Monday, November 14, 2016

Locker Room Banter

Locker Room Banter
Laijon Liu 20161115

O America, Do Not!

Do not shake the hands
That grabbed too many pussies

Do not kiss the lips
Of that pouting halitosis snot

Do not listen to those words
Those are Just Words of 'white' lies

Do not fear and bow and kneel
And masturbate our old time glory

Do not believe, Do not believe
That everything and all things
Must be All-Right!

Poetry heart is a greedy heart too. Poet never let go a chance of catching good or bad poem. If there’s anything poetically inspiring, poet would put down. It’s like a free ride, free weekend hotel room, free love. Must grab it! Those lines are all inspired by someone got so famous recently. I compiled here, make it something sounds like a protest poem, to cheer me up, blow off steam. It’s revenge. I steal his lines.

I hate this election so much, it's the second debate. the tactic so dirty, ugly, brazenly disgusting, dredge up and exposing private life scandal to hurt people publicly on a big tv event... I have never watched heard such scene like that, cannot recall some movie or Broadway show like that (of course, I forgot Jerry Springer Show for a bunch of uncouth messed up participants and audience). beside all the racist inciting platitude, that's a new low. it's so unfair, to compete like that and our moral standard totally obliterated. No one should deserve that trial, and it ended badly too. it turns my stomach thinking about it. I wish I could somehow wipe it off my memory. Usually try not to involve politics, but I feel have to throw some rocks at that bad character. it's not nightmare, not farce, it's a total tragedy, but- but tragedy retains class, right? We could do nothing but to watch, be shocked, and devastated. It's not politics, it's something evil, something evil that tricked one group of Americans to defeat another group.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Go To Town, Babe!

Go To Town, Babe! :o)

picture source
picture source

is a transit bus
that fully packed
Let's skip a few stops
Let's throw some people out

there are always two ways to look at a problem, whether parents trying to make their kids quit bad habits, or teacher work with students, or leaders administrate country and business affairs. one is to divide and conquer stance, blaming a group find scapegoat ignoring the whole picture, or work together cooperate find solution to solve the matter peacefully.

Trump is the boss fires too many people, his model is firing, you are not up to the work, you leave. that's business model, American competitive system in sports, business and politics. We stop at nothing, win at all cost, we are relentless. But as a country, everyone deserves government help, even the undocumented, because America has the most resource and most functional economic system to offer help. Hillary takes stance for everyone, stronger together, actually Together Strong.

I believe Hillary is most perfect person for US President job, it's not the women card, it's her years of work experience, her cleverness, her ability that really gonna help America, everyone. She is more capable and has more experience than Obama. a perfect Boss, tough, with a big heart, team player. 

I said a prayer filling the ballot. I knew "Children, Women, and Poor would be the first thing she consider to sign any bill". for years I have not said a prayer, only at some saddest loneliest hour I say a prayer for my mom, pray she is healthy. If our politicians always put Children, Women and Poor first in this country, American never would be in this shape. They would immediately see through the problems and solve them.

Hillary didn't lose her election, America lost Her election. We are hoodwinked, emptied out our pocket for a brand name counterfeit, instead of a perfectly conditioned thruly tested authentic like-new iPhone that we would be glad and show off for years! Too bad there's no Amazon or eBay return policy guarantee us the buyers, and our 1-star rant review won't refund our money back. and now we have to hold this thing in our hand, to see if it gonna explode in our faces.

Sigh! Progress is hard. Even in the most powerful, economic prosperous empire in world history there are people starve, homeless, not been offered a chance to contribute to society. Because this country, most politicians and businessmen believe in capitalism and free market, agriculture product are produced by machine, with machine,  and people starve; plenty of housing and cheap building material, still people on streets; crimes are done by teenagers who have no good education and living environment and never get chance to get a job, to move up. Medicine made by robots, parents have to sell their house to save their family member. American businessmen and politicians have Chinese Art-of-War mind! Hard like Chinese Politicians! Thirty Six Stratagems compiled none of the schemes is constructive. I am not racist. I used to be Chinese, born and lived there, I know when I see Chinese tactic. (some new immigrants Chinese are hardcore Republican because they know GOP firmly anti-immigrant and illegal, they want door to be shut behind them, the new immigrant legal or not wont take their jobs) But, it's not economy, stupid. No! It's the System. economy is fruit of the tree.

Mid class shrinks its size toady compares to last century, automated laboring and cultivating serving system already replace man-laboring economy system, that drives down most people to bottom feeder base, computing technology replaced most of industry jobs, only a few are needed. Last century kids graduate HS, work in Ford, down payment the house, get married, have kids and vacation; this century, now kids have to graduate college so may get a medium or low income job. People don't live in flatland, but pyramid.

