Monday, May 30, 2016

Sonnet 106

Sonnet 106
Laijon Liu 20160530

We close our eyes to describe beauty
Like how singers recite in ancient time
Imagery sight more beauteous than eye can see
Moon nights permanently locked in our memory
Our first birthday cake, first ice cream
First kiss and first time we leave home
Time and time we open whisky bottle recollect
Good things never leave us, imprinted on aged pages
I doubt today is better than yesterday
Then why I often rewind and replay?
The old affairs, the classic romance
Even the poor childhood becomes more and more meaningful
If I could describe beauty fully
Then this life will end happily


Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors
By Fei Ma 1986.09.15

Changing their shapes in kneading hands
Still they are made of mud
Most submissive and trustworthy

You see, after ten thousand generations
These clay men and clay horses
Are still valiant in high spirits
They kneel or stand
(Only a few of them fail the test
Heads cut off, legs broken, fallen on the ground)
Still loyally and devoted protect
Their utterly decayed underworld dynasty!

 Original Chinese: link





Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sonnet 105

Sonnet 105
Laijon Liu 20160529

Love is not idolatry, nor beloved an idol show
All songs and praises should be to love, of love, and ever so
This majestic poem, this the greatest Sonnet
Is the eternal guideline for our life and art
Kind is love to you to me and everyone
That warm humble strength heals everything
Gurgling springs, rustling breeze, gleaming sunrays
Soothe the nature of our mind and heart
Fair, kind and true is all we need
Fair, kind and true in every tone and syllable
And in this principal all good art invent
Three themes in one that gives wondrous realms
Fair, kind and true always be one
Now becomes the champion verse of all

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sonnet 104

Sonnet 104
Laijon Liu 20160528

Come wake, feel young and powerful
Like a handsome knight on his high horse
Hold your jewel sword, sing on this weary road
Only a brave heart embraces whatever storms
Hold steady your long bow, aim for hope
Hit that target hard like Robin Hood
There no beast is too strong and tyrannous
Its demise is fate to spread your fame
Somewhere someone is waiting and waving
Somewhere someone is sleeping and dreaming
Somehow this fairy tale must be true
A kiss shall wake a wanderer and a slumberer
Do not wake, to keep this dream alive
So somehow this miracle can be true

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sonnet 103

Sonnet 103
Laijon Liu 20160527

Reality is more complex, interesting than fiction
Or, fiction is built and developed upon reality
What serves Helen and her readers the best?
Troy’s prime necklace or her confused mind
This giant mirror, this vast turmoil world
Reflects every face and exams every thought
How we daily scramble, to get by, to scheme
To get ahead, to be that strong man figure
How we act so calm, like in our living room
But uncertainty wrapped us like snuggle pajamas
My Muse favors cowards more than bravery
A heart without armor shivers, rippling grace
Poems cannot describe you or me exact
Look at the world, we feel our true self

Sonnet 102

Sonnet 102
Laijon Liu 20160526

You know what really baffles me?
People talk about love all the time
Like they the experts and owners
Kids, Hollywood films, poets and singers
All follow that trend like love is blind
But love can only be truly felt by a broken heart
Explained through old couple’s silence
Evaluated by some losers like a virgin queen
They that fall in love are rosy and delusional
They that fall out of love know its true worth
No one gets the complete part of love
Often we trade in old one for new upgrade
Urge, drama and pain come with it
But it’s never boring, that’s a promise

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sonnet 101

Sonnet 101
Laijon Liu 20160525

I swear to the Constitution my Muse is truth
Beauty is a confusing term in varied views
Love depends on truth that’s the beauty of it
As wisdom wars against trickery and viles
The golden ratio must be precisely measured
On the scale of Lady Justice with her sword
No compromise, adulation or apple-polishing
For the values of our business and works
Not even one thing is perfect in its appearance
Not even one man should be a role model
We all change our cloth, mind our speech
Walk out, to play some roles for this society
We have to learn to act
To pass tests, to succeed

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sonnet 100

Sonnet 100
Laijon Liu 2016054

Sing some joyful songs, uplifting, unyielding
Make arts that show life never give up
Every movement of our expression strives
Every moment of our existence progresses
Tell Time that we are way ahead of him
Tell our world that we are in total control
Speak of our dreams, we are living in them
And pinch ourselves, we still feel the pains
Strength, Strength is the power of life
The bitter salty taste of our tear and sweat
The constant echoes of our chant and howl
Yeah, Muse, bring your drums, trumpets and horns
You sing us a battle hymn
We perform a sword dance

