时还著有尖锐的社评和警句书籍,而最近更是发表了一部关于莎士比亚十四行诗的书。他的作品带有主流诗学传统,同时也是现代和充满活力的。

8.25克里斯托弗·里德(Christopher Reid)作为'火星'诗人之一已在三十年前闻名于世。他的风格已渐趋成熟和完善。他最新发表的书作《午餐之歌》(The Songs of Lunch)已被成功地改编为一部全国性的电视电影。他的另一部作品A Scattering以流动的诗韵缅怀他的亡妻,荣获了柯斯达诗歌奖以及柯斯达年度图书奖。
8.26罗宾·罗伯逊(Robin Robertson)是一名具有非常独特嗓音的苏格兰诗人。他赢得了进步诗歌奖中的最佳首部诗歌集奖、年度诗歌集奖和最佳单首诗歌奖。他非常善于朗诵自己的诗歌作品,在乔纳森·凯普出版社担任出版编辑。
8.27斯蒂芬·罗默(Stephen Romer)是诗歌中的微妙情感和诗意形式的杰出探索者。他的作品入围T ·S 艾略特奖的候选之列,更荣获了诗歌作品协会的推荐大奖。他是当代法国诗歌的杰出翻译家,并翻译编辑了《二十世纪法国诗歌诗集》。

8.28乔·沙普科特(Jo Shapcott)是最负盛名的当代诗人之一。她先后两次荣获全国诗歌大赛一等奖和柯斯达最佳诗集奖,而她的《关于无常》(Of Mutability)一书,源自其生病期间的冥想,也荣获了柯斯达年度图书奖。她是诗歌协会的现任会长。
8.29欧文·谢尔斯(Owen Sheers)是威尔士作家。他是最新一代诗人中最优秀一位。他已经获得了埃里克·格雷戈里奖、威尔士艺术理事会年度图书奖和毛姆奖。他的小说《抵抗》(Resistance)成为了畅销书。他是一位经验丰富的电台主持人,并主持了一档关于现代诗歌的电视节目,该节目影响十分广泛。
8.30乔治·施利茨(George Szirtes)是一位多产的诗人和翻译家。他曾获得了乔蒙德利奖、T ·S 艾略特奖和欧洲诗歌翻译奖等奖项。他出生在匈牙利,成长于英国,并已成为两国诗歌界之间的重要交流桥梁。他是最值得我们尊敬的诗人之一。
8.31 迈克尔·S·罗伯茨(Michael Symmons Roberts) 曾获得埃里克·格雷戈里奖、进步诗歌奖、惠特布莱德图书奖和K布伦德尔基金会奖。他是一位经验丰富的广播节目制作人和电台主持。他的诗歌涉猎各种复杂题材,诸如格林汉康芒妇女和平营,以及当代科学和宗教的信仰和怀疑等一系列复杂课题。
8.32劳伦斯·赛欧(Lawrence Sail)先后被授予艺术理事会作家奖、霍索恩登奖学金和乔蒙德利奖。他是著名诗人、评论家和选编家。 2010年,他出版了三本书:一本回忆录,一本圣诞节诗集以及一卷新诗和精选诗集。他的创作是国际化的,曾与来自其他国家的诗人一起合作。
8.33本杰明·西番(Benjamin Zephaniah)是当代最著名的诗人之一。他的作品曾获奖无数,尽管他的声誉主要来自他的令人难忘的现场表演。他的诗歌作品同样畅销。他是一位杰出的诗人和面向青少年读者的小说家。他花很多时间在中国,并且无论走到哪都可以交到很多朋友。本杰明·西番通过诗歌描绘了许多英国人,无论其肌肤的颜色,都共同经历过的事情。

第三部分: 诗歌资源
9.1 Apples and Snakes是一家领先的机构,主要关注多元文化的现场诗歌表演。

9.2BBC诗歌季( BBC Poetry Season)BBC网站上有诗人朗诵他们作品的视频片段。
9.3 Bloodaxe Books是一家行业领先的、得到相关部门补贴的诗歌出版社,位于英国诺森伯兰郡。
9.5 Brit Lit: 上有关注当代短篇小说和某些诗人的创新教学材料。
9.6 Carcanet 是另一家行业领先的、得到相关部门补贴的诗歌出版社,位于曼切斯特。
9.7 克莱夫·詹姆斯(Clive James)是一名诗歌评论家,在他的网站上有关于当代诗人的资源。

