Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sonnet 076

Sonnet 076
Laijon Liu 20160430

Why my poems are so barren, not poeticized
Lack of music, rhyme and stunning images?
Why I refuse to edit and trim each line
Make them sound smooth and look great?
Why I am lazy to use my twenty dictionaries
Spend more time to look for fancy words?
Why don’t I present myself the best, perfect
So exotic, so learned, so magniloquent?
Because I believe my honesty persuades you
There is melody in thoughts, magnetic voice
There are beautiful landscapes in plain verse
Composition is living, a spontaneous improvise
My poems for you are love letters
So I must write to you truthfully

Sonnet 075

Sonnet 075
Laijon Liu 20160429

You to my thoughts are not food to life
You are more than a common simile
You are wine to poets, a bad fix to dopehead
A safe shelter to homeless, precious sword to king slayer
You draw an illusion that misleads my vision
Give me false love and real life crises
You turn me to an impoverished hoarder
And I still believe we’ve had something
All the time I feast on your sight
Deconstruct your lines like doctor evil dissects a fly
A moment I in hysteria like gained secret sayings of Jesus
Then suddenly feel your potent jab into my heart, wake in a maze!
Yeah, I feast on you all day
But not sure I get a true taste

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sonnet 074

Sonnet 074
Laijon Liu 20160428

Love that thing has magic healing power
That men find home and humanity born
I hold my three inch gold pen confess
That love is the thing for body and soul
Love that thing is awesome and sweet
It’s sweeter than a red red rose!
Love that thing keeps our top secret
You and me and the world all know
I hold my three inch gold pen carve
That love is the thing in these lines
Love that thing men will ever need
It’s sweet sweet sweet than a red red rose!
Love that thing makes us all content
And She’s calling you in this poem.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sonnet 073

Sonnet 073
Laijon Liu 20160427

At this moment you may see your life
As heart’s candlelight beholds the sparkling sky
When night’s silence and that eternal distance
Separate all your wishes and faraway dreams
Like rocky plains expand to vast sand dunes
The flaming sun liquefies the air and your vision
Only the boiling ground guides your slow steps
An old camel bears his thirst across the desert
Your broken wings flap upwards, desperately
Try to wrench yourself out of fate’s clench
Like a loach in a dead swamp, in summer heat
Quivers and wiggles till that first raindrop hits
If you feel and understand all of this
Then live fast, let nothing stop you

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sonnet 072

Sonnet 072
Laijon Liu 20160426

Silence speaks for truth, and the more is of devil
I hold my silence to face the worldly accusations
And know that my faith will never be converted
My answer is either a solid Yes or firm No
To love something or someone is to hold that pride
Often the popular votes taunt and despise
The joy is to bear the curse, to carry the burden
To be the target assailed for that cause
I’m a coward, my hands shake before a fight
But for love I’ve got to go rumble
Get beat up and earn my panda eye
Yeah, I can lose my fame but not to quit my game
So for love I ain’t shut up
Or my silent action speaks [-_-*,,l,]

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sonnet 071

Sonnet 071
Laijon Liu 20160425

Do not mourn for me when I’m dead
My decaying body is nothing but biology
Be happy for me that my road ended
And much I’ve labored and time we’ve shared
Read these lines and these lines for you
My undying heart I’ve pieced for our love
I’m not in a grave, I’m in the heaven’s air
I’m in your joy, and in your sweet hum
Remember our happy days, relive those days
Feed our stray cats, water the sidewalk plants
Doze in rocking chair or read old books
Go for a walk and hear the birds sing our memory
Do not mourn for me when I’m dead
I live in your joy, you’ll find me there

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sonnet 070

Sonnet 070
Laijon Liu 20160424

I am not blameless and with many flaws
Often wished my guilty appearance not true
A crack on a round jade is the prove
Of its overpriced tag for a rare value
But I must see myself as good, unique
That holds some great purposes, something
Irreplaceable, irreproachable, irreproducible…
Jeez, I’m in heaven now, flying, high
Maybe it’s not so wrong to think this way
That everyone is beautiful and special
With their weakness or not, or maybe
It’s their shortcomings make them human, whole.
Love me, then love my dog
Love me, forgive my faults

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sonnet 069

Sonnet 069
Laijon Liu 20160423

April’s brooding season breeds a young writer at age 23
The changing stage, sudden warm or cold
Mild sunray weave through spring drizzle
Thoughts like payers, like verses bloom
Those parts of you that the world’s eye does view
Want nothing that the thought of hearts can mend
All tongues, the voice of souls, give you that due
Uttering bare truth, even so as your foes command
They look into the beauty of your mind
And that in guess they measure your acts
Then, churls, their thoughts, altho their eyes were kind
To your fair name they rate the rank of weeds.
How can a flower blossom out of ditch?
Your soil is this, so you be common grow.