Sonnet 099

Sonnet 099
Laijon Liu 20160523

I shouldn’t be proud of anything I do
The good things I have done or worked
Nothing truly belong to me, even my purest inventions
All can be traced back to ancient trees
This raw breath, this athletic body, this presumptuous sin
This brain scanned many codes of humanity
And some flaws, secrets, and unspeakable grievance
All have their sources that I will bring them back to grave
Beauties with their fragrance should multiply
And share their reap in their borrowed time
Urges should be buried underground, deep
Their darkness should never be exposed
Beauty comes with desire
Desire comes with all sorts of things.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sonnet 098

Sonnet 098
Laijon Liu 20160522

You make seasons of summer and fall
You make a heart bloom in gentle rain
You tell a young man to pick the prettiest flower
And a girl wears it in her hair like a jewel
Birds suddenly sing a high pitched jubilant
Rosy petals rain like falling kisses, redecorate some world
Everything and all things turn to bliss
Old men revisit their good old days long lost
No, it’s not flowers that make one smile
Nor wine is sweet, nor garden holds lush spring
It's you, planted in me, sprouting now
That makes this world blossom everywhere
You make two apart connect
You make us wait forever with hope

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sonnet 097

Sonnet 097
Laijon Liu 20160521

Chilled to the bones, or chilled to my soul
You away, carry that part of me away too
It’s not the cold nightsky freezes my thoughts
The emptiness, an immovable glacier on my chest
The Earth dreams a happy dream in winter
Feeling the gentle kicks of seeds in her womb
Spring time is promising, a coming hope
On time to fill the world with myriad blooms
But men do not live through all seasons
Some blossom lifetime, some in full cycle
And some born and die in white winter
Never see their days of blooms and fruits
Wrong season, bad soil, unattended
Big deal! I either become fungus or rock!



The webpage above states my two works as Plagiary Example, so I offer my explanations of my early works:

1) Honor the poets that I learn lot English and English poetry art, so I picked their most famous poems and composed new poem in their forms and melody. This method to show my readers my love to the great poets.
2) I do not publish those works to make profit and fame form me in any sort, and I even picked poem title that similar to the original poems, so any English reader would know my works to show my love and praise.
3) I want to put my pen name on every my work because even it's originated from the famous poems, still my work belong to me, no one should ever copy and steal my inventions. Also I date most my works so I can trace back my study record, every year I read a lot of books, for poetry books I usually honor the poets with my reflection poems, or in writing, or poems. and currently I am reading Shakespeare Sonnets, studying one by one, writing 14 lines reflection on each one, so am I also plagiarizing the Bard? since the evidence shows that every my reflection work is title after Bard's Sonnet Numbers? and I even take some great line, one or two in my reflection.
4) it's most stupid to plagiarize or copy the famous or flagship product in art, it's like wrtiing your composition with "To Be or Not To Be" as first line, you don't have to note Shakespeare, and readers would know you are honoring the Bard, not copying him.
5) I am very proud guy and believe I have special talents to writing great work if I want, and willing to spend more time on it. my pride is still a Chinese Sin, that most good Chinese writers have this spiritual disease, can't help, especially when I write things interesxting in ESL language, often I say, read, see, no grammar, no grammar, no spelling check, see, no spelling check, I'm writing drunk, hands of the wheal!~  leave this raw jade to the editors to chew on, this creates jobs! my common saying is: "You don't brag about the mountains in your country to Tibetans. They just laugh at you."
6) if I really want to copy or steal other poets work, I bet the best writing professors would not even find out, I would never pick the famous poems of the most famous poets to ruin my pen name.
7) because I am drunk right now, it's Sat day at my best friends' house, drinking 50% Chinese hard liguod, I present 3 my best poems (following) to show my talents, that proves I don't need to copy any poets, for my writing, unless I want to show my respect and love to them:
Okay, before you read my following 3 poems, please close your eyes for a moment, think of 3 your favoritte poets (Dead and Alive) and their 3 best poems, --------------------------- now, open you eyes and compare my following poems see if 3 of their best poems are great as following mine.

