Saturday, October 9, 2010

Untitled By Poet Li Shangyin

By Poet Li Shangyin
Translated by Laijon Liu 20101009

It’s difficult to meet, yet difficult to part
The east wind weakens, all flowers fade
Silkworm to death, gives out its last thread
Candle burns to ashes, its tear shall cease
In dawn mirror we’re sad, our hair all gray
At night we sing, the moonlight is so chill
From here to Immortal Peak, a few roads
Blue bird ardently flies, trying to get there



Thursday, September 23, 2010

A girl in my office

Today she was squatting and cutting a box,
and when I saw her posture and expression
I immediately felt a hormone surge for a shot.
So I did shoot a photo and really liked it
that somehow very familiar as The Kitchen Maid:-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Folk Song: You Eyes

Folk Song: You Eyes
English Lyric by Laijon Liu 20100708

It’s like a softly rain
Falling in my heart,
That feeling is so magic.
I raise my head to see you,
But you don’t answer me.
Even you are silent,
But I cannot forget,

The gazing speaking your eyes,
Vivid graceful beauty, ah~
My friend, my world
I am so happy

Song Link:


Your Eyes

Composed by Su Lai

而你并不露 痕迹.

明亮又美丽, 啊~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ode to E Fang Palace

Ode to E Fang Palace
By Du Mu
Translated by Laijon Liu 20100701

Six kings were dethroned, four seas were united.
The mountain of Shu was chopped off,
and then E Fang Palace was built.
It covered three hundred li, isolated the sky and the sun.
From Li Mountain of north they constructed
toward west till they reached capital Xian Yang.
Two broad rivers slowly flowing into the wall of palace.
Five step a chamber, ten pace a pavilion;
The corridors like snakes creeping and circling,
eaves and brim like bird bills highly raised;
every carved stone held its unique pose,
hooking each other’s heart or charging with their horns.
Convolving and encircling, like hives and whorls,
And highly the houses stood many thousands.
Long bridges flying above the waves and ripples;
Oh, the clouds did not gather, how come the dragons appeared?
The overbridges hanging in midair;
The sky was still dim, but why the rainbows shining?
Among the high and low structures,
One would be lost and couldn’t point out west or north.
Singing platforms, warm melodies,
Spring scenery, all in harmony;
Dancing halls, breeze of sleeves,
Winds and rains, sadness and misery.
On the same day, in this palace,
The weather were all different.

Concubines, mistress, bedmaids, and sex slaves,
Princes and sons, and grand children of kings,
They all farewell their country and house
And drove here to serve the Emperor Qin.
They chanted their morning songs,
Plucked their musical strings at night,
Hailed the emperor all the days
To fulfill their duty in this palace.
Bright stars were glimmering,
Those were their makeup mirrors;
Dark clouds swinging and floating,
They washing their hair at morn.
The river Wei flowing like oil,
Their face cream dumped into it;
The smoke rose into the sky,
Their incense burning hour.
Suddenly thunders stroke,
The emperor’s chariot past.
The echoing sound remained,
Yet one knew not where it was.
Every inch skin, every fair face,
Perfect condition, gorgeously beautiful,
They kindly leaned and stood long time,
to the distant place they had looked,
hoping for the favor of the emperor.
Some had never seen him for thirty six years.
The collection of State Yan and Zhao,
The work of state Han and Wei,
The talents of state Qi and Chu,
So many years and so many generations,
All were plundered and carried away,
Piled up here like countless hills.
Once they could not possess their treasure,
Then all delivered here.
Caldrons and bells, jade and stones,
Gold bricks and pearl gravels,
Were cast off on the floor,
Even the citizen of Qin saw the scene
felt that was appropriate.