9.8 当代作家(Contemporary Writers)是英国文化协会主办的网站。该网站提供了众多诗人和小说家的传记、著作目录以及重要信息的资源。
9.9费伯出版公司Faber & Faber 是一家领先的商业诗歌出版社。T·S艾略特曾是该出版社的董事。

9.10 简奈·温特森(Jeanette Winterson) 是一名小说家。她的网站上有当代诗歌的相关内容。
9.11现代诗歌翻译( Modern Poetry in Translation)是一本将当代诗歌翻译为英语的专业杂志。

9.12 城市诗人(Poet in the City)在伦敦及其周边的写字楼和Kings Place文化会议中心主办了非常成功的诗歌朗诵会。
9.13 诗歌档案(Poetry Archive). 这是一个重要的资源,其中包括我提及的所有诗人的诗歌朗诵作品。聆听和学习。
9.14 诗歌作品协会(Poetry Book Society)在2012/13年度从艺术委员会达到的拨款将遭到削减。它是一所将众多当代诗歌分发给读者的读书俱乐部。
9.15 诗歌协会(Poetry Society )是在诗人和诗歌领域的领先机构。他们的工作包括出版《诗歌评论》(Poetry Review )杂志以及组织全国诗歌大赛。
9.16 诗歌频道(Poetry Channel)由诗歌基金会(Poetry Trust)和阿尔德堡(Aldeburgh)诗歌节共同主办。网站上有诗人朗诵其作品的视频片段。
9.17 Salt Publishing是短期快速出版诗歌的出版社,现已出版了数量众多的诗歌。
9.18 南岸中心诗歌图书馆:该网站上有大量关于当代诗歌的重要资料。很值得花时间在上面浏览。

10 博客

10.1 网络空间有什么新鲜事?科技的进步扩展了观众人群,并且带来了博客、在线讨论、在线诗歌和在线评论。前文提到的许多诗人均在他们的个人网站上评论各自的作品。唐·帕特森是一个很好的例子。乔治·施利茨的博客也非常有趣。在线上社交社区例如Facebook 和Twitter上,诗歌也逐渐活跃起来。很多诗人都加入了社交网络。泰晤士报曾报道,Facebook的诗人频道近年的成员大多数在30岁以下,还有不少在25岁以下。而且从报纸上的配图看到,很多人感觉像是杂志时尚版中的人物。推特(Twitter ,其用户为推客)曾组织过这样一个活动:在伦敦国王十字车站的布告牌上播出俳句,每个作品可以展示20分钟,面对的每天经过车站的110,000 人:评判是杰基·凯和小野洋子。

10.2 Baroque in Hackney/
由凯特·埃文斯·布什(Kate Evans-Bush)撰写的博客。博客内容包括诗歌,在诗歌界有很多粉丝。
约翰·绍夫(John Self)主持这一文学博客(请注意,约翰·绍夫这个名字是马丁·艾米斯(Martin Amis)的小说London Fields中的主要人物之一)



Monday, July 11, 2011

Hold Fast to Dreams by Langston Hughes

Hold Fast to Dreams
by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken wing

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field

I like this Hughes' poem, 'Dreams', and I even trimmed it the way I like, hope the poet would forgive me.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zen Poem: Chicken or Egg

Zen Poem: Chicken or Egg
By Laijon Liu 20110611

chicken -> egg
egg -> chicken

a body holds a shell
a shell holds a body

outer white, inner eye
within its thin shell
holds life and samsara

history grows in its universe
future bursts and reveals the world

then life faces its constant chaos
striving in a mass of enlightenment

origin, present, doubt and search…
embryo, birth, define and redefine…

till someday the body drops
the shell cracks, and the two worlds meld

Inspired by an egg poem of a Slovenia poet.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