Sonnet 068

Sonnet 068
Laijon Liu 20160422

Lion’s mane, love’s tress, garlands of laurel flower
When the golden crowns were set upon rightful heads
Before the bastard heirs claimed the throne
And somehow honored by common’s bow
When the silky glamour of old flare gone
Its sweet perfumes were dissipated
To live as memory on others names
That beauty’s image for many copies’ gain
Still the beauty’s originality displays
Its unique, headstrong glorious spirit
No need of artificial color to decorate
The splendors of its old summer days
Nature with all her treasures she does store
And maps reveal nothing, they can’t draw

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sonnet 067

Sonnet 067
Laijon Liu 20160421

Dog poop by daisies, skeletons walk on runway
How else Beauty can present beauty
By not to objectify herself through image?
A silverback swaggers, his society is muscular
Those fairytales are written to make pretty princess
The infection is the new trend, dude!
Won’t you just get a light and go with the flow?
Quit Debbie Downer's talk, with truth that bores us
Remember, you say: “Roses fade, thorns stay
Silver fountain with lead out of mud into sewage?”
Yup! The Nature is already deep in debt
About to sell herself to serve by Zombie’s bed
O, this society makes me mad?
Or this society makes me bad!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sonnet 066

Sonnet 066
Laijon Liu 20160420

Life is hard for most of people
And the most unbearable is boredom
You can be a begging hermit, a talent underground
Or suit up in fine brand, dwell in a suburb mansion
Work academic career, fame in prestigious circle
Or set up animal shelter, build school and hospital
Hold charities foundations for art and science
Or shape your muscle, push to extreme
Try to smash records, and summit seven times
Or enjoy the great classics of many cultures
Immerse in the best poetry and dramas
And feel ever proud and blessed
But if you’ve never said: “Honey, I’m home.”
Then life is nothing but hardship and boredom.

Sonnet 065

Sonnet 065
Laijon Liu 20160419

Since our strength, health, sense, and breath
That all physical powers we must give away
Then let’s fill to the brim and live to fullest
This breath gives sweet and life to bloom
Time has its own schedule and course
Should we submit our short life to Time?
Nope, men should not be a servant
Of God, or Nature, or anyone, or anything
Life is its own master, to be itself
Enjoy all seasons, dive and make splash
Produce plentiful, make wine out of lemons
Let Time come, pick our leftover and trash
We are winning as long as we live
So we live is to make miracles!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sonnet 064

Sonnet 064
Laijon Liu 20160418

All great things have their seasons
Tyrannosaurs are stone art in earth
Atlantis is a city on seafloor myth
Troy is preserved, burnt in its tales
Those huge ancient temples once stood
And many heroes toiled, cried on the sea
Intriguing beauty, goddesses draw our minds
Countless limbs paved the roads to modern times
Am I the only one seeing such interchange state?
And feel hopeless, sober and drunk
Ruins upon ruins, cities on top of cities
The worlds are erased, mentioned on a few pages
The dead do not dream, choke sobs
And life keeps building, never rests

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sonnet 063

Sonnet 063
Laijon Liu 20160417

Death makes all of us truly equal
Pain reminds us that we are ordinary
When Time knocks every door by its own schedule
Everyone must put aside his life and leave
Common or kings, rich or poor
Eggheads, drunken fools, old and young
Our physical beauty and athletic wonder
Suddenly become things of yesterday
Men seek longevity since they discover herbs
Yet none can cure our living cell decay
Maybe we are made to exist in spirit
On pages, screens, in audio and video files
All our meanings are collected and stored
In media formats on a magnetic disc

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sonnet 062

Sonnet 062
Laijon Liu 20160416

I have never thought that I am ugly
When I look at my photos every time
I say: “Damn! This can’t be me?!
The photographers didn’t capture my beauty!
How can I be this thing? This poor thing!
That looked so tormented, unworthy, undesirable!
Like someone I used to fear and hate
And totally the opposite as I imagine and avoid to be!”
I Am Beautiful, well versed, talented some sort
Need no hard work no award labels
No! I don’t need any make up, or pretending
Even all my shortcoming makes me naturally great!
Take that my world! You try so hard to impress
But I must go my way, I like myself or not