Ah, one man’s feeling, connected to all men’s heart.
The Qin Emperor lusted for luxury and extravagance,
And common people loved and cared their houses.
Even he could extort people to nothing,
But why he wastefully treated them like dust?!
The pillars stood in the palace
Were more than the farmers in field;
Rafters and girders were many,
More than sewing maids by the machine;
Screws and nails too much,
More than millet and grain in storehouse;
Massive covering roof tiles
More than people’s coat;
Handrails vertical and horizontal,
More than the city walls;
Noisy instrument music
Flooded the people’s voice;
And all people in the world
Dared not to complain, but dared to rise up mad!
Arbitrary dictatorship filled his heart,
Day by day he became proud.
So people cried out, warriors broke in,
A torch was lit up, the palace burnt and ravaged!

Welladay! Who conquered six states?
Not Qin Emperor, but themselves.
who destroyed Qin empire?
Qin emperor himself, not people.
If all six states loved and trusted each other,
Then together they could resist Qin army;
If Qin loved all its conquering states,
Then the empire would last its reign,
Who would want to overthrow it?
The Qin rulers did not have a chance
to pity and recollect themselves,
Only the later generations shall do,
Yet if we only sigh but do not reflect,
Then our children will shed tears for us.




嗟乎!一人之心,千万人之心也。秦爱纷奢,人亦念其家。奈何取之尽锱(zī)铢(zhū),用之如泥沙?使负栋之柱,多于南亩之农夫;架梁之椽(chuán),多于机上之工女;钉头磷磷,多于在庾(yǔ)之粟(sù)粒;瓦缝参差(cēn cī ),多于周身之帛缕;直栏横槛(jiàn),多于九土之城郭;管弦呕哑(ōuyā),多于市人之言语。使天下之人,不敢言而敢怒。独夫之心,日益骄固。戍(shù)卒叫,函谷举,楚人一炬,可怜焦土!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Starry Night of Vincent van Gogh

Starry Night of Vincent van Gogh
By Laijon Liu 20100625

‘In sorrow, yet ever joyful’ – St. Paul

Whenever I feel lonely
I would break out of my cell
And go out into the night
To paint the starry sky

The bright stars shining above
Spinning in the spiral torrent
And the waning orange moon
Glowing in her golden flare

The wind gushing its stream
Blanketing the dark blue hills
The village houses glittering
Resting in silence and peace

The spire of a small church
Piecing into the winds
And a giant cypress ahead
Blazing up its green flame
To console the flooded sky!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Poem

Memorial Day Poem
For the heroes rest in peace and those fight on
by Laijon Liu 20100528

We pray for the peace of the world
But there are wars must be fought
When our love and home are trampled
There’s no reason to be tame and calm

Heaven is built upon justice
And demons must be kicked out
There sh’d be no place on earth
To let anyone preach his hell

Oh heroes, thou are wise and brave
There many victories you’ve fought
And many ahead you’ll wrestle out
Tonight, with this poem I offer my respect

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


By Mr. Yv Guangzhong (1928-)

When I was little
Nostalgia was a tiny stamp
I was here, my mom was there

When I grew up
Nostalgia was a small steamer ticket
I was here, my wife over there

And after
Nostalgia was a low-built grave
I was outside, my mom inside

But now
Nostalgia is a shallow straits
I am here, and the mainland there

I recently read this poem that done by a Chinese Contemporary poet Mr. Yv Guangzhong余光中currently lives and teaches in Taiwan, I loved it and translated here to share. There are multi-layers buried beneath this simple poem, time, relationship, love, life value, and journey thru aging… all built a stanza by stanza triggering reader’s feeling and understanding deeper and deeper… and I all school should mandate poetry class, from bottom up, elementary, junior high, and high school, so every pupil will grow up educated and naturally an artist, what kind of parents wouldn't want their kids to read poems like this?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zhao Gan's Painting “Traveling on the River in First Snow”

Painted by Zhao Gan (赵干), Native of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. He was in the Imperial Painting academy during the reign of Emperor Li Yu (961-975) of the Southern Tang period. He specialized in painting rural and urban scenes of south China characterized by complex compositions. Above painting “Traveling on the River in First Snow” (江行初雪图) depicts fishermen trawling in snow.

