Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Small Fighting Bulldog

A Small Fighting Bulldog
Laijon Liu 20140731

I knew a small fighting bulldog when I was a kid
He was timid, proud, lazy and affectionate

but his mama told him the world was rough
and he must train hard and toughen up

so his father disciplined him with a leather belt
the programs they laid on him that he didn’t budge

he had never learned how to win a fight
but he could count beats and hold silence

his little dog house was warm, full of light
that tiny ring swallowed the dark wall corners

every spot was a center stage, anytime
could turn to a training bell ring

his surrender would not end the fight
he shook with fear til it all ended

that poor little bulldog, he loves me
he followed me from China to America

I pity him, and I try to shake him off
His tearing wide eyes begging for my hug

As my hands caress his scars of old and new
He suddenly bites back and runs to the corner

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t read,
I couldn’t talk to someone or start a meaningful relationship
Coz I see him, he wants my love
He shows me how to deal with bossy and bullies
He guides me how to fight
He is still timid, proud, lazy, and affectionate only to me
I love him, but I wish he is dead.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Aid Kit 'My Silver Lining' (acoustic)

Tonight, as usual I was staring my laptop screen while listening the NPR program, got a beautiful song:

First Aid Kit 'My Silver Lining' (acoustic)

the lyric death like poetic, brought my tears out.

keep on going road, that's my silver lining.
sometime the end of road lies not success and blessing, yet we all have to walk on.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Laijon Liu 20140725

You are a self-conscious being
a human being you name yourself
a creature of Supreme Existence
or an intelligent species of evolution

You are man, and close to monkeys
you are religious and scientific
reasonable and radically extreme
you are both the product and its maker

You are a girl, a daughter, and mom
you marry to your father’s will
or brandish your boobs on stage
you are submissive or a revolutionist

You are a boy, a son, and dad
you are born to pass down the legacy
you guard, you fight, you kill and you die
you struggle your life as an actor to his role

In front of mirror you stare at your face
the world and choices suddenly disappear
your makeup and trained beauty concept
like a rainbow dissolves in sunlight

Wind blows to the east and to the west
Green twigs burst out of earth
Settlers sing their fishing songs
You are wandering Gypsy and Vikings at sea

Yes, you are everyone and everywhere
You are pupils and teachers
You are a dreamer and a believer
You are the sunflowers at dawn
the boiling liquid in glass tubes
the amplifiers shouting in front of crowd
you are a sword's handle, a dagger's tip,
a red pill and a blue pill, a launch button….
and you are everything, or anything- But YOU.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014

To Giant Panda

To Giant Panda
Laijon Liu 20140706

Beauty is such beauty in fair look,
yet such goodness in beauty's nature,
kind, peaceful, and gentle you are
never intimidating or possess vile deeds,
giant chubby figure, yet never invades space
huge stomach, only appetites for bamboo
how I wish I could be like you
how I wish the world be like you
adore you, adore you not only your look
but your tenderness and your soft hug.