I know why you're ugly, coz you never love.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sonnet 061

Sonnet 061
Laijon Liu 20160415

I’ve seen many faces and exam one by one
You appear on them in a blink, but none is you
I hear you in many voices, your pitch and tone
In every vocal, constantly echoes, yet not exact
And your thoughts are leading mine
Occupying my idle hours with many doubts
Maybe this is how I want to be in life
To feel wanting and being needed
Even the reality is more of a storytelling
The main characters are beautified
The themes and scenes are romanticized
Yah, be that for you, me, and for love!
Seeing you in a distance, in my mind
This sweet bitterness is a happy end

Friday, April 15, 2016

Sonnet 060

Sonnet 060
Laijon Liu 20160414

As waves clash to rocks, we stand in test of Time
Each hour, each strive we have offered
Will become our triumph at the end
Perpetual enemy is truly a great keeper!
Our Creation is a struggling process of evolution
That every living cell to gain consciousness
A man we are now, a shrew we once were
A being making its own story of living and reign
Things that corrupt, rot, are washed away
Infirmities are registered in our DNA
And health is carefully stored to pass down
For the future to complete our perfection
Nothing stands against Time
But with Time we improve

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sonnet 059

Sonnet 059
Laijon Liu 20160413

Nothing really changes, only the forms
Vary as poetry music and physical matter
Fluid motion of particles and waves
Constantly beguile our eye and mind
Homeric singers sang Hercules and Troy
Dusty faces of warriors in anger and pain
Your stage showcased similar tragic stories
Different costume and names end in grief
Humanity in exile, war, in search of greatness
Holds its sword and its own skull muses
Our eyes fixed on the hollow world
To find and praise Beauty as it should be
I have read the past greats and you
All spectra of sunlight brighten up my days.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sonnet 058

Sonnet 058
Laijon Liu 20160412

If a slave I must be, then I be a happy slave
I should in thought enjoy my time of leisure
And own my hand the account of hours to crave
Being my own vassal to serve my own pleasure
O, let me suffer, being at beck of myself
Be an imprisoned convict of my liberty
And patience, tame to sufferance, bide each check
Of my own accusations and self-inflicted wounds
Be where I list, a strong charter, mine!
That I myself privilege all my time
To what I will, to myself I belong
And this pardons all crimes of my self-slavery
This way I walk, though this may lead to hell
Yet I won’t let go, be it ill or well

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sonnet 057

Sonnet 057
Laijon Liu 20160411

There is no absolute freedom in life
We all slave to someone or something
Love, God, money, fame, concepts or ourselves
The worlds we see mold our perception
Tradition makes us either follower or rebel
Race, culture, nationality group individuals
Mind is trapped in a box, embryo in test tube
Life can never outgrow its feeding milieus
Our wisdom is to know we are slaves
That jungle is dangerous, desert harsh to life
Liberty shifts its properties in light, in dark
In every matter we must give up so to obtain
Birth does not come by one’s own choice
Death frees life by robbing all its 'choices'

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sonnet 056

Sonnet 056
Laijon Liu 20160410

I’m hungry for love, thirst for sweet lips’ kisses
That seems only the righteous greed on Earth
We men praise, lust and sanctify it as the truth
Confucius says: “Appetite and Sex are Nature.”
And I must confess I’ve never been in love
Never held hand, locked eye, nor sensual hug
Embarrassed I am, a loser in definition, poor me
Yet I still believe love deserves life’s sacrifice
In this vast bitter turning sea we roll on waves
Praying to reach that final shore beyond horizon
Our whole lifetime is trying, going somewhere
Somehow we land in love and then we are home
Barren winters and blossom springs
With love everything is meaningful.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sonnet 055

Sonnet 055
Laijon Liu 20160409

Not crown jewel, nor gold pyramids
Of the worldly powers can rule over your verse!
You outshine the glory of worshiped idols
And dominate their holy pages and stone tablets!
When men make their religions and pass down
Erase the wisdom and judgment of their decedents
You hold and shake your dark magic spear
Repaint the true image of humanity
Be it alive, be it splendid, be it free and bold
Be it bloody, to resurrect dead stage and corpses
Death for us to watch, we ponder life
Being mad so we ask ourselves a living question
Living in poetry is to awake in love
This mighty power raises me daily.