The Sun by Tang Dynasty, Tab Sheet, English Lyric

Song: The Sun by Tang Dynasty
Lyric and music by Tang Dynasty band
Guitar Tab Sheet by Liu Zhuan
English translation or Unofficial English Lyric by laijon Liu 2010.04.20

When I face this- empty Gobi
I’ve forgotten all myself
Even my waiting takes too long
Still you show me such surprise
My agitations n suspirations
All become meaning-less
So I begin to believe in you
Like our people in the ancient time oh~

When I face this- empty Gobi
I raise my head to see you
Your shining light in my drifting heart
Melted forever loneliness
Your great presence, never a false myth
Your legend past down to generations
You see the green isle slowly fade away
And see people come by n pass away

Great sun, where are you now
Great sun, where are you
Great sun, where are you now
Great sun, where are you….

When I face this- empty Gobi
My heart hears your passion
tell me- where we come from
who we are and what we do
tell why we must- hasten in life
but don’t know where we go
see the blue sky you sit alone
tell me “Is God truly exist!”

when the roasting flame- burning everyplace
life dash out of body
my bare bosom filled by your fire
spilling your conquering blazing stream
don’t let the darkness cover me
coz the sun is growing in me
never there will be fear or lonely
coz my soul is in the sky now

Great sun, embrace me now
Great sun, embrace me now
Great sun, embrace me now
Great sun, embrace me now
Great sun, embrace me now
Great sun, embrace me now…

I love this song so much. So I got a Tab sheet for this song and inserted my translated my unofficial English lyric below the Chinese, even though my lyric is unofficial, still I beg people, please do respect my copyright:), don’t change my lyric, coz it’s very close to Tang’s Chinese lyric, and I spent my whole drunken night for it:)


When I face this- empty Gobi
I’ve forgotten all myself
Even my waiting takes too long
Still you show me such surprise
My agitations n suspirations
All become meaning-less
So I begin to believe in you
Like our people in the ancient time oh~

When I face this- empty Gobi
I raise my head to see you
Your shining light in my drifting heart
Melted forever loneliness
Your great presence, never a false myth
Your legend past down to generations
You see the green isle slowly fade away
And see people come by n pass away

Great sun, where are you now
Great sun, where are you
Great sun, where are you now
Great sun, where are you

When I face this- empty Gobi
My heart hears your passion
tell me- where we come from
who we are and what we do
tell why we must- hasten in life
but don’t know where we go
see the blue sky you sit alone
tell me “Is God truly exist!”

when the roasting flame- burning everyplace
life dash out of body
my bare bosom filled by your fire
spilling your conquering blazing stream
don’t let the darkness cover me
coz the sun is growing in me
never there will be fear or lonely
coz my soul is in the sky now

Great sun, embrace me now
Great sun, embrace me now
Great sun, embrace me now
Great sun, embrace me now
Great sun, embrace me now
Great sun, embrace me now…

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The spring on my screen
Where the myriad bloom
Over the mirroring pond
There the temples glow

Footpath dressed by petals
Leads to the yard of Eden
There the azure sky, liberal cloud
And the green pasture of home

This is my reflection poem that one of my friends robin on did cool ppt. slides for Spring theme, beautiful. The picture is my screen capture for a few slides of hers, only I made each so small to fit in one pic. I wish in future, everywhere on earth would be like this, green, blue and blossomy.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Best Sonnet of Shakespeare

Best Sonnet of Shakespeare: Sonnet 66

Tired with all these, for restful death I cry,
As to behold desert a beggar born,
And needy nothing trimmed in jollity,
And purest faith unhappily forsworn,
And gilded honor shamefully misplaced,
And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted,
And right perfection wrongfully disgraced,
And strength by limping sway disablèd,
And art made tongue-tied by authority,
And folly, doctor-like, controlling skill,
And simple truth miscalled simplicity,
And captive good attending captain ill.
  Tired with all these, from these would I be gone,
  Save that to die, I leave my love alone.

