Monday, February 29, 2016

Sonnet 014

Sonnet 014
Laijon Liu 20160228

Do you believe in the stars, my love?
They are heavenly ghosts and future estates
Flickering starlight like your eye expression
Of desire, of youth, of mystery or despair
Billions years their existence seems constant
Yet astronomers can’t tell their present state
And from your eyes I have learned this truth
That life is but a moment, and it’s in each moment
Not for the past, not for the distant future
That we men daily strive through winds and rains
Yes, the good things in life must thrive
And hope is our fuel that we pass on
Or else we be like dead stars
Burnt out and lights off

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sonnet 013

Sonnet 013
Laijon Liu 20160227

O, Be Yourself! O, Be Myself!
And one day we will no longer be
Against that coming end everyone prepares
To mark his or her fair image eternally be
Beauty, features we have wrought whole life
Erected proudly on the main floor of a museum
Our swan songs, smashing waves of symphony
For that moment I have sacrificed
By offering to Muse every part of me
Take this, with all its moles and gene
Grant me my spirits and my essence
And trash this frame that is not from me.
Yay! Spend it all, and do not save a dime
Call it wastage, and this I’ve self gained.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sonnet 012

Sonnet 012
Laijon Liu 20160226

When I review my past from childhood to now
I witness the sufferings three generations have fought
I read the ancient the proud the humane kingdoms ruined
Those heavenly gardens trashed by warlords’ torches
When young and hopeful sunflowers held their heads high
Burnt by the sun of its scorching ruthless flame
When the land of green filled with fruits in her name
Ravaged by hunger, bandits and red dragon’s fire
Then peasants became herds, driven off their home to coasts
Countrymen turned to slaves, and programmed to act tamed
Society, arts, and careers… worlds of rigged games
So I wail, and escape the unfair fight for hope
Ah, families like dandelions, everywhere
Severed by winds and drift, to sow seeds

Friday, February 26, 2016

Sonnet 011

Sonnet 011
Laijon Liu 20160225

Aging gallops as sorrow collects its toll
Everyman must abide this law before he go away
Fresh blood coagulates into clots in a blink
Grief precipitates, forms fossil layers of cerebrum
Here in life there’re still beauty and wisdom, I presume
But folly and decay walk us along the way
People must go on, to wade the troubled waters
Generations descend, try to reach that promise land
Nature gives birth, and stores
She cherishes not the perfect nor deformed despise
She knows no sense of pain, nor pride, nor joy
Only her children to bear that heavy load on their road
I wish living is like a printing process
We just press down hard, and press along the way.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sonnet 010

Sonnet 010
Laijon Liu 20160224

Shame, sins that we have done and refuse to admit
Failures that caused by past ignorance and cruelty
Honesty and fairness covered with excuses of wounds
Reasons to settle the score, not for truth and sincerity
We all come short under the measurement of love
Generation gaps, youthful stupidy, culture race wars
Old foes, new enemies, undying bitterness and grudges
Count our years my friend, is winning really everything?
I hate to tear the old scars, it hurts
But that’s how our body and soul heal
I want to refresh our memory, to correct history
Because it’s unjust to bury the past secrets
Make me to be like you with your love
So I’ll be proud to say: I’m your child.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sonnet 009

Sonnet 009
Laijon Liu 20160223

I never want to see a woman wet her eye
Happiness of family comes with a package price
Often costs too great that becomes a heavy debt
And lease pastdue, bankers repossess the house
A poor widow holds her only child stand in line
Waiting for welfare check, and her child grows up
To sign up some rich politicians’ war games
Family life is a bet now, all chips are on the table
World on an assembly line, makes minimum wage
She runs out of formula, runs out of diapers
Has no time to take a break, to sigh, to reflect
Her pillows dry her tears, silence her night sobs
Time has changed, climate has changed
What are the chances for a widow and her child to make it?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sonnet 008

Sonnet 008
Laijon Liu 20160222

Harmony, two hearts in kindred spirits
Together in concord and enjoy their gold silence
A smile, a nod, a glance, send encrypted signals
A heartstring gently vibrates, another tunes and echoes
Eve picks a red apple, Adam takes a bite
Taste that sweet wine, ha ha, partners in crime
Do you believe in love? A cliché?
Or do you believe in fate? Too superstitious?
Then you must believe in mutual understanding?
Want to feel that moment of closely attached
Mind and mind fancy, heart and heart fond
You are made for each other, or a perfect match.
If you find your man or woman, or someone
And be hand in hand, even without a child, so what!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sonnet 007