by Laijon Liu 20130129

Luxury is to own a piece of promised land:
a green pasture, a few silver streams
cattle grazing and roaming
pets chasing rabbits in dense woods
waterfowls floating and fishing at easy

rainbow hanging in soft rain
sunset beyond orange wheatfield
golden ripples stirred by autumn wind
and our children sitting on their hilltop
with pleasure and assurance

Heart, A Spider Web
Laijon Liu 20150104

My heart slowly spits out a spiral web

that symmetric framework of time and solitude

only to catch moonlight and cold dewdrops

those thin fragile tangled silky strings

tremble at birds chirp and lover's hum

suddenly smashed by a pair of flowery wings

What Is Poetry? Poem
By Laijon Liu (Final Edition 20090315 New York)

Poetry pleases my ears
that words sound in harmony,
but not to a foreign tongue.

Poetry draws a picture
to invite my eyes,
but still puzzles my mind.

Poetry blows with wind,
in water He flows,
shouts in thunders,
and bounces as rock in roll.

Poetry preserves His truth,
in secret codes, simple words,
only reveals to the worthy.

Poetry sings in my ears,
dances in front my eyes,
kisses my lips,
brings fragrance,
that fills my mind
and imprints my soul.

Poetry does not like as I like
as whenever I use as like wrongly,
and it is unfair He uses
correctly all times He does,
but I make Him to like
as I do like anyway.

Poetry tells stories
to company my journey,
writes jokes
to convert my tragedy
into a comedy,
and builds a rainbow bridge
where my dream
and reality meet.


I am really pissed when the losers somewhere with minimal knowledge and research, or even common sense, but be so impetuous to criticize others, and please be professional, leave a functional contact name and email at least people can converse with them.  

Sonnet 096

Sonnet 096
Laijon Liu 20160520

Others say you are pampered and richly spoiled
A boy emperor with a  silver spoon in your mouth
Telling it like it is, that's nothing but lies
Queen’s favorite clown, a legend of dock
The mobs adore you, because you entertain
The courts fear you that you rock their boat
You’ve got one line wonder, more poetic than sense
That makes yourself 'great', but country more grave
Ah, a big bad wolf smiling at us now
Dandy-dressed in his fine white wool
How many gazers you may lead away
If you somehow become the lord of the rings?
Rhinos, Elephant, Leviathans
They are the Wild Wild West.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sonnet 095

Sonnet 095
Laijon Liu 20160519

Shame is a false concept, like pride or honor
That forms our value, regulates our behavior
Neither flower is pretty, nor are bugs ugly
Both Nature’s product contain sugar, more or less
Those lips that tell us their truth and news
Also kiss() and suck() to gain status
Consumers buy packaging, brand, name, etc.
Going too forward alone one must grow thick skin
Helen’s glamor seduces bane and its ruins
Achilles’ invincible tale of epic downfall
Beauty eyes see, strength men feel
Are never powerful, enduring as songs and poems
Lose the bondage, be naked and brave
Bathe in sunshine, that light is real

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sonnet 094

Sonnet 094
Laijon Liu 20160518

Be withdrawn and reticent to observe
People and affairs change like Proteus
Be a bit cold and numb to new trends
That’s how I try to keep a cool head
Be not too involved, slow to hypes
So I could have a moment of rest
Not to interfere, not eager to correct
Everything has its own time and course
I must learn to be quiet, not to disturb
Especially that I want to be a poet
There are still trees in the park, go
Find shade, listen the birds, and see people walk pass.
He who has all the powers to change
Will do none, but leaves it to people

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sonnet 093

Sonnet 093
Laijon Liu 20160517

What you do if you find out you live in a lie?
You were not deceived partner, but an unwanted child
Your parents kept you only for their marriage
You seemed the right thing to have as society’s norm
What you do if you find out your nation enslaves you?
The culture gives you fake pride since you can read
Has many dimensions that betrays your value?
What you do if you find out all the names, labels are fake?
Like religion, nationality, ethnicity, family, childhood…
Do you just pack up and leave, the hell with it?
Is there a place somewhere that spells you?
Does that place accept you, like you are home?
All of us suppose to born in a home
Most of us wander to find a real home.