People and Cattle

People and Cattle

Monday, May 30, 2011

Poetry of Wei Zhuang

Pu Sa Lang
by Poet Wei Zhuang (Tang Poet 836-910)
Translated Laijon Liu 20110530

In the red chamber, our parting night, sadness
Incense candlelight, half rolled curtains hanging
The crescent moon above the gate
And in tear we bid farewell

Gold emerald feather tied on your pipa
And its four strings sang like oriole
It urged me to come home
It begged me to return soon
Coz the one behind the green gauze glows like a bloom

Everyone says the River South is nice
Visitor should settle there and get old
The spring river there blue like sky
In a painted boat, hear the raindrops while doze

The women in the bar like moon
Their fair arms shine as frosty snow
Oh young visitor, don’t leave for home
If you leave, you will regret on the road.

But now I miss the good old days in the River South
That time I was young, and in spring I wore a thin shirt
Riding on my horse, waiting by the leaning bridge
On those chambers, red sleeves were all waving at me

Behind the golden door rings and the lime blinds
I fell drunk in the blossom bush
If I see the blooming twigs again
I swear by my gray hair, I won’t go back home.

Let’s toast for tonight, let’s get drunk now
Raise our cup and worry not tomorrow
Treasure the good will of our host
The wine is thick like love and friendship

Only be anxious that our spring is short
And don’t complain our gold cups are all full
When we’ve got wine, we drink, ha ha
Oh life, how uncertain it is!

Spring is always beautiful in Luoyang
But the talent of Luoyang grow old in this foreign town
There the willow must cover the King Wei riverbank
And now I feel I’ve been long lost

Here the peach-blossom by the green ripple again
The Mandarin ducks bath in pairs
And I’m grieving, watching the setting sun
Oh I miss you, but you do not know.

five sequence Ci poems that Tang Poet Wei Zhuang wrote about his life and political career maybe really about his love life? maybe not, it's possible the poet only used love content in all five poems as metaphor for his love and grief toward the old empire that he could no longer serve, Tang, but truly touching, very real, like lost love songs.

唐 836-910











Friday, May 27, 2011

A bloom is a world, a leaf is a Buddha

Zen Poem [Ask Buddha]
By tshang dbyangs rgya mtsho (1683 – 1706) Dalai Lama VI
Translated by Laijon Liu 20110527

Sitting is Zen, walking is Zen
A bloom is a world, a leaf is a Buddha
Spring comes, plants are green
Autumn arrives, leaves are fallen
The Great Wisdom is a heart at ease
Words or silence, move or still
All come naturally through peace


Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Greatest Chinese Poet Is Still Living Now

There are so many good, great Chinese poets. All people heard of Qu Yuan, Li Po, Du Fu, Cao Xueqin, but not many people, include Chinese ever heard of Poet Huang Xiang, currently lives in US, dispelled by China gov, coz he just refuses to shut up.
His poems are passionate and powerful, unstoppable free spirit gushing! that immerses all readers.
I've never the poet, but I am planning to search and contact this Great Poet, and pay my respect to him.
I will be very happy!

His poems:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Dead Fear Not Death

The Dead Fear Not Death
Laijon Liu 20110518

They stand on top and lie:
“Sudden change is no good.
Many people could die,
And nation could collapse.”

But the dead fear not death,
Eager eyes will never shut.
Only words can bring peace,
And silence ain't no harmony!

Civil is self-discipline, one can control their greed, correct their own mistake.
The principal difference between dead and live is that
life holds its freedom but the dead have no choice, just like a caged bird has no life.
God grants people freedom, but slave masters don’t want their slaves to think, look and speak freely, so they must control.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cinderella Lament

Cinderella Lament
Laijon Liu 20110506

White plates stack like clouds
Laundries piled up as mountains
From dawn to dusk that thin figure
Flickering in this dim world

Oil drops, grease marks
Mixed up her sweat and tears
Becomes ashen cream
Smeared off her pure fair face

Bed is her dreamland
But every short coma
Is ended by a sudden woke
Kitchen is her battlefield
Grand feasts roll like swelling waves
toward her
And left her squatting on the remains
Sobbing and sipping the leftover soup

A pair filthy tiny bony shaky hands
Cannot bear to hold up a teacup
And so much dirt still cannot cover
The needle mark and knife scar on her fingers
Her sleepy eyes never dare to shut
Never be able to open wide, yet
They can’t close up her fear and desperation

Night is her only friend
When people quiet, she’s afraid no more
Night is her true family
It’s like a kind goddess
Listens to her words and prayers

Ah! Mother!
Let the rats become good horses
Let my coal cart be a pumpkin coach
Let me dash to a foreign kingdom
To dance with my white horse prince
And he shall adore my pure feet
And following my fragrant footstep
He shall find me and marry me!

