Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hawk / Falcon

Today, a good friend visited my office,

My boss called out my name, JOHN! JOHN! COME! LOOK!

And I was on the phone yelling at our customer in Brooklyn Chinese accent, and thought what the hell happened?!

When I ran into his office and he looked like just won a million dolla deal or something, pointed his window, and I looked.


What a beautiful bird! A hawk! In New York Chinatown!

Can you believe it!?

So I quickly grabbed my co-worker’s digital camera and without thinking started clicking and shooting (I never took a photo class), and the beauty of art of creation of Almighty now is captured and eternally shines on my desktop and constantly and randomly flipping on my screen.

I never looked a hawk or eagle that close. It is amazing experience to stand 8ft away watching the bird feeding.

I love the way he stood on top of the air conditioner in cold wind, proudly, with peace and control that I never thought of, or felt like. For the good characters that God gives him, a far focused vision, detail picture that he may see all small things below the sky, strong bone and firm feather that no other bird could match, so he may reach highest altitude against the stormy wind, and now I’ve just learned something new, that what makes him a lone fighter of storm is his spirit, his peaceful and calm spirit that draws him into the deep dark night sky, driving the high wind with ease, diving into deep splash in a stretched relaxed form, and after a long night’s battle, be refined, renewed, and reborn daily in each dawn.

What a bird! Surely he is no chicken!

And I think I should look at all these pictures one more time, and get some good advice from this unusual visitor, a great friend, and natural teacher.

My friend told me this is a falcon, and I think he is right, and I need to watch animal channel often. Thanks Steve!

Discussion about Him with my friends: Vivian and Jon


Yeah, the falcon, wasn't that great? Don't think I am crazy, but I really believe that God sent him to visit me, coz many people never got to a chance to meet falcon that close, and I do not think it is legal to keep him as pet in US.

The above two pictures I load up here, it is like I see the soul or he sees mine thru my eyes or something.

I like eagle, hawk, falcon, condor, coz they all have very proud attitude.

And after I shot the pictures, Li juan saw the picture, she asked me why I liked him,
"His attitude" I said.
"What else you noticed?"

I could not answer, and she asked me "Haven't you seen he is not afraid of anything, he is peaceful and calm?"

That just enlightened me, it is his peaceful spirit that really makes him an eagle, no matter in what situation, on surface of earth or up in the sky, and I guess beneath his spirit God must give him a strong faith as foundation, that is why he is always in peace and control.

And after that day, I think I really learned something, this lovely creature delivered me something that I need.

Am I over stretched? I heard some sermons that using eagle to talk about Christian faith, but never like this, as this close to it.