Government, party leaders sing creating jobs. But they need private sectors to do it, private sectors are strictly profit oriented, and private corp bosses have their profit margin for investment. People serve the system, become slave of it. Mass of lay off professionals from every industry, young men loaf on street, college graduates work at retail store posts and with their lifetime career experience, mass labor strength and academic trained talents, and all the low cost material and high tech they can build city, but No! They have to stay home or grab part time non-living wage job. It's the Free Market and Capitalist Economy system, Government Cannot, Should Not, Absolutely Not To Help You. 

And we have all the senior politicians who so disattached from the fast-pacing tech-drive economy and job-based social structure, so they can only play their political game that they've learned in their Roman History class that's 50 years ago, spend most of their time infighting and party-struggle, hold people and policy hostage play political chess. Make Obama 4-year president, stall all bills, make sure people wait and suffer and pissed so they can blame the opposite party. We have to make sure the corporal rich first class so the bottom working class get jobs, make the health insurance profitable so the patients can be treated. Lies upon lies. 

And here comes the Satan Claus with a red nose! He got the stage because the people are angry. He has no plan, has never ever thought about his country and the people. But it does not matter. politics is to get on the stage, grab the mic, and stay there. 

Most people are angry. but most people are stupid about economy and politics, because they spend all their life and union working easy hours absorbing their American pastime, most of them can be baseball, basketball, football coach. and they believe an outsider can manage their team that every player is a character wants his showtime.

So here is the solution, fire the coaching squad and some players. so we American are winning Again.

There always be problems. Undocumented, then Immigrant, then Minorities, then White Working Class Blue Collar (White Trash were given their name driven to South and Midwest in the past by the White Elites)... the Class War never ends. and all we've got clowns ready to perform and please certain crowds for their own benefits.

How the clown got into white house, our American culture, pitting against each other, our system that made us voted him. Our culture made the clown, and played with him. in other world is the same, one group against another, people can be infinitely divided, instead of working together, helping each other, seeking a win-win solution. so clown shows never end.

America is still the Great Nation. Americans still proud. 50% voters voted protectionism, that's the flag of Trump's campaign, tricked by the fear-mongering tactics: the terrorists enter our country set bomb on every street corner, Muslim here to tell us what to wear and eat, people from the south will march across our boarder drive their columns of truck load white powder and rape and do violent crimes, undocumented by the millions stayed here since forever will surely take all your precious good jobs, and most our manufacture are packed in gift boxes wrapped in Xmas wrapping paper with pink knot sent to China for the profit increase of Elite bigly corporal executives, and if that Woman be in the Oval Office she's gonna write bills make our American football geared up men henpecked! .... America Is Gone! Baby. Gone! This house is full of holes and leaks, becomes a crumbling hut that cannot withstand the gales of oncoming mountainous storm. (O, the mountain rain is gathering now, and this house is filled with gale! -Tang Verse 山雨欲来风满楼) We are blown away like never before! A line is drawn, a long wide deep tench on the red states and blue states boarders, and people aroused, voted in their anger. 50% voters didn't buy the lies, voted progress, took the forward step of faith.

We were lying down in the trenches
we saw a fighter jet in far distance
approaching, it was a Raptor
it soared above us, turned
supersized itself: an yuge
object that blocked sky.
An Alien Spaceship


Set up State run corps in high tech industries, to create more job, to bring more output, to drive down market price, such as food, clothing, medicine...
Build up and maintain low income high crime neighborhoods, focus on education system and living environment, hire jobless local residents to do the work, no young people want to sell drug get shot at or shooting people on street if they can find a living wage job.
Food and material, things that produced by/with machine should be price and quality regulated.
Import cheap building material, cheap steel from China, great! buy and use it to build apartment buildings in cities to benefit people need government housing subsidies, create a lot of jobs and bring up living condition. the steel factory workers can be easily trained for building and construction work.
Education, America has more highly educated people work at retail service platform, it's disgrace for a nation that cannot accommodate its talents, many graduates should teach class instead of pour coffee and move books, if states ever care about voters pick right candidate, then get more graduates teach class for the same money as waiter's salary, so more kids can afford high education and bear less student debt.
Service based economy and innovation driven market won't help the majority, because not all of people want to be nurse, not everyone is Steve Job, most people don't want to be starving artists or poor writers, most people want to have M-F 8 hours work and go home sip beer watch football.
Get big money out of Politics. Church and State should be separated, so the family business enterprises and government too.
Politicians should be like accountants and economists that are good with numbers and details than crossword puzzles and speech writers.
Jobs, Healthcare, Education, Housing problem can all be solved by a hybrid state run system that balance and compete with today's extreme capitalistic global corps (only a few reap profit).
Our economy system has already changed its form by high tech auto machines. The Job, Man-labor, Handmade are about to be archaic words, the structure of our market economy is strictly last century model for the past, the government system and political structure is also a 200 year old, our politicians are still driving last century car on this century's fast pacing road, in this changing global climate, but the people are suffering now, they lag behind by the pacing tech, only when most of politicians see the big picture further down the road and be creative, build an extension for buffer, then the suffer will end. Otherwise, it's the same show same material played by different actors taking turn, like Hamlet, everyone knows his end. Get Real Change! Don't just sing it! Know the true meaning of the word.