No plan or work of format or structure, the poet sings freely and truthfully, there are many sonnets well planned, but this so true that not many poets could say it and it is eternal truth for our society in any era, and the last line is our purpose why we don't exit.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chamber Love

Chamber Love
By Liu Guo (Song Dynasty)
Translated by Laijon Liu

Our deep feeling, truthful thought,
Your thin eye brows, and my smooth beard;
In that chamber under the bright moon,
And flowing sound of our instrument,
Together we composed the melody of spring.

O, I think of you, I recall you,
My spirit longs, and in my dream I search;
Our emerald blanket with fragrance and warmth,
And cloud under our bed curtains,
But now, I am waked from drink.

This poem is in elementary school, well,
Usually adult just think that kids are idiots.
Until, they figure out what the poet talks about,
And they will stop meditating on it.




Spring Anxiety

Spring Anxiety
By Ms. Zhu Shuzhen (Song around 1130)
Translated by Laijon Liu

Alone I walked, alone I sat
Alone I sang and drank
And alone I lay to rest.

For a long while I stood
With a heartbroken spirit
But the chill spring wind
I had no solution to fend

This feeling
Who would understand?
My tears washed off all my face cream.

Anxiety and illness
That I must endure all night
By picking the lonesome candlelight
Yet, a dream I could not make.




Monday, March 22, 2010

Ode to Ocean

Ode to Ocean
Laijon Liu 2010.03.21

With what I must measure you, Mother?
Your infinite depth and weight
When Yahweh hovering above you,
Did He bless you with his years?
Your sacred sovereign blue mass
Contains all the past and future
And the living and dead on earth
Must embrace you as their home.

Vast, your limit stretches into sky
And deep, there are worlds beneath
Continents are sketched out by your hands
Peaks and rivers, you support and collect
Sun gives you warmth and golden glare
And moon draws your mood and tide
Rain and clouds you create and spread
All life on earth are waiting for your bless.

Yet, silence and roars both your voice
Peace and chaos your unpredicted ways
In your realms of shallow and deep
We always taste bitterness and salt
And heroes drift across your worlds
To obtain battles and fall in your toil
All lovers of voyagers on your beach
They kneel down and pray in tears.

Ah, time travels beyond your space
A weary journey that seems eternal
But our prime always too short to last
How we strive for victory and home
Fate, gods’ orders and men’s faith
Chance, gambling luck and wily works
But how can we endure your stillness
Like an old man sitting on the sunset shore.

Yes, the orange sun does rise every dawn
Like he always keeps his promise to you
And by watching this we firmly believe
That you will eventually carry us home
So we held up our staff and called out to heaven
Like we’d already mastered your smashing wave
Then people followed, the book written
To pass down this miracle of unseen.

But could we ever order you to calm down?
Or set our feet of peace to walk upon you?
How much faith we need to divide your depth?
Even Paul got across your void by boat.
And we, only hold steering wheel to adjust
Hope for a good weather or to survive the storm
When a seagull or an isle suddenly appeared
We jump up for joy, and then fear what’s to come.

In you every person searches alone
Since our birth we learn how to swim
One man stretched out his hand toward another
And one girl holding a boy’s hand, waiting for a kiss
Then they embraced; looked into each other’s eyes
Exchanging vows in front of crowd
And walked off the red banquet carpet
To set off for another voyage and to be together at last

And what is waiting for them is the same
As all of us waited since our existence
You, my love; and you, our home.
In you always journey and we start anew
On the board we lie down and look up
The universe is filled with infinite stars
And you rock us like your infant child
Till we sleep, into a world of unknown.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring and Autumn (Chun Qiu)

Spring and Autumn (Chun Qiu)

Metal Rock with New/Modern Poetry

This is awesome Metal band with good lyrics of Modern poetry! And I listen them every morning to get me pumped!