Night, eternally silent
She repeatedly speaks about her dream
She repeatedly looks up to the stars
That pale moon is going to sink again
And when the red sun rises from east
There will be a wild storm coming again.
I used to like Cinderella tale when I was a kid, for its inspiration, but now I dislike the story, it’s not a inspiring tale anymore, more like a lie, that rulers or masters or Cinderella’s stepmother use to get a cheap labor of people and Cinderella, and everyday they remind us that one day a handsome prince riding on a white horse will come and save us, and we will be happy after. But so many generations all waited, some were lucky spent their whole life in a dream and died in a dream, and the unlucky ones, they were lied to and after the White Horse Prince married them, they were treated like the same as slave maid, and some even experienced worse. I don’t want to be political but the fact is there for everyone to exam.

Her White Horse Prince should come
An infatuated girl is waiting in dark
But there never crystal shoes in world
Nor the rats can become good horses



白碟堆云 衣袜积山
从黎明到黄昏 那廋弱的身影

油脂粘迹 汗珠泪花

剩下的她 就蹲在那废墟中


夜 是她唯一的朋友
人静时 她不再惧怕
夜 是她真正的亲人

会追寻我的芳迹 将我迎娶

夜 永恒的沉默
当红日东升时 就又是一场风暴



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ci Poem - Pu Sha Man by Wen Tingyun

Ci Poems: Pu Sha Man
By Wen Tingyun (812-870)


Night falls, bright moon in the sky,
behind the blinds, silence and wordless.
Deep inside the bedroom, incense smoke rise,
she keeps her light makeup and lying in bed.
Old times she still cherishing,
Yet the past she's miserable to recollect.
Flowers in dew, pale moon wanes,
Even her brocade quilt feels the dawn cold.

菩萨蛮 2/14



Treasure envelop, decorate sparrow, and gold lovebirds
on the eaglewood shelf, Wu mountains are green again.
Poplars and willows regain their thin thread,
While the spring rain scattering on the post bridge.
In the painted chamber, no note nor message,
Fragrant grass covered the river south bank.
Between the brocade mirror and blossom branch,
This feeling that who would cherish?

菩萨蛮 6/14



9 / 14
Peony fallen, orioles stopped their song,
Green poplars fill the garden under the moon.
To recollect, yet she can't make a dream,
Behind the windowpane, candle light dim.
Emerald gold hairpin, heavy on her head,
Lonely she shut herself in the fragrant chamber.
oh her love is away, her tear marked the handrail,
and the swallows flew away, the spring near its end.

菩萨蛮 9/14



Bright moonlight spills in the palace, pear blossom white,
Old friend away, separated by countless Guan mountains.
Golden geese in pair they flying,
and tears wet her embroidered jacket.
Small garden, fragrant grass green,
Home is Over brook bend:-)
Poplars and willows dress in same color,
Swallows already returned, but you are not back.

菩萨蛮 10/14



Glass pillow behind the crystal blind,
Mandarin duck quilt wrapped, broods a warm sweet dream.
Willows on the river bank, surround like green mist,
Wild geese flying in the crescent night sky.
Lotus root thread in weak autumn color,
the untrimmed hair-dress people wear.
Two temples beneath the fragrant red,
A jade hairpin quivering in breeze on her head.




Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

O I do not know what love is

O I do not know what love is

by Laijon Liu 20110212

O I do not know what love is

but I know “I love you!”