Sonnet 092

Sonnet 092
Laijon Liu 20160516

Without your love I’m walking dead
That road takes me to nowhere end
Two billion times heartbeat can’t revive my soul
Seven trillion blood cells won’t refresh my breath
I fear no more, because nothing I have
This house abandoned, garden overgrown weeds
Cold hearth, dusty bed, sheets block out sunlight
Living memory buried in dark shadows
To whom I tell my sorrow, my past?
For whom I must write to glorify?
You must not leave me, you must not!
You are the hope of all my love ones!
It’s curse to walk alone in life
But blessed to carry their hope to the end.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sonnet 091

Sonnet 091
Laijon Liu 20160515

Red roses are the gifts of lovers
Plum blossom in snow like warriors
Sunflowers are the friends of light
Bittersweet hold property of truth
Peonies are beauty for wealthy nobles
Cherry Blossoms are shattered heart of samurai
Bamboos flexible gentlemen, Magnolia purity solitude
Old wrinkled sturdy pines stand ever green
Life only for a single night, blooms in a pearl gown
Enduring faith grows in the desert sand
Hermit in the valley, lowly and humble
Miracles born of sludge, splendors out of pond
You are the crown of thorns
All beauties bloom in you

Sonnet 090

Sonnet 090
Laijon Liu 20160514

I don’t know what hatred is
I’ve never hated anyone in my life, hmmm
I know what fear is, how it feel like
But hatred is intense feeling of power
The weight of grudge and urge of revenge
Like your whole life’s purpose is to get square
Instead of steer opposite direction for love
Hatred pains men, make them forget other pains
It’s attachment, like unrequited love
A debt that must be paid with agony
And you have to be the final victor and say:
“Love is sweet, but revenge is sweeter!”
Yes, you’ve lost something you dearly love
Someone robbed you and you want it back!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sonnet 089

Sonnet 089
Laijon Liu 20160514

Flaws are Nature made, god’s intention
So everyone needs time of reflection and silent prayers
The things imperfect to our eye make us complete
Organic people are delicious to look at
So what’s the real reason we change our mind?
Is that appetite, taste, new flavor?
Or we just want fresh things always, always
Or only that prime moment in the twinkling of an eye?
Then flaws are good things to us, I guess
We always ready to provide a proper excuse
It’s either you or me, does it matter?
As long as we can end this as grown ups do
See, our flaws are not bad things
They are gifts to us from Nature.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sonnet 088

Sonnet 088
Laijon Liu 20160512

Fabricate lies to be that fall guy
We do self-sacrifice for our love
Tamper evidence to distort fact
So the truth is protected in our heart
Guard that dear one we love, guard
With all our might and tricks
For someone, everything of our life
We gladly bear the weight of world
But sometime love ceases to be faithful
So we’ve already prepared our excuses
Counting our own faults, list goes on
Blaming ourselves for injuries we cause
Love can never do us harm
I blame myself, all my fault

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sonnet 087

Sonnet 087
Laijon Liu 20160511

Farewell my dream, you were once too promising
Why I must hang on this losing game of chess?
Black king and black queen each other clutch
Carry on their tragic romance, a slow death dance
This battle board is made for victory or loss
Every piece must charge and ready to sacrifice
No castle for hiding, no armor is strong
No surrender allowed, no move is skipped
Black and white suffer the same fate
Swords pierce into hearts, blood rain nonstop
Fallen pieces not honored, back to mass grave
Only a few stand to claim an empty board
How that in dreams we have all
But awake, all pieces are lost?

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sonnet 086

Sonnet 086
Laijon Liu 20160510

Great poem is a poem serves great thoughts
Words that gives men wisdom and strength
Phrases to resurrect the dead, set slaves free
Songs remind people they can do great things
Great poet is a poet who chants great spirits
His breath gives breath to Earth, beasts and men
There is beauty in world, there is beauty in life
Even if all hope is lost, there still goodness in men
Great poems are great poets themselves
In their great thoughts their souls sing
Constantly inspire generations to desire
The great miracles we men are made to do.
There so many poets and poems
But I love the great ones like this