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  《全唐诗》现存诗 48000多首,作家2200余人,一般读者只能看选本。作诗难,选诗亦不易。自唐以来,选本达数十种,但能通行者不多。原因如纪晓岚所说:“求诗于唐, 如求材于山场,各肖其人之学识。自明以来,诗派屡变,论唐诗者亦屡变,各持偏见,未协中声。”即是说选者偏狭,各持己见,不够全面。
  笔者认 为,所谓全面,应包括五方面:一是全面表现时代,初唐、盛唐、中唐、晚唐的诗都要有。二是要全面反映作者的面貌,一个作者的诗风是多方面的,如李商隐以绮 丽著称,却也有《韩碑》这样的雄浑之作。三是要全面反映名家、名篇和名句,有些作者不是名家,却也有传世之作。四是要反映不同读者的要求,即能雅俗共赏。 五是评注要全面反映作者和诗的优缺点、疑点。
   选者孙洙(蘅塘退士),乾隆十六年进士。自序选诗原则是代替通行的《千家诗》,选脍炙人口之作,作为家塾读本,确达到“风行海内,几至家置一编”。共选 77家,诗302首。以盛唐为主,达150首,尤以李白、杜甫、王维三家居多,选了98首,几达全书的1/3。其次是田园派的孟浩然,边塞派的岑参、高 适、三王(王昌龄、王翰、王之涣)。中唐则突出韦应物、刘长卿,在10首以上,白居易虽只选6首,但有《长恨歌》、《琵琶行》等长诗,亦见其重。晚唐则以 李商隐、杜牧、温庭筠为多。对于小家名篇如王湾《次北固山下》也曾顾及。大致代表了唐诗概况。
  该书最大的缺点是,正值乾隆文网密织时代,选 者不能不谨小慎微。故虽多选李杜,但不选杜甫的三吏三别,李白的古风59首,白居易的《秦中吟》、皮日休的《正乐府》等讥讽时事之作,更不敢选了。此外受 沈德潜影响,以雅正为宗,故冷峭的李贺诗,一首也不选。清新婉畅的张若虚《春江花月夜》也未选,使这被闻一多盛赞“诗起六代之衰”的杰作,与读者失之交 臂。
  《唐诗选》:政治第一艺术第二,但瑕不掩瑜    系新中国第一部唐诗权威选本,由文学所集体编写,历经坎坷才得以面世。早在1962年,由余冠英、钱钟书、王水照等5人编选。正值知识分子的短暂春天广 州会议之后,故提出的原则是“方方面面、不求平衡、不讲照顾、只选好诗”。1966年初稿完成,“文革”山雨欲来,文学所全体被下放干校,出版希望被无情 地扑灭,直至1975年评法反儒,才获准回京“三结合”,与北京维尼纶厂工人共同修订。钱、王均未参加,另由吴庚舜等加入,于1977年定稿出版。
   选诗630多首,130多家,较《三百首》增加约一倍,得以纠正其不少缺点。首先是在初、中、晚唐做了大量补充。初唐四杰(王勃、杨炯、卢照邻、骆宾 王)、珠英学士(沈佺期、宋之问等)及陈子昂复古派均有体现。中唐对韦应物、柳宗元,元稹、白居易、韩愈、孟郊、大历十才子以及贾岛、元结、李益各派亦均 触及,特别是李贺由无到众(21首),这可能与毛泽东喜欢“三李”(李白、李贺、李商隐)有关。盛唐诗方面,也补充了李白的古风59首及杜甫的三吏三别 等,同样中唐诗补充了白居易的《秦中吟》、《新乐府》等,晚唐诗除扩充了李商隐、杜牧、温庭筠的篇幅(特别是李商隐的《无题》诗),并有皮日休、杜荀鹤的 讽论诗,及韩偓、韦庄、郑谷、许浑、张祜等百花齐放。并有作者小传和注解。已基本概括了唐诗全貌。
  其最大缺点是历经“文革”,与初稿相比, 定稿面目已非,编选原则已改为政治第一,艺术第二。所以由钱钟书初选的60多首诗中,除王绩、王勃外,已全部删除掉,王水照提的《秦妇吟》,也早抽出。韦 庄的《秦妇吟》不仅写了黄巢军的残暴,也写了唐军有过之无不及,其史诗价值在《长恨歌》之上,所以传诵一时,甚至被写在帐子上。只因遭时忌,韦庄不准家人 编入其《浣花集》,以致流失千载,后在敦煌石室才发现写稿。陈寅恪曾让俞平伯写成长卷,悬于屏中,文坛亦曾引起热议。但黄巢当时被认为是农民起义领袖,遂 不敢将此诗编入。相反,传为黄巢的两首伪作(菊花诗),以及子虚乌有的“唐代回鹘诗人”坎曼尔的《诉豺狼》却被羼入了。其次,有些选目带有“文革”时期的 暴力色彩,如张巡的《守睢阳作》。笔者以为,张巡守睢阳,粮绝时以人肉为食,原来城中3万人,城破时只余400人,其残酷较黄巢为甚。此外,有些诗人小传 多据闻一多《唐诗大系》,经傅璇琮考证有舛误,属于小瑕,不再赘述。总的说来,《唐诗选》较《三百首》进了一大步。
   上海辞书出版社组织,由萧涤非、程千帆、马茂元、周汝昌、周振甫、霍松林等编选。选入诗家190余人,诗1100余首,较《唐诗选》又增加了一倍。基本 包括了前者的名家名作,更增加了60多位不是名家却可以传世的作品,艺术性较高,从而弥补了《唐诗选》政治第一的缺点。如增加了花蕊夫人、鱼玄机、薛涛等 女诗人和一些无名氏作品。各个流派兼收并蓄,全面展现了唐诗绚丽多彩的风姿。全书180多万言,于1983年出版后即不胫而走,达数十版之多。
   但该书也有缺点,首先是《秦妇吟》仍未入选,黄巢伪作仍被羼入。这是因编选时在改革开放之初,史学界对五朵金花(包括农民战争)仍未有定论所致。其次鉴 赏文章似乎有个“潜规则”,即只说好不说坏。如綦毋潜《春泛若耶溪》,诗作平平,《三百首》选了,《唐诗选》未选,《辞典》选了并加以溢美。正如钱钟书所 说,历来选了,你若不选,便易被找岔子。
  《唐诗三百首》 蘅塘退士编 陈婉俊补注 中华书局 1959年
  《唐诗选》中国社会科学院文学研究所编 人民文学出版社1978年
  《唐诗鉴赏辞典》 萧涤非、程千帆等撰写 上海辞书出版社1983年
  《唐人律诗笺注集评》 陈增杰编著 浙江古籍出版社2003年
  (《北京青年报》 赵之蔺)