It's fascinating to know the minimum percentage (50%) of voters base is required for a nation to progress, and the other parts of world, for example China, Middle East, Africa and South America have a long way to go for real social democracy. of course, Trump's message is Non-violent taking back of the country, he would probably lose his election by landslide if he called for a hostile take over, most Americans do not believe to solve the political disagreement by violence.

I experienced June 4th in China, young kids, people fought cops, destroyed street facilities, cops with shields and batons in formations to drive off the crowds. there must great numbers (majority) of people supporting opposite views expressed their disagreement thru violence. And most of Chinese support Government crush down separatists in Tibet, HK, and militarily unify Taiwan if necessary. And there are millions undocumented peasant coolies residing in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities would never get their permissions to live where they want in their own country, because the local residents and central government afraid that would create social unrest and job safety for the locals, also there are hundreds of thousands African brothers in China over 10 and 20 years, they speak and write Chinese still suffer the racist policy of the Chinese (People Cannot Vote) People's Government policy not accept their resident and citizen rights.

Middle East countries in war flame can also be analyzed thru this American Election Result, that there must be majority people pro-violence to settle the score on interest conflict that prolong the wars.

Violence is Act of Human Faith; and division and disagreement always exist. if there are more percentage people believe to solve everything thru violence, then the society is unstable, from domestic violence to street crimes, from street crimes to political corruption for group interests, conflicts of infighting within totalitarian government to warlords strife when the central government fails... So,
Only Democracy is an non-violent process for citizens to settle their disagreement and majority choice. I am very blessed I hold my US passport! It's lucky to choose my own country, not by my birth, but by my pledge. I believe this act of faith is Americanism. Very Grateful !!!


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Go Hill Go!

Go Hill Go!
Laijon Liu 20161006


It's pretty emotional to watch a girl, a woman, (a girl used to be) has to hurdle so many blocks in the male dominating political arena that men act like scholars, gods, saviors, stars, masters, abusive fathers, bad husband roles, tough bosses, judges or a mighty clown to work hard for their own goals and play by the'ir own set of rules, everywhere West and East and South. Political struggle is breathtaking in democratic countries, and real savage in non-democratic states.

The girl, still that 20 year old college girl, ambitious, but now with more experiences, knows the men and their dirty games and can hold the cup beat them at their own game, also a mother, and grandma now, but still stunningly beautiful, as how I peddle my love verse "Beauty through years with her beauty expands"  I don't think a person could be that bad if she/he holds records of setting up organizations to help children and women... even tho there're so many other important glamorous things to do. Of course if I mishandled the top secret emails I will cover up and lie too, C'mon! It's Top Secret! that means yal have no security clearance to dip your brandy noses in it period, a lot of secrets you don't want to know, gross you out, O'kay?!

I lie everyday, I play roles too. It's called living, working, and keep it going. Lying gets things done, to cover up a wound, to save someone you love not to suicide or be heart broken, to calm and confirm your concerned partners "I am fine." To protect our love. Get junks sell too, Boss makes money we the little guys make money right? act talk like inexperienced salesman so customers trust your brand whatever the sweatshops in China forge now in your hand at lowest price possible, it's the best offer no one can't refuse. don't worry, Earth won't cry, poet runs out his fake tears, and rubs that face smiling from 9am-6pm M-F, that professional voice intonation commercially sweet pleases every listener. Lie+Act=Show, that gets things done, only different purposes that to build to benefit neighbor or to self-win to destroy. Everyone Lies, everyone must lie, must learn to lie, to narrate, to cajole, to encourage, to boost, to keep quiet, or cry foul theatrically 'RIGGED!'... Lying is Art, part of wisdom, that composed our religions and literature, made our biological process purposeful and interesting. Great Lie and clumsy schemes.  

Back to the topic. Policy Wonk can be trusted. if a woman who gives birth to child, then she knows what pain one must experience to make a life, duty to raise a child, and be smart enough to tell her children Not To Take Candy From Scary Clown. Clown is amusing and dangerous. That might be the reason most people are afraid of clowns. that's why clowns should only pop at birthday parties and circus, but at wrong place? eeeeh.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


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