Video and Album Links:


A Call From Afar

Under Heaven

New Day

Among Mountains and Sea


Murder Room


Amazon Album:

Second Hand Rose Band

Second Hand Rose Band

China Northeast Folk Rock

Very song is cool and comic rock, good melody. Really uplifting rhythm and spirit. Very clever and truthful lyrics that blended the experience of daily life into their song. It seems that Northeast Folk Melody married perfectly with fundamental RocknRoll elements. Very cool creation!!!

The following are their song links and Amazon album:

Fate and Survival

Picking Flower


Wolf Heart Dog Lungs

Entertainment Circle

Night Is Deep

On The Way



CD Album:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

On the Bank I Alone Search Flower

On the Bank I Alone Search Flower
By Du Fu
Trans;lated by Laijon Liu

The flowers filled the footpath
In the garden of Lady Huang Fourth,
Thousand and ten thousands bloom
On the branches and weighing down.
The lingering playful butterflies
Over the flowers dance and dance,
And unrestrained charming orioles
On the branches sing and sing.

What a beautiful scene. But did Du Fu truly tell us where was he?
Who was Lady Huang (黄/Yellow) Fourth? Why her first name was a number? Was she a flower planter? What was her business with poet Du Fu? And why Du Fu used character “Search寻” instead of “see赏/观/看”? Maybe flower indicates other thing or people or woman? It might be an entertaining place that involves a lot of beautiful girls dancing and singing. And after such good experience, the great poet wrote down this very famous verses, that many pupils can recite, but scholars don’t want spend time to explain. The poem is always infoed with one line: the Lady Huang Fourth was a friend of Du Fu.


Porn cage for sex novice pandas

Regular readers of this site may remember that several months ago, we covered the story of the sexually incompetent panda at a zoo in Thailand, who was being shown panda porn to get them ready for breeding.

Well, now video has emerged of exactly what the panda's sex education sessions look like - and it turns out that he gets shown the porn while in a small cage, with photographers looking on, and men pointing to the screen and telling him to watch it.

Just the thing to put you in the mood.

The panda in question is Chuang Chuang, who has previously been accused by zookeepers at the Chiang Mai Zoo in northern hailand of being to fat to have sex.

As well as the smut, zookeepers have also tried seperating Chuang Chuang from his mate, Lin Hui, to increase the sexual tension - and intriguingly, staged a mock wedding between the two.

Prasertsak Buntrakoonpoontawee, head of Pandas at the zoo, says in the film: 'Having Chuang Chuang watching the mating video and listening to the sound is a way to arouse him and encourage him to imitate (the activity). Before he might have been clumsy and not known how to approach and react to a female panda. Now he will remember and imitate the video.'

And he's backed up by Zhang Yu, a Chinese expert on pandas (the second interviewee in the video), who notes: 'We usually use a video of other pandas mating during mating season to show to the ones who will be mating for the first time. After that, they will naturally know how to do it themselves.'

My question is, how idiotic this concept is! I have been watching so many porns and everynite, but why still clumsy to approach a woman?:-) Also I do react around woman whether watch the video or not, the problem is, they don't react to me or most time they react against me:-)... And who are these people running the zoo? High school kids?:-) So they think they've learned from the video and then they can do it. huh.:-) Next time maybe they should put two pandas into one cell together watch porn, that might just boost the scoring chances:-) but be sure not same sex, ha, they would never produce a cub:-)

It might be Chuang Chuang's problem, maybe he is not attractive to other stuck-up bitch pandas, or they lock Chuang Chuang in the cell and makes him to watch too much video that other pandas are getting it but not him, that might just kill his confidence and spirit:)

Never Tried This Before:-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Middle Age

