Friday, April 26, 2013

Old War Song (Tang 300 poems, #75)

Old War Song (Tang 300 poems, #75)
By Li Qi of Tang
Translated by Laijon Liu 20130426

In daylight we climb up mountain to search for beacon fires
at dark dusk our horses drink by the river crossing
travellers' hour drum swinging in dim sandy wind
princess' pipa playing a melody of parting sorrow
wild clouds ten thousand miles rolling where no cities or towns
rains and snows sweeping across the vast deserted wasteplains
Tartars wildgeese grieving caw and night by night they fly pass
Tartars young lads shed their tears and pair by pair they fall
hearing the message of our Jade Pass is under siege
our dear life on chasing chariots to answer the call
year by year soldiers' bones scattered, buried in wilderness
and we only see Tartars' grapes sending back into Han's house


白日登山望烽火, 黃昏飲馬傍交河。
行人刁斗風沙暗, 公主琵琶幽怨多。
野雲萬里無城郭, 雨雪紛紛連大漠。
胡雁哀鳴夜夜飛, 胡兒眼淚雙雙落。
聞道玉門猶被遮, 應將性命逐輕車。
年年戰骨埋荒外, 空見葡萄入漢家。

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My experimental odes

My experimental odes

I love English odes and Shakespeare sonnets, also some Elizabeth browning sonnets and others, there some similar spirit, thought flow, imagery construct to Tang poem and Song lyric poems. Especially the couplets streaming through each verse to the next that work together as whole gives such thrill to my reading experience, better and faster than film. I think many readers understand Tang poetry aesthetic construct would find some similarity in Shakespeare sonnets and English odes. I’ve done a few experiment ode style poems, some good and some fail.

Poem Date: / My Ode Title / My Rating / Note Style
2006.10.28 / What Is Poetry? / excellent / English Free Verse
2009.06.09 / An Elegant Chrysanthemum / good / English Ode
2009.10.09 / Ode To A Little Mouse / good / English Ode
2009.10.10 / Ode To Eagle / excellent / Tang Streaming Couplet
2010.03.21 / Ode To Ocean / okay / Tang Streaming Couplet
2012.01.20 / Ode To Homeless / fail / Tang Streaming Couplet
2013.12.24 / Ode to the Sunflowers / good / English Ode
2014.11.11 / Ode to Jesus / okay / English Ode

I thank God and all the dead poets bless me in heaven:) that my 2009 is one of my poetical miracle years, and 'What is Poetry?'  is a really great great poem. I pray I can pen down more and better, praise God, the poets and angels in heaven and hell bestow me more. And if I did not come to US, I would never write English poems as great as these.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I’m a man of no country

I’m a man of no country
by Laijon Liu 2013.04.10

I’m a man of no country
this green pitch is my home
name, color and identity
ain’t no baggage for my road 

dream is a wayward roam
and boundaries bravery drawn
passport, tag and uniform
shall not separate us all

I’m a man of anonymous
common is my real name
songs and verses I’ve learned
to sing you and our fame

hope is hug and kisses
that no religion shall ban
how I wish, we were all like kids
playing a pickup game