Sonnet 085

Sonnet 085
Laijon Liu 20160509

My Muse stuck in my head, jabbers on and on
Often gives me restless nights and brainstorms
Thoughts telling me I’m alive, killing me too
Fragments of voices, faces, familiar or strange
That leads me to somewhere I can’t identify
A blue pill and a red pill I must choose one
But I swallow both down to that rabbit hole
Good things are never planned on life’s road
Constant fear, drowning, sliding down hill
Sudden outburst rampage, godly, blank
A heavenly female singing voice turns painful
Whaling songs harmonize whales’ songs
I try to convert all his sayings to good
He tries to break me with his rhetoric

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sonnet 084

Sonnet 084
Laijon Liu 20160508

If creator creates you after his likeness
Then I say he intends you to be exact
"You Alone Are You" is a precise phrase
To empower you life, beauty and liberty
Even with his brush he sketches you
To be original with many imperfection
But still you are complete as he is
To be exammed by every careful reader
He only writes his wanting, you to be
No extra touch added in his painting
And this naturalistic art is his wit
So his will to be praised at all times
He adds a curse to your blessing
That makes beauty alive forever

Cultural Revolution Topic: Men Eat Men Out There

Human Consume Human in China GuangXi Province

Last week I heard a cool radio show on NPR FreshAir, name:

Newly Released Documents Detail Traumas Of China's Cultural Revolution

Click download link, play the mp3 file

the book: A People's History 1962-1976

NY Times Article 1993
NY Times Article in Chinese

It's Rated V, not for violence, but for Vomiting. it seems some Chinese ethnics in Southern China GuangXi Province eat everything that moves, of course that's not my business to meddle, but I believe people have their liberty to eat anything they like, it's their appetite, not my force fed ideology on edible preference, because one dude I met at a workplace from that province brazenly talk about his village cuisine dogs and cats, I was kind of racist, and said to him "you people eat anything, you are not Han, savage people..." of course that end co-working relationship right that moment, I guess I put animal rights over people's rights. Last week, on Terry Gross Radio Show, an formidable China study professor reported in GuangXi province some ritual cannibalism happened during the cultural revolution period 1965-1975.
It's 5 stars for Disgusting, 4 stars for humiliation. :)
My personal view on this sub-human culture is that people do have their right to perform religious or traditional practice, and I have my free speech too, I really don't give a crap what they eat, but I care about 2 things:
1) Are human treated and killed humanely before they become sausage?
2) If one day human were going extinct, can people just turn their main course to fish?
I really don't care how people are treated, they have their own rights to fight for their freedom too, if someone tells them what to speak, how to speak, what to wear, how to stand and do anything like they are 5 year old, that guy deserves get a few slaps on his face in front of everyone.
Mao could only be a god, or leader in China, because Chinese people only duck when they suppose to fight, and other officials let him to screw them by rioting the young stupid students. He was a thug, a bully, a coward, a plagiarizer, his best poem (Snow) was robbed from his secretary Hu QiaoMu at YanAn. Mao would not be somebody if he were in US, because Western, American culture won't allow bully, people, and his co-workers would humiliate publicly him everyday, and beat the crap out him if he dare to physically threaten others. Also Chinese are ruled in empire system for 3000 proud years, people are born and raised to fear and serve and must worship an Emperor, there's emperor in family, usually abusive father, beats mom and kids, there's boss rules like emperor and his managers helped him to play henchmen, and officials from village to the top, one rank over another like pyramid. I don't preach only violence, rudeness, bully back, but if people live in this kind of men eat men culture, it's needed, to survive the madness and madmen.
Last, the more I read Tang poetry, I respect more ancient Chinese culture, they are allowed to write anything, they don't torture animals, they believe Tao and Zen, and never believe some folk culture like something magic in strange protein.

Also a Great book I read and loved  its insight, very educational, great book on Chinese culture, Chinese are not changed that much since Qing Dynasty.

The Immobile Empire

Chinese: 停滞的帝国

My Own American Dream Dish that I always dream one day I eat:

Kale Lobster Pizza!

