Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ode to Jesus

Ode to Jesus
Laijon Liu 2014.11.11

DNA, protein and RNA
Together they form chromosomes
Universe is created upon its law
thru Love all life happens and exists
St. John wrote: “In the beginning was the Word,
And the Word was with God,
And the Word was God,
He was with God in the beginning.”

A man stood on Jordan’s bank 2000 years ago
He ate wild honey, he wore camel hair
He was there to testify for the light, you
And thru light that darkness men shall see
Old rituals must be replaced by new baptism
That water cannot cleanse spirit and hearts
Men must repent to believe the good news
Men must practice good, and pursue truth

Is the world really around 6000 years?
I want to be truthful to my doubts
Creationism is a part of human evolution
That men exploring new ways to comprehend
Teachers of the law, scare children to comply
Religion and science are all man’s making
I love how you summarize the scrolls of scribes:
Love God and love our neighbor

God, what is God? Hmmm-
God is good; God is Love; God is Unknown;
God is the maker of heavens and Earth;
God is the Force; God is the Source;
God is One over zero, undefined in Math.
God is that initial warm fuzzy radiance
perceived in visual cortex of our brain
so we regain consciousness and ask questions.

Our neighbor, Earth, this sexy blue planet
we call Her our home, every stem and every leaf
shows evidence of your grand design
your hands tender, care, your scientific work
call the fishermen, share loaf, wine and fish
how provocative is your concept of peace
all men are bothers, and women are sisters
rulers, judges and priests are the targets to save.

God’s business scares the shit out of slave masters
They gonna loose their vineyards and wealth
They must give up their influence and corporal liberty
Soldiers, cops and taxmen to serve the mob?
And politicians become truthful and humble?
Children are getting the best education?
Old and sick obtain Senate healthcare…
Your mission sounds like judgment day in a pipe dream.

It’s more sensible to believe other matters than you.
Aliens hover above earth, vampires and zombies rise
Ghosts haunt ruler and prince on Shakespeare’s stage
Santa Claus, Virgin Mary’s pregnancy, resurrection
Who knows, maybe God only exists in storytelling
to prevent our ancestors sacrificing their children
Primitive folks need a deity to abide social order
Because of the big bad wolf, so all fearful boys to behave

I, believe you, because of your concept and belief
Stirring clear water so it becomes sweet wine
Stepping on rolling waves, law of gravity redefined
Lost vision can be restored, broken arm can be healed
Men no longer have to submit to their reality and old ways
Men can believe, work, reach dreams, and share
Men no longer fear of lost, death or hell
Men can quit roughhouse, and set their hearts on skies.