Reaching my middle age
I’m afraid of getting fat
Each coffee and milk tea
I choose bitter over sweet
And a meal after a meal
I abstain from satisfaction
But every time I look down
A round belly is hanging on:)


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Song of Peach Flower Temple

Song of Peach Flower Temple
By Tang Bohu (1470-1523, Ming)
Translated Laijon 20100131

In a remote peach valley,
There’s a peach temple.
And in that peach temple,
There dwells a peach god.
And the peach flower god,
Plants all his peach trees.
And he sells his peach bloom,
To trade for his peach wine.
He wakes up from drunkenness,
And meditates among peach bloom.
When he drinks up his wine,
He falls asleep under peach bloom.
Half sober and half drunk,
He lives in hangover day after day.
And flower fade flower bloom
Year after year in his yard.
He wishes he stays with his peach trees,
And getting old and dies under them.
And he never wants to give bows
In front of any chariot or horse.
Chariot dust and hoof prints
Are interests of the rich.
But wine cup and flower branch
Are the karma of poor.
If people compare their wealth,
The rich are in heave, the poor on earth.
If people look at the chariot and horse,
The rich gets their ride, but I have my rest.
Others all laugh at me;
They say that I’m crazy;
But I laugh back at them;
That they’re not enlightened.
Don’t you ever see
That by the tomb of past heroes,
Now there’s no flower and wine,
Only an enriched field is ready for spring.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Traveling Night I Reflect

Traveling Night I Reflect
By Du Fu
Translated by Laijon Liu 20100120

Thin grass, chill breeze
Along the shores
High mast, alone boat
In this silent night

The stars are hanging
Over the vast plane field
And the bright moon
Flows in this giant river

Our name and fame
Are truly earned by writing?
How the office task
Is dismissed by my sickness?

Ah, drift and I drift
To whom shall I compare?
Between heaven and earth,
I am just a lonesome gull.



Friday, January 8, 2010

One Cut Plum

One Cut Plum
By Li Qingzhao
Translated by Laijon Liu 20090107

Red lotus roots
Give out their fragrance
And my reed mat
Cold as autumn jade.
I wrap my shoulders
With a light silk jacket
Alone step into my blue boat.

Who is in the cloud flying
And carrying my brocade mail?
When the wild goose returns
With my love letter,
The moon shall fill my west chamber.

Flowers are floating
To where the stream flows.
One lovesickness
Torments both
Who are at separate places.

This feeling lingers
And I can never resolve.
For it falls off my frowning brow
But lands deeply in my heart.

Poem song by Tong Li
Video Link:





Sunday, January 3, 2010

Short Walk Song

Short Walk Song
By Cao Cao of Three Kingdoms
Translated by Laijon Liu 20100103

Hold wine cup I sing:
How shall our life be?
Like the morning dew,
With the days of grief.
Even if we are fervent,
But sorrows never fade.
What to solve sadness?
Probably only drinks.
The long scholar belt
Tied my will and heart.
For talents and friends
I sigh and chant to now.
Like a deer I call n call,
In the green field I look
For all my good guests
I play my music for all.

Oh the moon so bright
And when can I pluck?
Now my sorrow comes
That it will never cease.
By the road and the path
They come lowly to dwell.
Between farewell n feast,
My heart misses their grace
Bright moon n sparse stars,
The crows flying to south.
They spiral over the trees
To find a branch to perch
Mountain or hills, tall or low
Ocean or lakes, deep or small
The great king bows n prays
For the good service of all!




Far and Far the Altair Stars

Far and far the Altair stars
Han Anonymous
Translated by Laijon Liu 20100103

Far and far the Altair stars,
Bright and bright is the Vega.
Her beautiful soft hands
Weaving with her loom.
Day and day she’s never done,
Her tears stream like rain.
The Milky Way seems so shallow,
But how long they must wade?
And now they can only stand
On the bank, look toward each other
And sharing no word, but thoughts.