Even the society law sealed you and me

yet it cannot put down my erection and impulse

Yeah! Let them curse and condemn

their voice is our mad dance melody

Let’s rip off our veil and scarf

joyfully marching in font of their fearful eye

Let’s dump that thousand-year baggage

so it won’t be the block on the road to our dream

Let’s open our door, walk on street

hail and sing to every girl

Let’s climb the peak, plunge into ravine

and dash into the amorous sun and blossom season















Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sick Letter to Followers By [Song] Monk Faquan

Sick Letter to Followers
By [Song] Monk Faquan
Translated by Laijon Liu 20110209

Dislike this world
sick to my heart
and physical pain
tortures me like a demon

I know my days
are only a few now
but still I feel that
my life lingers too long

so my boiling medicine
become offering incense
and my groaning
are my chant and prayer

if Manjusri hears
and asks me
Could I reply him
with my Silence?

Three weeks ago I was sick, got flu and fever, and mixed multiple symptoms, battling for 4 days I couldn’t eat a meal, only lived on water and juice, and after I went ER myself, I thought I was dying on the way, I would be glad, that moment I realized that Silence could answer a lot of problem, like all the boring tv shows on weekends, and physical pain in this stinky skin bag.

Chinese original:

Zen Elegy by Song Monk Zhiyuan

Zen Elegy
By [Song] Monk Zhiyuan
Translated by Laijon Liu 20110208

Why talk about
life or death
Why try to find
the state of nirvana
Our heart and spirit
shdn’t strive in the world

Just bury this jar of ash
under a pine tree
the green moss
and the fragrant grass
shall sprout up

this is a beautiful Zen elegy and happy me dig it up:-)

Chinese original:



Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Last snow pic. Chinatown Chrystie and Grand St.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tong Li

I love Tong Li, a Chinese singer has an angel voice that sings the best Chinese vocal ever, her songs range from traditional folk to Tang Song poetry. I have most her cds that I could find in Chinatown and listen to her every night.

the below are examples:

Night Sky (Hebrew Folk)

Tian Zhu Girl

The Song of Weicheng

Who would know my feeling now

all her songs are poetry, from Han,Tang, Song, Qing Classical to Modern poems, some poets' work like Wang Wei, Li Bai, Li Shangyin, Bai Juyi, Li Qingzhao, Lu You, Cao Xueqin...

here is one example that her work of Hebrew Folk song that originally called 'Erev Shel Shoshanim' I translated her Chinese lyric, the song is the first link on this page.

夜空 Night Sky
童丽 by Tong Li

新月下采花衣 under the crescent I gather flower cloth
夜深清静人依依 the night is deep n cold and quite, people rest
花儿盛开随风飘逸 the flower are blooming, floating in wind
祝福都给你 all blessings are bestow to you
Layla yored le'at (Night falls slowly)
Veru'ach shoshan noshvah (And a wind of lilies blows)

花瓣飘去飘落天涯 the petal floating, fallen in the skyline
又为谁牵挂 for whom I now worry
夜空飘过乌云 in the night sky, the dark clouds floating
像心表面的阴影 like the shadow shrouded upon my heart
流浪的星划破天际 the wandering stars lacerate the horizon
寄语给浮云 sending the word to the floating clouds
Layla yored le'at (Night falls slowly)
Veru'ach shoshan noshvah (And a wind of lilies blows)

远方星星闪着光芒 the faraway stars sparkling their light
轻诉着忧伤 kindly telling me their sorrow
夜空飘过乌云 in night sky, the dark clouds floating
像心表面的阴影 like the shadow shrouded upon my heart
流浪的星划破天际 wandering stars lacerate the horizon
寄语给浮云 sending the word to the floating clouds
Layla yored le'at (Night falls slowly)
Veru'ach shoshan noshvah (And a wind of lilies blows)

远方星星闪着光芒 the faraway stars sparkling their light
轻诉着忧伤 kindly telling me their sorrow
Layla yored le'at (Night falls slowly)
Veru'ach shoshan noshvah (And a wind of lilies blows)
远方星星闪着光芒 the faraway stars sparkling their light
轻诉着忧伤 kindly telling me their sorrow
远方星星闪着光芒 the faraway stars sparkling their light
轻诉着忧伤 kindly telling me their sorrow

she's got an awesome taste, for both melody and lyric too. Love her!!!