Sonnet 054

Sonnet 054
Laijon Liu 20160408

Beauty is beauteous, like a flower
Because flower blooms till its withering
Facing the sun and early April wind
Smiling in the rain and first winter snow
Every bloom is beautiful, it embraces life
And with its unique color sings to death
Its delicate fragrant bones shiver in dews
Yet bravely opens its heart, offers its soul
When leaves and bough wail at their loss
That their crown blazes into pieces
And falls into the bosom of Earth
Some old sweet spirit still does dwell
Beauty exists in a flower, it holds life
And its sweet bravery lasts in remembrance

Friday, April 8, 2016

Sonnet 053

Sonnet 053
Laijon Liu 20160407

What is your essence, whereof are you true made?
That all your years on Earth you have struggled
To achieve your goals and fulfill your dream
Since everyone has, every one, one purpose
Describe your Being, since you forever feel wanting
After nasty tumbles each time you get up and stride
Feel the bruises on your face, those are souvenirs
And your howling cries always turn into battle hymn
Speak of our fortune, nothing have, nothing lack
With our rough hands and lion heart we bless ourselves
Mountains we dare to move and sternly face
And that faith is the faith of a buried seed
So what is your essence, my friend?
Bravery! that’s how we are made!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Soccer Politic: Equal Play, Equal Pay!

Soccer Politic: Equal Play, Equal Pay!

She makes America great. link

It seems Feminist Rights, or Feminist Power, is not my topic, because I am a guy. But I think I have every right to talk about it and fully support it that I have mom, brought up by a woman, and maybe find a woman in future when I grow up, have a wife, or maybe find a sister that my parents never have told me that family secret, but as men we should help women to fight for Equal Rights, first for Equal Pay, because this world is still run by muscle rude ugly men thugs with their language to prey on the smaller weaker people and animals for their greed.

