Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2 Awesome Performance of Cui Jian's Band

2 Awesome Performance of Cui Jian's Band

1. Flower House Girl

2. Let Me Get Wild on the Snow
(Original Version played with Guzheng)

First song is a love song, second song is political song, But the music and guitar really cool.

and here's another cool guitar playing by Second Hand Rose Band, the leading guitarist Yao Lan uses his electric to mimic the vibration of guqin strings (btwn 1:13 - 1:30), very cool.

Story of Spring - by Second Hand Rose Rehearsal

Good Rock Riff Mix after 5:40
Omnipotent Youth Society - Kill the One from Shijiazhuang

Good Melancholic Melody

Tang Dynasty Guitarist: Chen Lei

Friday, March 9, 2012

Moonlite in the Toilet

Moonlite in the Toilet
By Laijon Liu 20120309

There is an art in everything
there are poems in everyone
take healthy nutrient daily
give a lifetime exercise
then the moon shall glow
like egg yolk in the toilet

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mary’s Love Affair 不y Shen Haobo 沈浩波 (1976- )

Mary’s Love Affair
By Shen Haobo 沈浩波 (1976- )

She is a supervisor of my friend’s company
Her name is Mary; she is beautiful and attractive
Her mild perfume gives a comfortable fragrance
She graduated from a big name university
Her elegant stature and exquisite character
And her four-inch high heels
Raised her career status high above other women.
She is a workaholic, on the business dinner table
She can drink a thousand cups, even if she gets drunk
She walks to the bathroom and digs and vomits,
Then she returns to the table with same look,
She continues drinking until the competitors give up,
And the projects rolling in, and new contracts are signed.

I confess I do admire her.
One time, on dinner table I was a little drunk
And I said to her boss who is my friend:
You are so lucky; you’ve got a great employee
A beautiful girl helps you making a lot of money
My friend laughed and said: she is not only my employee,
She is also my secret lover behind her husband
Anytime I want to sleep her I can
Think about it, a beautiful girl
She works for me like an ass
She let me fuck her like a bitch
And she doesn’t even ask for too much raise
Isn’t it awesome?!
And I was dumbfounded, asked him how did he do that
My friend smiled with pride and said: simple!
You just tell her ‘you love her’ over and over again.

I got this from <<2010 Chinese Poetry Anthology>>. I like this poem, sharp and political. The poet simply retells a scene and conversation to reveal his current society, the business and political world, the moral ground people stand on… how the beautiful young Mary got screwed over and over again.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Autumn Thought By Shen Qi 沈奇 (1951- )

Autumn Thought
By Shen Qi 沈奇 (1951- )

You say: Make a good dream

Dream of a romantic flower
Dream of a sweet fruit
But I’ve already passed thru
That kind of season

No dreams, but I
Only think of you
Like a tree in autumn
Thinks of spring shower

You say: Then, just grow some new leaves
And my heart suddenly turned green

Untitled on Qingming By Ye Yanbin 叶延滨 (1948- )

Untitled on Qingming
By Ye Yanbin 叶延滨 (1948- )

Light a piece of incense
Because today is Ancestors Day
Burn a stack of brown paper
Because I came back

The cypress trees by the grave are taller
Me and my mom are parted for one more year
The name on the headstone is scraped off by rain
And once again I use a gold color pen to repaint it
The three familiar characters, but I call it mom instead!

Every year I come back here on this day
Because here is my mom’s grave
Silently I stare at my mom’s name
Together with these two cypress trees-
Ah, so many times my mom held me
And her hands carried me into this world!
But I only carried her once, ah, carried her here,
So she can rest between the cypress trees!

Because today is Ancestors Day-
And here, on this station of live to dead
I make this poem a train ticket!
Because today is Ancestors Day-
Quietly I close my eyes
And I see my mom,
And she opens her mouth and says:
“Child, today you are not an orphan.”

This poem I got from the <<2010 Chinese Poetry Anthology>>, I felt it and translated it here for sharing.
Qingming is Ancestors Day.