Sunday, February 26, 2017


Laijon Liu 20170226

A bucket of fried chicken for $9.99
Two triple cheeseburgers for $2.00
Mass slaughter is mechanicalized

Of course, chicken never consider
Themselves as chicken, and they
See themselves as primary being

My friend says: “You know in Europe
They build carbon dioxide gas chamber
That’s more humane, it’s painless.

And their livestock are free range
Fed organic, listen to Mozart and New Age.”
On their last day chicken listen to Beethoven.

It used to be a long and cruel process
for a family to make their decision
To kill one name, to end that biography.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Manchester by the Sea, Movie Review

Manchester by the Sea, Movie Review

- Everyone is trapped in his own world -

Hollywood doesn't produce good films nowadays, but this year, Manchester by the Sea is really a good thing to watch.

Chandler family's tragedy is also a hidden scope of our modern materialistic world culture scene. that's the best picture shows our family structure, of course, those beautiful North America seashore of middle class fishermen, small town life, best to form family and raise kids, the coast line, clear salty sea wind always set spirit free, away from the traffic jam and rush hour noise and mess shit really a dreamy place, and the ocean, the vast fucking ocean surround the seashore residents and their life too, yet people still drift apart, friends, family.

A stupid drunk move, 2 am early morning beer shop, a firewood rolled onto the carpet, started flame, then the furnace blown, that destroyed everything.

We men are never ready for catastrophic events. An old Chinese saying: "Husband and wife are a pair of birds that sharing same fate, but when their time ends they each fly away separately. (夫妻本是同林鸟,大难来时各自飞. Literal Translation: husband and wife are naturally birds of the same woods, when the catastrophe comes they each fly separately.)" Comparing to primitives we somehow lost our bonding skill in this modern world, it used to be whole village people raising their kids, sharing their hunting and gathering survival social structure to deal with climate and nature's challenge, but now we every man is on his own road, the village the clan, the large supporting family system is gone, basically we, everyone of us has to loosen and gradually untie one knot, it's hard; and try to find and fasten another rope and that's difficult too, the story does not end.  It's hard to chase ice cream truck; it's hard to make chocolate too. Chandler brothers share closer bond than Patrick and his father, two scenes shows Lee hugging his dead brother and Patrick's act in the morgue. Does love conquer fear, death, our taboo or near or touching relative's dead body? we prepare chicken meal almost everyday, and do you prefer white meat or red?

For 10 years Lee and Kyle drifted apart, of course they'd never discussed about the will. the grief is always there but life must go on. Kyle's life was by the sea, and Lee lived in a basement in another city. two failed marriages, two brothers dealt their own problems. and Patrick wanted the sea, his father's life, be a fisherman. They were lonely and helpless. and the last scene, Lee and Patrick fishing, I wouldn't dare to imagine their long road after that.

We all live in our own world, to run away if we must, or live some kind of legacy, or chase childhood dream, that seems not really satisfy us nor fulfill our purpose, and our family is just too small, that no matter where we go how big our house is, we the 2 parents and kids family can only huddle together, duck under a shelter and wait for the storm to pass. One stupid mistake, we are fucking doomed, and the only happiness are just a few fleeting moments that gone forever. And our distance stretches, as the universe expands, all into dark nothingness.

Maybe we've never mastered the skill of bonding, we have punchlines, catch phrases, and endless metaphors, but we've never truly conversed. We are all lonely planets constantly spinning in our own meaningless course.

I wish I were those two teen girls, make up their minds to stay over, to give consent, to live in the moment, say: "So, do you wanna fuck me or not?"


Sunday, February 12, 2017


Laijon Liu 20170212


读古书,左传,战国,汉唐, 发现当时的人物跟本没有忠君爱国思想,都是一群不听话不服管,为民不事君之人。 孔子周游多国为着他的理想,如现在,台湾请他,他就给台湾人民服务了,单于要是请太史公去编著匈奴史,今人就又大饱眼福了。也从没有国土统一的思想。三国演义都说了,分分合合不就那会事吗?汉人正真的思想是只忠于正义和自由的,再就是永远去寻找移居乐土,诗经上的诗,庄子还给了汉人新移民好的建议,入乡随俗。原因近几个朝代汉人过不好就是他们效愚忠,啥 ‘中国’ ‘中华’, 老百姓就把国的利益放在他们的首位,但国就是老百姓有自由权利的组织,如国民没基本自由又得不到正义,这个国是不存在的,国只剩了一个空空的名字而已,管它叫天国帝国人国还是狗国。如老百姓们只追求正义和自由,他们的国就自然存在,他们就真正的有他们的国度,而这个国就必定让他们幸福。就跟家一样,如爹娘不爱他们的儿女,暴力对待,那些可怜的儿女是没有爹娘的,但如他们被领养,得到了爱和关护,他们就有了爹娘。所以人的一生只应忠于正义和自由的,以此他们就有他们的国家,和社会价值,如他们为了正义战争杀人,罪行会被免除,事迹还永载史册。

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snowday in Corona Park Seeing Wild Geese

Snowday in Corona Park Seeing Wild Geese

I went to Corona Park today with camera and got some shots of snowday scenes, inspired by Ming poet Zhang Dai. it's pretty beautiful, and I was kind of surprised seeing the Canadian wild geese landed in Corona Park waiting for the snowstorm to pass, Bonus! the snow was in small flurry swinging grain, so I didn't expect the trees and branches covered all white. There were only 5 or 6 people in the park, they came in pair or three, with their huge cameras, took a few photos, then disappeared in the howling wind. Suddenly the whole park was mine, mine only. Space is important part of aesthetics. A vast space, the sky light gray, the ground whiter and brighter than the sky, the winter barren trees were dark, black, in symmetric color match, a flock of wild geese floating in the pond, calling. Well, too bad I didn't bring a bottle of whisky. On my way back to the train station I saw a family of 4, mom with her 3 kids, pulling a blue plastic snow sledge, they were happy, I guess young people, kids know how to deal with snow and rainy days. I would consummate all photo scenes if I brought a woman there, her red long coat, her sweet face. Sigh.




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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


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