Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Poem

Memorial Day Poem
For the heroes rest in peace and those fight on
by Laijon Liu 20100528

We pray for the peace of the world
But there are wars must be fought
When our love and home are trampled
There’s no reason to be tame and calm

Heaven is built upon justice
And demons must be kicked out
There sh’d be no place on earth
To let anyone preach his hell

Oh heroes, thou are wise and brave
There many victories you’ve fought
And many ahead you’ll wrestle out
Tonight, with this poem I offer my respect

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


By Mr. Yv Guangzhong (1928-)

When I was little
Nostalgia was a tiny stamp
I was here, my mom was there

When I grew up
Nostalgia was a small steamer ticket
I was here, my wife over there

And after
Nostalgia was a low-built grave
I was outside, my mom inside

But now
Nostalgia is a shallow straits
I am here, and the mainland there

I recently read this poem that done by a Chinese Contemporary poet Mr. Yv Guangzhong余光中currently lives and teaches in Taiwan, I loved it and translated here to share. There are multi-layers buried beneath this simple poem, time, relationship, love, life value, and journey thru aging… all built a stanza by stanza triggering reader’s feeling and understanding deeper and deeper… and I all school should mandate poetry class, from bottom up, elementary, junior high, and high school, so every pupil will grow up educated and naturally an artist, what kind of parents wouldn't want their kids to read poems like this?