Feminism is not root and caused in gender difference, similar as Systematic Racism and Government helped Extreme Corporal Exploitation... 
the root cause is power, muscle, that world today in most part, in America, China, Africa, Middle East... use violence language to keep rule of order and distribute unequal share profits, this language, violence roots in family, religion, market, and government, US Soccer Conf and FIFA is an example, treating women as lesser part of association and apply all financial revenue or attendance, the cost, the size of crowd.... that bullshits for unfair excuse!!! And this is only a game, the world cannot even bring fairness in our play, as FIFA's slogan: Fair Play. so we can imagine how messed up at education, career, and governing courts.

So I root for the girl, and US Women Soccer Athletes, people need to fix their game first.

You are weak, lack of muscle mass, but you should not be treated (paid) unequally, unless that match is arm wrestle.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sonnet 052

Sonnet 052
Laijon Liu 20160406

Treasure is stored in a locked chest
Does that make you a rich man?
And at anytime you may exam it
Does that give you pride and joy?
Nay, diamond is for girls to have
Van Gogh’s that I sell to museum
That’s saving in bank for hospital bill
And a house at suburb for my loves
I’m just not that romantic, poetically
Nor I wanna aim high for Mt. Everest
Item is just a fluctuating dollar rate
Real wealth is with love and friends
Never care someone who loves me not
Always triumphant to love our love ones!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sonnet 051

Sonnet 051
Laijon Liu 20160405

If life’s purpose is to chase and dive into love
Then why we in opposite direction ourselves find?
What other mighty forces gravitate us
Steer our ship away from right course?
Time and time we leave our home
Swallow our sobs to make that choice
Families and families are torn apart
So to piece their best hopes complete
We are so troubled and hopeless
All our languages tell a same story
The generations, the nations, the people
Are all on board, alone stare at the vast sea
There’s a hungry beast live in us
It devours us, also chases us

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sonnet 050

Sonnet 050
Laijon Liu 20160404

Life always deals with journey
Exile, wander, quest, voyage, expedition…
Fugitives, or migrants, or heroes we are
We always on the road or at sea
The hardest in life is love’s separation
Not knowing if we ever come back
Or our love can stay alive to see us again
And we helplessly endure sickness and grief
Homecoming is our happiest highlight
Our faces are washed with hot tears
We hold each other tremble and cry like kids
O, we come out of hell alive! Together Again!
We men are cursed since genesis
We drive away others, and we move about

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sonnet 049

Sonnet 049
Laijon Liu 20160403

For this moment I’ve paid everything:
My bank savings from years of minimum wage
Many times meal skipped for tons of books
Career opportunities slipped, career injuries suffered
For this moment I’ve paid all my time and efforts:
My childish dream and lifetime hardship
Unspeakable guilt for the gambling choice I made
Good women I turned away and alone into night rain
Now for this very moment I’ve strived
To live and free and write this way, My Way
And this moment shows me hope, hardens me
Will also break me and set me free
Whole life is for a special moment
And that moment really worth it

Sonnet 048

Sonnet 048
Laijon Liu 20160402

You are not worldly treasure I compare
Once I have you, you are forever mine
Carefully I keep you closely in my chest
Even the smartest thief can only stare and sigh
Property to generations, fortune switch hands
Crown jewels at auction, palaces ransacked
Materials are made by hand, with name brand
Like the land deals we do under price tags
Naked we are, enter this world, with a cry
Without true birthright, choice or legacy
Whatever we’ve worked, earned and possess
Are all illusions of existence to be done.
But now I still have you, my prize!
One day we all be gone, yet no regret!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Sonnet 047

Sonnet 047
Laijon Liu 20160401

My eye draws your face, my heart writes you letters
Whenever my mind away from work does idle
Your smile, and frown and pout naturally appears
And your name tattooed in my heart that I keep
You even make my lone time sweet, by thinking of you
Your eyes, nose and lips, my eye caresses those lines
Your giggles and pet phrases amuse me time and time
My dark surrounding suddenly blaze with color
O, I am at ball, my black coffee tastes like sugary cola
Dusty warehouse becomes a giant mushroom woods
I sing a love song and dance a few steps
My love is a pink ice cube on steroid
I sit down somewhere, lose track of time
You and I are entangled quantum pair