Yay! I created this myself, I tried to persuade a nearby pizzeria to experiment my dish, imagine vitamin and mineral rich forest colored Kale, juicy delicious pink lobster and cheese as topping, green, pink, yellow, and red tomato sauce, That's American Dream come true on your plate!!! Any Pizzaria sell this first would have tv, paper and people line up around block. It's truly huge. Perfect example of Chinese Cuisine principal: Color, Smell, Taste.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sonnet 083

Sonnet 083
Laijon Liu 20160507

Yeah, make up don’t make me beautiful
The real beauty product is a heart doesn’t lie
You know what else cannot be trusted?
The suits, the ties and skilled verbiage
The business we do drives ourselves nuts
We rehearse speech, dress up to teeth
Adjust our expression in front of mirror
To play our parts on this social stage
We must look like somebody to be somebody
We must wear a badge to access some places
Here my Chinese peasant’s Curriculum Vitae:
3 pages crap for your acceptance and my dimes
Oops! I didn’t use poetic language in this poem
But please look at my face, I can’t act!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Sonnet 082

Sonnet 082
Laijon Liu 20160506

Go ahead, stroll in the market, browse for brands
I’m not begging you to stay with me
That you think you settle for less, or worse
There’re way-better packaging out there, many!
I consider that you are a smart one
See the difference and look for a real deal
Therefore I do not pretend and put on an act
Here be with you truly as I am
You say love should be new forever
Like tingling spice and freshly squeezed juice
But I believe love is old wine
Family brewed that better taste with years
Too much artificial sweetening nowadays
I like everything less sugar and no msg

Sonnet 081

Sonnet 081
Laijon Liu 20160505

True that nobody truly knows anything about you
Your blushy first kiss, your sweet prom night
The story or poem that changed you
That moment you found your purpose, set your course
No one can be there at your side
To share few significant moments of your life
Your journals, some letters locked in a drawer
Some drunken nights your tears streamed down for no reason
Even you at this very moment reading this poem
You are alone, and I too alone, writing this, vice versa
How that world away, 400 years apart
Or in same time period we can only do texting?
One paragraph sent, one paragraph read
No correspondence between writer and reader

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sonnet 080

Sonnet 080
Laijon Liu 20160504

The ocean resembles love, she embraces all boats
Her rolling waves clash toward pebble shore
Inspire many to sing her timeless songs
Her soft spindrift cleanse footprints and hearts
Jagged reef rocks and lofty cliffs guard her sanctity
Depth for tower-ships, and shallow for skiffs to float
Islands for men to regroup, and harbors to berth
And tidal storms unconquerable, or calm as mother’s breast
I too love the ocean, fearfully I say
She gives me a purpose, a destination to pursue
Many desperate moments, seen the abyss swirl
Now I have a sinking heart, a floating body, and a face facing the stars.
Ocean makes me scramble for life, or go cold, numb
She gives me birth and death

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sonnet 079

Sonnet 079
Laijon Liu 20160503

I confess individuality is a product of society
Seeds sprout in good soil, poets grow in toil
A flower blooms to thank its Mother Earth
Fruits are the statement of their bearing tree
None of our greatness or failure is our own
The shame we self-blame or success we brag
Environment makes men and the times create heroes
All of us are but surfers carried by wind and wave
Talents we are given, we must return to our giver
Works we’ve done so works we should share
I must serve my Muse and give him the credit
A creature dwells in the will of its creator
Life is a hard labor, often lonely
But I’m still alive, I should be thankful

Sonnet 078

Sonnet 078
Laijon Liu 20160502

What’s occupying your mind, my Muse?
Observing life proceed on Earth as I do?
That everyone writes diverse subjects
Are all revolving around one thing
Individuality is creativity, I firmly believe
That every being is unique and has a soul
Trillions universes are around me
They give birth and silently explode
Vast unnoticed landscapes, many invisible greats
Their inner worlds and outside being collide
Tell me their tales, explain their anguish
Let me breathe in them and try out their manacles
You are all my art and you lift
My cruel ignorance into wisdom

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sonnet 077

Sonnet 077
Laijon Liu 20160501

Years of yearning, tear marks on yellowed pages
Ying and yang supercede, a yogi bearing his yoke
Today’s young blood will be the knights of yore
Youth yields on the yellow brick road yonder
I savor all the yummy dishes, bright senses
We bathe in the joyful waves, soak in desire
All sail before the wind and go with tide
Never worry about the dark shadows in the water
Blank pages will always be ink filled
Memory blent with sour wine pours
An old man tells his story, of his young age
A young man’s dream voyage
Billows, drift, or capsize
Home, cozy, and daydream