Friday, May 30, 2014

To Brazilian Soccer

To Brazilian Soccer
By Laijon Liu 2014.05.30

You are the best soccer nation on earth
Your classic 70s heroes played like gods
Your 80s stars were artists and rock stars
And you’re all raised by poverty, by poverty.

Your tan skin, long messy hair and beards
Your drum beats, samba dance and tamed ball
Your every move, touch and all gestures are
Beautiful; yet, you’re still goal hungry, goal hungry.


I love Brazilian Soccer. It’s fun, artistic, beautiful and magic. Me and my friends watch Brazil league game whenever goal tv broadcasts, and every time after a beautiful game I feel sad about this great soccer nation that develops so many soccer gods but still cannot conquer poverty, always goal hungry, feel never scored like me. A Brazil street art from yahoo news kind of triggered me for above lines. (see the art below)