Sonnet 007
Laijon Liu 20160221

Prime, is the name of Sun god Apollo
His golden crown forever shines in beholder’s sight
Melody and verses praise youth and physique
Gracious light makes his each moment eternal
Sun’s posterity is his fire and light, lasts millions years
His burning spirit warms revolving planets
He rises and descends, from east to west
Sets up bright days anytime and everywhere
Yes, in my prime time I shall produce bountiful
Before that tyrant Time drag me into wasteland
There old age and chapped lips will handcuff me
And mirage of oasis drive me out of my mind
So now I go through the birth pangs
Lest I’ll be old with a child, that wish I’ve never had

Sonnet 006

Sonnet 006
Laijon liu 20160221

Pretty faces are everywhere, winters destroy them in mass
Selfies, portraits, death masks, and many shape mirrors
That’s how we men live our live on Earth
Each one is unique, registering its own feeling and age
Good things should multiply, women make babies
Hollywood handsome actor kisses hot actress in every film
Fairytale princess with knightly prince lock eye and hand
And then they live happily after, procreate ten children
Life’s purpose is to produce, to abide Nature’s order
To compete, to outdo, to pass down that holy purpose
Birds chirp, flash their feather, men name as fragrance spread
Let Nature select the best in Nature’s beauty standard
To live, endure, and leave in peace without a trace
We men must pass through these biological steps

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sonnet 005

Sonnet 005
Laijon Liu 20160219

Time is a spaceship that carries birth into death
An indestructible line that joins its beginning and end
Blooms please eye, wither imprints mind
Even ancient pines fade as perfume in a bottle expires
Busy stage traffic, jammed scheduled dramas
Your lifetime’s devotion on the Globe also demolished
Lonely writing nights, cold winters and summer heat
Not half day leisure muse or family time
Generations praise your works, a golden touch
New wine into old wine bags, Explode Blood! ha ha! Blood!
Your sonnets great classic, and how modern!
Beauty’s effect only exists in remembrance
And your children, where are they now?
While the whole world is touring your plays.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Sonnet 004

Sonnet 004
Laijon Liu 20160218

Talents setup monuments, heart composes lyrics
A mansion builder must think of coming dwellers
Love song only to soul mate, I am a picky eater
And a selfish giver hates to cast rare pearls to dogs
Nature is generous, she spreads her evergreen branches
Her children raise their small hands to pluck her plump fruits
Birds perch and animal rest in her leafy shade
All her gifts must be attended to avoid misuse
We all wait for fair bid, everything has its right price
Say No to bubble dreams, say No to knock-off craps
When it’s time Nature calls me in for an audit
This clean book is my golden parachute
Beauty belongs to Nature, talents everyone receives
I am happy to share with whomever that treasures

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sonnet 003

Sonnet 003
Laijon Liu 20160217

Biological clock is ticking, all creatures have their seasons
Poor self-consciousness makes everyone anxious
Now is the time to build a house, now to climb, to summit
But when we are ever certain with important decisions?
Fair women, diamond rings, Queen wants her palace
Fields need tillage, a mother must buy her joy with her tears!
Who does not want children? They’re angels from heaven.
Who doesn't study the road map to enter a new territory?
Child resembles mother, child is mother's everything
Child also bears mother’s misfortune and prayers
My mom says to me: “Go find a good place,
Learn to pursue happiness with what you have”
Give children the best, not to grieve a woman
If principal I can’t uphold, then I’ll die single with smile

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sonnet 002

Sonnet 002
Laijon Liu 20160216

Forty winters have already besieged me
My prime’s stronghold is breached and captured
Once a pasture now barren with abandoned rigs
A greyhair warrior quits sharpening his spear
Beauty in young men’s bravery, old men’s wisdom
Treasure lies in wine cup and a warm bed
Seeing myself in mirror, an old wretch
Thru toiling and drift forever chasing the high winds
How dare I say to anyone: “Come Love,
Let’s form a family, let’s make life?!”
There’s not much to make, only more and more agony
There’s not much to pass down, only poverty
Shanty town make shanty town’s copy
To see this repeating makes my heart cold.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Sonnet 001

Sonnet 001
By Laijon Liu 20160215

Beauty, is that outward appearance or inward strive?
A rose stretches till her end days of crimson glory.
Life a constant battle, dream painted with one's own blood
Sweet, pains all cease, and fragrance lasts only in memory
Yes, I read your verse and wonder your bright aura
But your nights’ restless passion comforts not a burden soul
So what! that I am the new world’s fresh ornament
And my songs can dress Earth greeny with blooms
But my lover is already dead, deaf like you
Like world lost in darkness, blinded by static noise
Who does not care about his feather?
And carefully guards his heart with shield?
I don’t pity the world, but only you, for you
And a few true lovers still believe and make do

I love Shakespeare Sonnets, this poem is reflection on sonnet 001. some good poems reader feel those are written for them, and they can also write one to reply to the poets, like a letter travels thru time, writer never knows how reader feels, reader can never tell the writer about his thought. They are separated by the void, only meet thru the writing. But the good poem keeps writer alive and comforts reader, they are not alone.

