Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Moon Reflection

The Moon Reflection
Laijon Liu 20180401

asleep or awake
dream or dreamless
drunk or sober . . .
the bright moon

the moon wanders
I too wander
but every night we meet

I stand still
the moon stands still
we stare at each other

a great listener
in a perfect distance
and always punctual, the moon

are you lonely?
are you lonely?
are you lonely like me, Moon?

Li Bai gazes at the moon
Li Bai toasts the moon
the silent moon

the moon is bigger than stars
the moon is brighter than stars
why can’t you understand?

days without the sun
still bright; nights moonless
always dark

the bright golden promise
trustworthy night companion
it never farts

beautiful, elegant, sexy…
oh, what's the exact word?

the moon outside of the window
the rouge stained cigarette butts in ashtray
years of dust on the writing desk

I will shut my eyes tonight
I won't look at you, moon
not even a peek