Friday, December 15, 2017

Krill and Sardines

Krill and Sardines
Laijon Liu 20171216

Coalesce into dense patches
Tightly packed to form spheral shoals
That’s how krill and sardines
Come together, be safe in numbers

Millions years evolution wisdom
Teaches them synchrony of reflex
That joy of harmony, of one mind
The wonder of spinning disco ball

Hypes, trends, shouts and the likes
Like infinite silver bubbles of myriad
Sizes, rising from the bottom deep
All disappears in a gigantic jaw


Monday, December 11, 2017

O Please God, Me!

O Please God, Me!
Laijon Liu 20171211

There’s so much fear
to be true, to share
that men created God
for themselves they care

There’s so much greed
to be righteous to take
that everyone calls himself
he is the chosen one

God don’t care about you
you are one of His countless
(or you don't really suffer)
and never truly that unique
as you think you’re privileged

God will not save us
If we don’t save ourselves
God will never help us
if we choose to help each other not

There’s no heaven in the sky
no hell under the ground
Only our Earth, if God ever created anything
it’s for us to make this home Heaven or Hell.

many times I prayed in the past I heard an inner voice saying above rhymed lines to me, it's been years. many times I thought about putting it down on paper, 1st it's not really a poem. 2nd its spiritual sickness that really bothering me. because prayer poem should be most about others, not Me. but any way, it's some kind of spiritual experience. I've got to take the good with the bad.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Gazelle

The Gazelle
Laijon Liu 20171207

Streamline built for the wind
your elegant pose and graceful steps
born to run, how you exist
away from danger and all problems

your brain delicate wired
to sense the slightest change in the air
your wide eyes and antenna ears
to observe the ripples, the rustle and dewdrops

your heart strung onto a bow
or a bait hook, to bear the tremor
to echo the beats, to amplify
ambiance, noise and subtle patterns to your soul

a sudden burst of pain, of asphyxiation
you are clamped by the fate
as the weight of the world crash on you
your feet still kicking, kicking for the home stretch

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Reflection on Shadow Play

Reflection on Shadow Play
Laijon Liu 20171203

my book lamp casted my shadow onto the wall:
a dark human figure moving on a pale screen.

I stared at my shadow for a while
and I felt its blankness staring back at me

probably the wall found me and my shadow
more interesting than itself and its empty realm

I tried not to speak a word to the wall
and tried thinking of many other things as I stared

I tried not to move, not to disturb the stillness
but my momentary efforts could only last for so long

so I turned off the lamplight, the darkness swallowed
the pale wall, my shadow and my appearance

I turned on the lamplight again, and I said:
Let there be light.” and there my shadow on the wall.

I sat lotus-sutra, a shadow of meditating Buddha
appeared, folding his palms and praying

then I suddenly raised up my open hands
a dark monster with two claws was born

then I held my hands, formed a shape of heart
as the heart bloomed, it turned into a head of cobra

then a peacock appeared, walking, looking around
for a mate, and suddenly turned into a wolf with fangs

a dove like bird hovering on the screen
no, it was a hawk disguising, scanning for prey

and I looked around for a crown and a microphone
to empower my shadow, and I pulled out some bills

one dollar, one hundred dollar were same shape
then I held my phone, my shadow shot itself a selfie

at that flashing moment, my shadow vanished
everything was blank, the world and the wall

I also thought about woman, a woman’s silhouette:
her floating tresses, plump hanging breasts, round hips

her infinite shapes and mine on the pale screen
totally made the wall sexy and alive

dancing pair figures, drama, fighting figures
like those ancient Egyptian and Greek wall art

and the kissing scene: shapes of two branch rivers
converge, join into each other, form a continent...

and I was tired of my hand shadow performance
my right hand swiftly turned into a pistol, pointing at

the head of lonely shadow figure.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Rhino

The Rhino
Laijon Liu 20171130

an awesome spearhead set upon your forehead
that makes you invincible
a full body armor equipped you by Nature
that makes you indestructible
heavyweight you are, so no lions nor beasts
dare to mess with you
and stamina you’ve got to patrol the wild plains

Curse! Curse all your natural gifts!
because men shoot you with their rifles
with their armor piercing bullets
feel ten thousand awls
drilling every part of your organs
focus on your sharp head pain
the burning sensation, the saw tooth blade
the shocks, and the epileptic seizure
when they gelding you, you are paralyzed
and your pride?
only for the mountebank and his primitive folk.

Friday, November 24, 2017

The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear
Laijon Liu 20171124

Ice is your home and identity
Ice is your world and future
Beneath your heavy emaciated body
The ice is disappearing

The vast frozen wonderland
Of purity and plenty, now
Becomes an abstract canvas
Of countless broken pieces

Everything is changed and confusing
The seasons, the floating slushy labyrinth
Your memory and acute senses
All suddenly sinks into the sea

Sunday, November 19, 2017




小到家暴, 父母以管教为借口随意打孩子,为发泄他们自己在社会工作当中受到的欺凌,由于畏惧权势而将不平和愤怒发泄在他们的小孩子和女人身上,或,把他们童年受父母虐打的愤恨,由于道德观念“愚孝”的束缚,不敢对他们父母实行公开报复,就从打他们自己儿女的行动上出口气以做补偿,还有的就用打孩子的方式来报复配偶,如夫妻感情不和,婚外恋,双方不敢直接拳脚相向,就通过打他们的孩子来报复。再如,生出孩子后了悔,因为他们生的时候就没多考虑,只是时候到了总要要一个,人家都生你不生你就有病,或因为他们父母想要个孙子玩,要不就生儿防老养老,更土就是生几个女儿都不算非得生个儿子传那个宗继那个代才行(如这篇世界日报新闻上的父母),理由种种,但就是没一样是为他们要生的孩子着想(如:社会底层长大的大部分是挣扎不出来,他们长大除了忍受贫穷痛苦,就在愚昧的生下他们自己的孩子,把贫穷痛苦再传下去),他们生孩子是为他们自己解决种种问题,一旦生出之后,就发现实非所愿,那安奈不住的恼怒和倒霉的心情天天涌上心头,但又不能把已生出来的孩子送人或赶街上,他们的孩子就成了父母上辈子的孽障,今世的讨债鬼。更可怕的是, 家里不止生一个,生两个,或三四个。父母就公开的在儿女面前说这个好,有出息,那个差,不争气,愚昧的公开挑拨儿女之间的感情关系,让他们羞辱歧视一个最倒霉的。这种家暴让人从小就惧怕暴力,无法并无胆量跟施暴者沟通,造成人人和人人之间不平等,在社会各个层面有权者以暴力不讲理专权,无权者以假做虚伪奴从。从家庭,父母儿女,兄弟姐妹之间,到社会工作和政治,朋友同事之间,没啥真诚的关系和理论沟通了,只能说父母愿听的,老师想听的,领导要听的,针对人说该说的话,所以是有的事几十年前怎样行是对的,现在反着做也是对的,智慧不是真理,是谎言。孩子们在他们父母身上就学到暴力,暴力的方法,用途,和明智对待暴力态度,如讨好父母,撒谎逃避,直到他们不知咋样当上父母就以儿时学到的暴力知识巩固完善自我。社会和体制的人权民主问题就是从小在每个家里给弄坏了,奴隶和皇帝就在大多数暴力的家庭里一代代的源源不断的生产出来,苦难如饥荒文革等就通过大众来参与实行,并不是某个伟人或从井冈山上出来的一小股土匪的造就,自古朝代的皇帝和统治都要大众来维持。

孩子挨揍都是为了学习。 (不是以上某种原因。打就根本不是教育方法。爱心,耐心,引导,鼓励,说理,辩论,身教,聪明的把收拾家,2个小时做晚饭吃晚饭和刷锅洗碗的时间分配出来和孩子一起学习作业,一起读书和锻炼才是父母责任。教孩子怎样把时间花在有用的地方上。如,读书人天天想着读书,发明家时时思考发明,川普时刻想怎样骗人。大部分打孩子家长都举不出30本给孩子必看的书,可让孩子在 短时间了解生活文化。所以说,那些揍孩子家长就应先挨棍棒。几年前读到一个中国教授自捧把他孩子打到考入北大,我觉得他儿子就应该把他爹打到哈佛去当终身教授,把他爹打到能得诺贝尔文学科学奖,再狠点打他爹,往死里打,说不定他爹不用坐宇航船就可飞去火星了呢。)
父母说:打你是为了你好。 (那儿女长大后也以暴打的方式对他们父母来报答养育之恩? 洗脑)父母从来不会对儿女说爱,实际上他们大部分就不是为了爱儿女才生,如父母假装说爱,儿女就会很逻辑的辩论,以家境情况,地位层次,知识背景,身体条件,等等来问他们父母:“那为什么还生我(们)?”父母就必要以亏欠的心态来对待他们的儿女了。如大部分父母生儿女时有亏欠心态,也不会以打来发泄。但父母绝对没错的,跟领导们一样,都是圣人,被神化了。
世界日报上自杀的10岁小姑娘的妈妈,一句对不起她女儿的假话都没有,或表露点悔意说 “我应对小雪多留点心,那想到是这样!”做妈妈的是把她女儿自杀推到老师学校身上,只字不提她打她女儿。
小雪是10, 2007年出生,是第二胎,有个姐姐和弟弟,是二姑娘。 是她父母违反一胎法律生的,可以推断她父母是想要儿子传种,结果第二胎又是个女儿。这个不争气的小雪就注定是父母不愿要的。结果,弟弟一出世,小雪就成了眼中钉,加上学习不好,就将来父母靠不住攀不上的,是个赔钱操心多余的孩子了。父母打她骂她就难免的。
最后,小雪还在她自杀告别录影上告诉她父母: “记住我的样子了吗,我的样子很漂亮。”是因为她父母每打她的时候骂她长的丑,她才会对她爸妈说,记住她的相貌,她其实很美的。
如父母只打孩子几次,孩子是不会去自杀,小朋友都怕死和痛,而且记吃不记打,父母大多还是养他们的角色,如小朋友有关系极亲的人,如姥姥姥爷,也会跑去躲难,但如父母家常便饭的打和羞辱他们,他们又没处躲,就自然试想着自杀了。因为,父母的打对他们来说已成了一种连续的体系体制,他们无法逃脱,无选择,无法承受如浪潮般的体罚,一个星期一次或两次,一考试就注定一次,各门成绩都要决定挨多少嘴巴子和皮带,每一顿饭都提心吊胆的吃,饭后就要问学习啦,睡觉时怕被叫醒查作业,天天都是这程序,有的父母还变着方的来,如:把抽皮带之间隔拖长,让他们儿女更清楚的感到痛楚,站在他儿女的后面考问题,答错或答慢,就连续敲后脑勺,或让他们儿女站着自己扇嘴巴,打完后让他们还在掉眼泪的儿女站镜子前笑。。。 小朋友去死就是经过长期思考又无出路的选择。

慈母手中线,游子身上衣。 这令人感动的诗句不一定是大多数家庭文化的产物。

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Crocodile

The Crocodile
Laijon Liu 20171118

Born nearby the mire and live in the mire
slowly you stay afloat in that empty mossy pond
and endure all the long hunger seasons

silence and patience is all you’ve got
and scabs covered all over you, your childhood
wounds, thicken like armor scales

gentle sunshine gives you only comfort
you lie flat on the ground as to receive flogging
you bitterly smile, recollect the past

crawl in the mud, sink in murky water
hold your breath, slow down your heartbeats
gradually you sleep into numbness

how you’ve wished the old tale is true
that the rumbling of the earth resurrects you
and you wake up to finally feel alive

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Barnacle Gosling Cliff Dive

Barnacle Gosling Cliff Dive
Laijon Liu 20171112

This disorienting world is not for faint hearted
even for a new born chick wears soft padding
parents are down below, calling, encouraging
cold sea winds pummeling the cathedral cliff

your shivering existence is to barely hang on
that nest on precipitous is never a safe home
Jump! and keep your little wingtips stretched
Believe! your faith will guide you to the ground

life is cracking of eggshell, born out of breaking
second birth to know the senses of pain and death
dropping, rolling, and bouncing off rough rocks
like a falling dice down into unknown, into abyss

Source: David Attenborough’s Life Story, Episode 1

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Laijon Liu 20171109

Eden was organic
Eden was biodiverse
Eden was a paradise
till one day Adam made a slingshot
and Eve craved for designer boots

I re-watched David Attenborough’s Planet Earth and the last disc of The Future contain 3 episodes: saving species, into the wilderness, living together. I was really pissed by the clowns using most two reason to dissuade the Change: 1.‘We don’t really know climate change is man-made factor’. 2. ‘…, yes, we have to save our environment, our planet, BUT there are majority poor People in the world, we Have To Develop the Global Economy to help them.

The first question is debunked today that most people believe Climate Change is man-made factor. But the second excuse is really subtle to argue.

There are 2 types of people who using Economy Development to block or postpone the Earth-Saving Movement: really poor people live in all corners of the global who have no clean water and enough food to feed their families and most of them are like my grandparents generations in China (1950-1980) never learned birth-control was a possible method to prevent tragedy, every family breed nearly 10 children, and a few of their children die of malnutrition, actually starvation is the right word, mothers have no food to eat, and they cannot produce milk, only stare at their infant die. Every family has its story of 2 or 3 infants died during 1950-1970, usually the youngest. Their real problem is they lack of education about their economy structure limits a couple’s ability to only raise 1 or 2 child(ren), because the wealth of the nation is not distributed in socialist or communist structure, which means families share even portion produce of the land. Even today, in developed world such as US, the tax payers can only afford to together bring up every child to grow up by providing food and necessity, not piano or ballet class, not college tuition or a good paid job. Kids can survive, but to success they must compete, study hard, otherwise they will be jobless, knee deep in debt, and suffer. The system sort us out, the violent and aggressive are lock up, the smart and diligent gain more choices. Baby booming only good for economy, it drives down labor cost, accelerates consumption and helps those at top accumulate more wealth in fast rate. If poor people have convenient contraception support and choices like free college courses, travel then they would not choose to have 4th or 5th or 6th or more child. But governments lure the poorly educated people to bring more babies into their future economy and labor force by promising them free child care and hospital, formula aid etc, and backed by large corporations chanting the slogan of Economic Development for purely corporation profit aim. Many parents grow up in poor environment never really learned about basic human value and dignity living, and they compare every situation with their childhood memory so they breed. My parents were poor, they never really cared about my future when they bred me, like most of Chinese parent generations, they did not know about economy, nor real life value being poor since their childhood, many of them did not even do a basic math of wage divide by mouth. So I think for a global corporation lobbyists to advocate Economic Development for the poor better divide more of their annual profit to the poor country directly instead of giving a good speech or argument. Also, most poor don’t care about economy development, nor they really care about their children living condition otherwise they would take the pill or herb.

Saving environment is mostly nations, governments’ and corporations’ responsibility. Not the poor people, because people starve spend all their time and energy to scramble for some crumbs, they would shoot a rhino or an elephant, cut off the horn and tusk, in fact they would bless God by doing it, because that’s a (probably only) way they can get out, pull their family out of poverty, send their kids to college or money for the road to Europe or America, if I were a poor father I will shoot the last rhino or elephant, I would shoot it with AR-15, I would make sure its god damn dead and cut all profitable pieces to just give my son or daughter a future out of cesspool that I repent to bring them there. The poor people’s job is to dodge suffering and starvation, to move up ladder. The poor have no financial muscle, no political structure, no scientific insight or wisdom, no foresight to preserve our environment. The most they can do is protest in EU and US, other parts of world they cannot even protest to save their forests, old landmarks, or rivers. But, the Rich powerful global corporations add together their capitals can buy all the green lands, they have financial ability and political influence to do the right thing, it’s purely their responsibility, but right now they care about converting forests to a few gazillion numbers on their saving accounts, and they do that under a banner of ‘helping the poor of the world’, like our politicians and all their corporal lobbyist buddies singing ‘creating jobs for American’.

there’s an Ancient Chinese proverb: “留得青山在,不怕没柴烧””keep the mountain green, so never run out of firewood”

I love all David Attenborough’s nature series! So educational for me, artists and writers should all watch those dvds, a lot of inspiring material there, good for creativity.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Stay Close

Stay Close
Laijon Liu 20171108

To Survive is to Stay Close
To heed the familiar footsteps in dust storm
To take sanctuary behind your castle walls
To remember, to follow your matriarch
To cherish the leftover and fresh waterholes

Read the footprints of family and tradition
Those tracks lead thru dry lands to lush plains
And pay respect to the ivory bones on your path
They are the past preserved by time and wind
They hold mystery and the map of your road.

BBC Life Story

Monday, November 6, 2017


Laijon Liu 20171106

that feeling is pre-programmed long ago
in our blood cells, in our brain
that feeling of need and want
the uncontrollable urge and madness
that calling of the nature, the spring breeze

the air is burning, it’s injected multi doses
of egotism, testosterone, rage and ecstasy
the overloaded dump trucks careening left and right
chasing each other, chasing the last train that leaving the station

Blow that bugle, Pump up for battle
Trumpet! all the high notes in the center court
Honk your horny thundering noise for the world to stun
you handsome douche, you macho idiot

no one dares to block your entrance, or ruin your show
your gene is the best, so you pass down
you’ve got Hercules’ legs and Zeus’ junk
so go, be that great porn star in ten second act.

I was watching “Echo and Other Elephants” and saw a scene that Shakespeare would want to put it on his stage. It’s so emotional charged, hell-raising comic drama. Anyone sees elephant musth the first time he/she would say “wo! What’s his problem?!” Surely we have seen such scene in our society, at workplace, in political arena, the worst at home, that's terrifying traumatic. the dude put on his ugly game face look at the camera the crowd, act like sour pus like someone bankrupted his billion dollar business…. But for elephant is natural, amusing and funny.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Laijon Liu 20171101

slowly they patrol in our vessels
and collect, consume our waste

their elephant memory is built
to map out the far away distance

uptown avenues, downtown streets
where and when the rush crowds pass

harvest in every trash bin, in their
zeppelins and their wrinkle smiles

the ground feeds them, so they bow
each step, existence is a heavy tow

dead cells, dead cells, they recycle
and redigest, till their breath stop

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Real Chinatown Street Art vs James Cohan's 10/18/2017 Installation :D

Real Chinatown Street Art vs James Cohan's 10/18/2017 Installation :D

first, I do admire Mr. James Cohan's not-so-bold artistic installation using Chinatown background as theme set, it's time for artists look at Chinatown, as anyone ever been to Chinatown would experience culture shock, even for some Chinese. it's not Western country, that gives clean feel, the dirty oily grease street, smooth like black frozen mirror made with meat grease cover the ground. people often drop their candy wrap and thrown fruit skin even the trash can is only 5 feet away. that art is real than Cohan's installation, his set floor is too clean, he didn't get that part right. Of course, Mr. Cohan had not worked in a Chinese restaurant or supermarket, if compare to Korean ethnic supermarket and Japanese grocery stores to the Chinatown food market, it's like you shopping in heaven or hell. the tension working in many Chinese supermarket and restaurant beats Hell Kitchen on Fox, Chef Ramsey would be a little push-over crying boy if he ever work there, I personally had 1 year busboy experience in two Chinese restaurant, the management and bullies, the infighting break you. your boss or any waiters howl to your face like you are a duckling among a flock of geese. But Cohan's set was nobody there to grind you. of course, nobody especially most of Chinese media and community leaders include local Chinese politicians dare ever to mention about the employee rights, fair-treatment, like official holidays and overtime hours straightly enforced in Chinatown, but I guess if we ignore the dirty street, wobbling carefully on the slippery floor, never bother how much the busboys, the cashiers, the servers in the tea bars were paid we all can enjoy cheap delicious cuisine and drinks. I sent email to nyt and wnyc asking them dispatch some investigative reporters into Chinatown, of course, I was racist too, I felt only a white/black hand can pull some my lowly Chinese workers out of human pits in Chinatown, like some 20 years ago, how nyt reported Chinese sweatshops operate and pay. the local Chinese papers don't do that, they'd rather take advertisement check from the Chinatown small business owners than to dare ask "how much you pay your employee?" "do they have holidays, sick days, healthcare?" they would sound like the left? but always remember the Republican's interpreted freedom is truly American Fabric, funny? :D

Years ago in 90s, I faxed one page to World Journal asked the major Chinese media organization to publish a few articles and headlines educate the they so-called themselves model minority not to throw Chinese newspaper on the NY subway, please fold paper while reading in rush hour space wise. I never get response, of course, the major Chinese papers in US: World Journel, Sing Tao Daily, Qiao Bao only care about high culture and mainstream culture, like someone look like Chinese born in America suddenly had meteoroid rise break thru mainstream culture, scientists, doctors, arts, entertainment, sports, most page space devoted to that, while Chinese grandma (70yr old) picking empty bottle hauling over 80-100lb wheel-bag walking on the side of traffic roads getting by, most massage place run by undocumented women from China actually prostitute for quick profit and monthly sending their hard-banged US dollars to their old sick parents or kids back in China, where are those annually 20% Asian accepted (most are Chinese) ivy league grads, as their parents probably highly educated so called the elites from China proudly bring up their American-Dream successors in their conversation with friends, I guess they just disappeared into mainstream, into American Dream, bought a suburb mansion, became the new American.

yet, the Chinatown is still dirty, filled with fake goodies from China, I used to love those pirated DVDs, I used to feel guilty to buy those, but now I know hollywood produce fake movies (the content), there's not even much good things for me to steal now. only the old Chinese grandmas, grandpas that they worked in sewing company for whole life, loud speaking their dialect only and hunched back like they never got out of their sweatshops, daily scavenge empty bottles and soda cans on the street. my father told me once to get out Chinatown, the out-states are better, so different world. but like soldiers back from war we all bring our childhood some important struggling years where we go.

We all love town. We say we go to town, circus in town, 3 point from downtown, down to the Chinatown... :D but somehow I realize I'm selfish, going to town is only for my own pleasure, it's never about the town, it's me in the town, what the town makes me feel, and how I go about there.

maybe I am not widely experienced person on Art about Chinatown, I think Mr James Cohon really a good artist, he has mind concerning about our livelihood, our neighborhood, especially Chinatown community should thank his art work, ya see, artists and writers are spiritual doctors, we care about the sickly, like how the media care about the presidents' statement and his truth. I don't see there's nothing wrong or racist in his installation. in fact, it should be more dirty, messy, and the smell got to be right. because Art is about truth, and truth is beauty. as so many Chinese community media leaders protest Mr. Cohan's art, they should go walk a few blocks of Chinatown and take photos! and make it performance art too: pick up the trash or loiter your own, depends on individual atheistic concept, and stop shoveling 'our' '5000' year culture to a westerner's face, look at the pavement where they stand, also look at the China and CCP leaders how they proceed the real 5000 year Chinese culture into 10000 years, to continue the Chimp Politics(猴王统治), who's tuff who's boss(谁狠谁老大), and along that great progress there are countless poor Chinese and rich Chinese(I don't understand why the successful rich also) are push out, escape, mass immigrated since Qing Dynasty (2nd economy in 19th century) and now the People's Republic of China (also 2nd economy in the world), the commons still moving out, like famous Chinese Artist Mr. Ai Wei Wei concerning about all immigrants from Middle East and Africa, that the place and states are torn and burnt by wars and poverty, but Chinese still moving out figuring many ways to climb the Great Wall, instead of the elites should live there like elites with their knowledge and wealth that shame the traditional European royal elites, and the dirty, stinky, old, dialect commoners who are lucky to get out and forever cramped in their Chinatown.

Sure. we can talk about Chinese poetry, literature, rhymed prose, many great novels, painting in all modern spirit and abstract expressionist style some 800 years ago... (which means those were great and so forward than the Westerner's contemporary, but most those talents were exiled for political reason, their big mouth) that's what those so called artists and their media themselves defend their proud Chinese culture, and call whoever speaks truth a racist, especially you are not Chinese, and for a Chinese criticizing 'his/her' own 'culture' or 'tradition' suddenly that person become a traitor, a tail-wagging dog lapping its western master, or any westerner (who does not have Chinese face) translate Chinese poetry, or novel all the good ones are wholly lauded the great friend, and we all dress up to teeth dance in ballroom, glide around gold room in orchestra music, and no one alert the toilets stuck, shit overflow, the bathroom becomes a shitty bog.

elephant tusks, shark fins, rhino horns, bear bile, tiger bone liquor, dogs abused slaughtered in horror, cats boiled alive, forests raked to deserts, smogs, emperor system ever lasting, arms dominate laws, the ugly shameless cowards rule over the extreme overpopulated timid mind their own business crowds... there are so many proud sides counteract 5000 yr uninterrupted culture and 3000 yr most beautiful poetry tradition. How dare anyone criticize 5000 year tradition? the grease and dirts from Emporer Qin. the Real Art vs Mr James Cohan's Art. I say Mr. Cohan is too polite. my room is worse, crampy and messy than his set. only I wish I own an atm at my place and a deep deposit.

The Protest Article from World Journal

NYC Columbus Park

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

C. T. Hsia and T. A. Hsia Letters

$40 买了本夏兄弟的书信集 1945-1950, 二人谈及好莱坞40年代电影,耶鲁英文课,和追女人爱情婚姻观,还有战乱贫困之大环境下的个人和家人的挣扎。照出有感处。

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Blind Bard

The Blind Bard
Laijon Liu 20170718

The sunlight or the thunderbolts blinded you
or the nights you are terrified to see
thru your wandering years you have met
so many goddesses, giants and nymphs
your wine cup holds the churning seas
by that sacred spring you recall the past
sword dancers in circles at wedding feasts
battles and games are divine sacrifice
men want fame, boys to be heroes
heroes to be gods, and gods are mad
Ha! Huge smoke rises from the Mount Olympus
carcass on the beach, corpses clogged the ditches
all that for a tale, a tale we all love
and then we perish, leave a beautiful ruin

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Quiet Passion - How Dickinson Fights and Retreats

A Quiet Passion - How Dickinson Fights and Retreats
Laijon Liu 20170716

A Quiet Passion is a great film. of course Emily Dickinson is my hero (not Heroine) she must be pleased to be equal, that shows how a talented poet(not poetess) deal with her life and society in 19th century. If she were a man, she would accomplish so much more, but what's for a woman is the marriage grave that time. They are educated, for a purpose to serve their future husbands, and brainwashed by men's religious system that only a few unknowingly unwashed :), so she finds herself another grave, that second floor bedroom she picks, it's quiet small world, or her own castle, but in her space she shares bed alone, or writes or muses at her own hours choosing, morning three 'o clock that quiet dark waiting hours to dawn, would she imagine what's in store for her another 50 years if she could live long? she imagined the heaven, the sea, and questioned the Hope, the time eternal to the field of gazing grains of the sunset, that Death comes with his scythe for the autumn reap .... but would she cheer or despise the young girl's hands that lit the candle at both ends? Let that non-existent fire warm her cold body.

In Winter in my Room
I came upon a Worm --
Pink, lank and warm --
But as he was a worm
And worms presume
Not quite with him at home --
Secured him by a string
To something neighboring
And went along.

A Trifle afterward
A thing occurred
I'd not believe it if I heard
But state with creeping blood --
A snake with mottles rare
Surveyed my chamber floor
In feature as the worm before
But ringed with power --

The very string with which
I tied him -- too
When he was mean and new
That string was there --

I shrank -- "How fair you are"!
Propitiation's claw --
"Afraid," he hissed
"Of me"?
"No cordiality" --
He fathomed me --
Then to a Rhythm Slim
Secreted in his Form
As Patterns swim
Projected him.

That time I flew
Both eyes his way
Lest he pursue
Nor ever ceased to run
Till in a distant Town
Towns on from mine
I set me down
This was a dream. 

Her poems are difficult. but her voice always troubles readers, playful natural nursery rhyme like beats, moderate, self-controlled, polite, ladylike-protesting, a world of images, yet she could never receive that crumb of Hope.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all -

And sweetest - in the Gale - is heard -
And sore must be the storm -
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm -

I’ve heard it in the chillest land -
And on the strangest Sea -
Yet - never - in Extremity,
It asked a crumb - of me.

And her same period, many people love Walt Whitman, but he is a man, he could go many places and do many thing fit, so they are great poets, but their environment put them in very different world, Walt sings of myself, of us, of America that he experiences as a white man that time; poor Emily's song shows another scope like hearing a funeral dirge daily and tick tuck hourly:

I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,
And Mourners to and fro
Kept treading - treading - till it seemed
That Sense was breaking through -

And when they all were seated,
A Service, like a Drum -
Kept beating - beating - till I thought
My mind was going numb -

And then I heard them lift a Box
And creak across my Soul
With those same Boots of Lead, again,
Then Space - began to toll,

As all the Heavens were a Bell,
And Being, but an Ear,
And I, and Silence, some strange Race,
Wrecked, solitary, here -

And then a Plank in Reason, broke,
And I dropped down, and down -
And hit a World, at every plunge,
And Finished knowing - then -

Many American compare the two greats, I like both, but I love Emily more. and this film captures her feeling a lot, and her thoughts too. She is a Great Poet, her thoughts are her true melody.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

On Greek Classic 02

On Greek Classic 02

The Roles of the Greek Gods and Goddesses

Nature: sky, lightning, thunder
Society: law, order, justice, ruler
Family: Father, husband, king

Nature: probably mother earth
Society: cities, marriage, bearing offspring,
Family: Mother, wife, queen

Nature: seas, earthquakes, and tidal wave
Society: probably voyage, since Greek were called Sea People (Odysseus exp.)
Family: uncle

Nature: fertility, nature, and the seasons
Society: agriculture, pregnancy
Family: Aunt

Nature: Hearth
Society: Domesticity
Psych: relation matters, family dealing
Family: Aunt

Society: defense and strategic warfare, handicrafts and science
Psych: knowledge, reason, intelligent activity, literature
Family: child, sibling

Nature: light, the sun
Society: poetry, music and arts, medicine and healing
Psych: prophecy, philosophy, inspiration
Family: child, sibling

Nature: the moon, all animals
Society: hunt, archery
Psych: virginity
Family: Child, sibling

Nature: violent phenomenon
Society: war, bloodshed
Psych: violence, longing for bloodshed
Family: Child, sibling

Nature: pleasure, beauty
Society: sexual activity
Psych: sensual love, desire
Family: child, sibling

Nature: fire
Society: blacksmith
Psych: craftsman art, forge tool and weapon
Family: child, sibling

Society: commerce, communication, borders, eloquence, diplomacy, thieves and games
Psych: Social art, rhetoric, trickery, art of deal :D
Family: child, sibling

Nature: wine
Society: theater, entertaining business, celebrations, party
Psych: ecstasy
Family: child, sibling
(this god entered Olympus late, probably b/c entertainment was developed late in Ancient Greek)

It’s really fascinating how creative the Ancient Greek are, their religion system is created thru their understanding of Nature, Society, and their Inner Experience. Gods and goddesses not only dwell in heaven, in Nature, also in their social and day to day activities, and even clever that the nature of gods and goddesses possess their emotion and thoughts. I guess they tell the patron god of their each child according to his/her early-shown talent, and every child has different talent in unique art, like speech, craft, poetry, sport… (special interests or good grade subjects at school)and even bad temperament and lusty character prove he is Ares possessed for that moment or oh no! He is gonna be horny like Zeus when he grows up…. Athena is Odysseus and Penelope’s patron goddess, and cities pick their own patron goddess, more like todays team mascots, national animal, on society level. Iliad and Odyssey often show 3 stages of gods and goddesses function, they argue and deal in heaven, Olympus; and appear in physical body fighting on the battlefield with men, Aphrodite can’t handle the hardcore bestial nature of war, cried like baby, probably suggests the formula sex and physical violence don't go well together, so that’s how we unconsciously produce the famous slogan “Make Love Not War”; also in men’s psych, Achilles holds his sword, that moment of hesitation to strike Agamemnon, his mind hears Athena’s advice; Hector going nuts, Ajax going nuts, Achilles going berserk, all possessed by Ares in that particular moment of fight, later they could not explain their madness, but Odysseus seems never lost his mind in critical time… the two epics are like classic, surreal, futuristic blended stories, gods and goddesses are one dysfunctional Modern family, husband comes home late from a local bar, and wife has already schemed with her children to carry out her revenge, and dramas and fight begin, but the family relationship never really breaks down, they need each other, just like all their nature and symbol must play the parts of the whole, so their civilization progresses along with their dramas, grudges, and love too.

Also, Athena is a goddess, female symbol, but she plays the old sister role, she is goddess in war, represents victory, how ancient Greek pick goddess (female symbol) for war nature really progressive than today Conservative; not only that, Athena also reigns in wisdom: knowledge, reason, intelligent activity, literature. Artemis is another female deity, goddess of hunt, it's boy's sport too that today's conservative may tell us how to think, she is the tomboy goes into the woods night and and brings back the game early morning. Aphrodite is the talk of the town, boys love her, she loves them back, women hate her and call her names, but she cares less because she does what she wants, and she likes it. so Feminism is not new thing, rather very old one.

And the boys, oh, boys, they are a bunch of bums and losers. Apollo is a dude spends more time in front of mirror while working on his poetry, music and arts, it's like he has audition everyday, but much of his artistic flare wont get his love to fall for him, so he hugs a laurel tree, he even composes poem for that tree, becomes a tree hugger, his medicine and healing specialty is like family secret remedy, and in ancient time the medicine = quack, that's a little more effective than a prayer with olive oil rubbing, so good for nothing, that's him. Ares, well, using Homer's words, everybody hates Ares. yeah, he is the one always bad tempered, rash, disturbs a perfect afternoon family gathering, and gets a talk to or a slap by other siblings to calm down. Hermes, well, a little brother dresses dandy, stands on the street corner, swindles people selling his stolen or fake junks, a smooth guy, doing a lot of business, tricks everyone and flight by night, like he has wings on his foot. Dionysus is a drunken stupor or wild singing and dancing, running a theater business to the ground, so people move his parties to the wilderness.

So this is the family. Progressive Left, Democratic too. Joke aside, how people create their deities also shows their faith of society, that each god, each goddess possesses unique function to construct a complete heaven, just as their men, have individual voices and parts in war or peace. Polytheism allows different ideas to develop and permit other faith to coexist.

Scholars state that ancient Greeks consider their gods and goddesses seriously, but in Homer's time people may not see gods that serious as their ancestors do (even tho they offer rites like today religious people in many parts of the world), that might show from 2 epic poems why gods and goddesses are rather comical, immature and short-tempered being, just like how human experience their own daily emotion. Or I want to believe that the singers thru generations and the first epic compilers share the same concept of the main tune, that they purposely describe gods and goddess as childish, might be they want to guide listeners from the vanity of the idol figurine worship, or they discover new art that human art better and contain more flesh than the cold statue gods. From the beginning of Iliad, the four parallel narratives: Achilles' godly anger, the collapse of old ranking order from moral standard (Agamemnon), the old human sacrifice ritual, the catalog of ships that harken back to the golden period of Greek... are all reminiscent, dark, foolish and savory or old glory to the listeners. I assume there are many other stories, like how Troy fall, how Achilles die... but the compiler of Iliad or(Homer) only focus on the the beginning 4 themes to start, unless he could not find other pieces fill the missing parts of the epic, Troy falls. But Achilles and Odysseus are men on two inner journeys: Achilles struggles with doubts about warrior being(fighting in war), the cost / sacrifice of being great, it's a confusing belief, even for Achilles himself; Odysseus strives to go home, deal with longing, the suffering to be happy, there's nothing wrong for his goal; and today these two heroes still reign in our ambition, but Odysseus is more matured and learned than Achilles, Achilles learns about himself after slaying Hector, and dies in battle as listeners all know, only his name remains; Odysseus crawls onto his home shore, finally returns, a satisfying ending. Probably Homer's time people realize that Odysseus is their new hero to replace the old hero, Achilles.