On Shakespeare's Sonnets: 

A Poets' Celebration

Sample Sonnets from feature poets: Link

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nothing Compares to Love - A Moving Real Story.

A Moving Real Story from Yahoo I read today.
yahoo link, 
Chinese Link

Nothing Compares to Love
Laijon Liu 20060210

Nothing compares to love, that true love
when a young couple fall for each other
two universe collide, ignite eternal flame
hearts, minds and arms hold communion
but Cupid is heartless, with his jealous bow
aimlessly shoots rampage, a mass victims
abject poverty is an ever-stretching wall
toiling bitterness trenches deeper and deeper
year-end saving for a feast is horrid despair
disability makes commoners serve time for life
Precious Jade must tie to Gold Locket, for blessing
Juliet and Romeo, young spoiled brats' crush
for Love we live, and Love we believe, Not True!
Reality is Milky Way, parts Love, parts you, parts me.

Too sad, tearing story. I don't blame the girl, I feel sorry for the boy too. I blame their environment, their bad economy caused by government and slave owning policies. their tragedies caused by men made disasters.

 Yahoo Story Copy:

Poor Chinese Rural Family's New Year Feast for Son's Girlfriend 1st Visit [photo]

A 27-year-old woman from Shanghai, China, decided to dump her boyfriend after she went to his family home, and discovered that they weren't well-off enough.
The unnamed woman took to her Weibo account to justify why she was leaving her boyfriend of one year. While the good-looking, hard-working guy had been treating her well, she felt he was just too poor for her.
According to a string of Weibo posts she made, she claims to come from a well-off family in Shanghai, while her boyfriend's parents are farmers in a village in the Jiangxi province. Her parents had raised concerns initially that her boyfriend was not a good match for her, but she continued to date him.

china rich gf7
Image: Weibo
However, the relationship came to an abrupt end when the wealth disparity between the woman and her boyfriend became all too clear during a visit to his hometown for Chinese New Year over the weekend.
She said the dishes they served were "too humble" for her liking and caused her to take the first train out of Jiangxi to return home to Shanghai, reported People's Daily Online.
"When I saw their food, I wanted to throw up. It was 100 times worse than what I had imagined. I can't accept it," the woman wrote.
The woman's lengthy post on the KDS online forum caused quite a stir amongst Chinese netizens. Some said they could relate to her plight, but most were outraged by her audacity and lack of good manners.

china rich gf3
china rich gf8

"Breaking up is not a problem, but you should still respect others, I feel like this woman looks down on farmers," one Weibo commenter said.
Others called her out on being too proud and that she was suffering from "princess syndrome."
In recent years, China's rising wealth gap has been a growing polarising issue, with people wondering if one can find love with someone of another social standing. In his sophomore novel China Rich Girlfriend, author Kevin Kwan (of Crazy Rich Asians fame) pointed out how far removed China's 'fu er dai' — second-generation rich kids — were from reality.
[H/T: Shanghaiist]

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Laijon Liu 20160207

Bed is a warm place, after daylight ends
its warm darkness wraps around you

a safe hideout for a kitten with fearful heart
his curious eyes peep out under a wool blanket

a bandage binds on a wound, not too tight
til the painful senses become numbing scar

fairy tales and sound dreams do grow out
daisies and polka dots also fade in its space

in this sacred realm its ruler rules with snore
world keeps quiet, peace not to be disturbed

in this blossom garden princess reads books
about princess, and prince puts away his sword

lonely nights, romance crash, hardcore wishes
our first cry into world, final solution to troubles

all folded like barbie in a gift box, neatly tucked in
and disappear in its dark warm magic act

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tyrannosaur Skeleton

Tyrannosaur Skeleton
Laijon Liu 20160202

Beauty of terror pieced by ancient sky fires
and preserved in the memory of burnt soil
crawling out with tyrannous claws and jaws

those giant haunting skeletons exhibit in museums
and live, move in men, among men
turning luxuriant Earth into a fossil land

picture link: