Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Laijon Liu 20130611

I like the rain
the feel of droplets
falling on my face

early April blooms
quench their thirst
and soaked in joy

it comes with songs
composes its own melody
from spring to fall

it sings serenade
it bangs capriccio
it cries elegy

warm, cold, and wet
fresh, fragrant, and oily
this body yearns for touch

drizzle, thunder, downpour
all heaven’s cleansing
the plants tremblingly receive

No, I do not say no to rain
No, We cannot say no to rain
forecast and raincoat are not choice

I like the rain
the days I miss sunshine
the nights of quiet solitude

the world, my thoughts
and all are submerged
in a dark deluging symphony

These couple days, it rains hard. Many people don’t like the rain, but I think rain is beautiful, sensual, spiritual, and prosperous.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Remembering the young kids of June 4th

Remembering the young kids of June 4th

I always wonder who killed the young stupid kids on June 4th:

Chinese Emperors?
Chinese Commy Government?
Chinese young brainwashed order obeying peasant soldiers?
or just Chinese that have no clue of basic human rights, and respect of other's freedom of speech?

Do the dead students and their parents truly know who killed them? If my corpse fell on the stomped bikes I think I know who killed me, that killers must be uncivilized greedy Chinese officials and 'leaders' that believed violence was the final solution to guard their empire, to protect their family corrupting interest, to end reason or argument.

Culture kills; culture saves. Religion of peace must sow and reap peace. I as a Chinese every time walk into American book store hold so much admiration of US culture, columns and columns of 250 years US history books on human right and freedom; but I am very shameful and disgusted walking into a Chinese bookstore, 2000 years uninterrupted empire history books in columns, how men should be stocked and manipulated, how empire should be guarded, reign should be protected, even the greatest thinkers and heroes must serve the emperor, wisdom of Art of War and managing people skills... I don't think most authors and scribes and politicians cared much about people really, nor they cared about their own rights or freedom, they'd rather trade freedom for greed and fame. I hate Chinese history, like June 4th event, too many killing are erased; too many tragedy recorded as success, too much propaganda and lies, and the politicians and historians will never let you know they are truly left or right, because they are neither left nor right, they must shift after their own benefit according to political weather. There is only one section I like, poetry and lyric and songs, many poets did not give a crap about 'authority' the emperor or government, lived a dissident life, hiding in a remote mountain and river, feel free to praise the love of nature.

There is Rock band called Hei Bao (Black Panther), they released one of their songs (Do Not Ruin)during that year, together with Cui Jian's A Piece of Red Cloth.

The band's lyric shadows the crime, how they feel about it, also Cui Jian's song are in similar method. These two songs are great modern Chinese poems.

Do Not Ruin by Black Panther rock band

AP Photo
This is great photo, that shows how the young kids were considered and shot by the slaughters, they were never respected as human, they were just rats to them. So rats should not have human rights and freedom, rats should not make their own decision, sigh, the real rats are braver and much independent than Chinese. At least real rats don't kill each others, and they don't consider their own kind as rats.

别 去 糟 蹋
Do Not Ruin

词:窦唯 曲:李彤 演唱:黑豹
Lyric: Du Wei,
Music: Li Tong
Band: Black Panther

没有寂静的日子 寂静的夜

[there’s] no quiet days, quiet night
people looked nervous
hand firmly holding gun
chest fluctuant
eyes seeing no hope

没有欢笑的脸庞 和平的景象

[there’s] no joyful face, peaceful scene
warflame pushes people to death
all becomes broken dreams
shattered hope
people are so crazy as such

别去糟蹋 他们的家
别去枪杀 那些无知的娃娃
流着泪 说不出一句话
有谁能够 去做出回答

Do not ruin, their home
Do not shoot, those innocent kids
shedding tear, can’t mumble a word
who can, go make an answer


没有安睡的地方 四处躲藏
往日自己的故乡 和平的天堂

[there’s] no place to rest in peace, hide all around
what the kindhearted people can do
their hometown in past, peaceful heaven
now it’s such gloomy and forlorn

如果是你又会怎样 说!

put down the gun in your hand
take a look at
what before you is mankinds' living home
put down the gun in your hand
meditate for a moment
if you were them, speak!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Laijon Liu 20130603

sunny and green
pasture of joy

a moment to forget
sorrows and gravity

that moment of daring
that moment of chase
a moment of true existence

our body converse and kiss
feet stretch, dance of thoughts

in this realm
all revolve around the ball
and other worlds vanished

and all men the same
become one
heart longing for goal