Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dating Is So Difficult For Me

Dating Is So Difficult For Me
By Laijon Liu 20090819

Dating is so difficult for me
It’s like a young poet aiming for a good poem
For me, being a five ft. and size six shoes
That there’s really nothing to brag about

So I could only focus on my skills
Like making a good image and sweet lines
And in the morning I practice singing
At night I would work out my form

And on weekend I’d go shopping
For the dirty Levis, and blue suede shoes
So I could get myself into the club
To draw your eyes, heart or hands

But sometime I really do wish
That dating is simple as writing & reading poetry
On that very first date we meet
We can just strip off, all naked

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who Wants To Live Forever?

Who Wants To Live Forever?
By Laijon Liu 20090818

Who wants to live forever?
Like a vampire never dies
All the meanings of life
Vanished into thin air

Like gods we sit in eternity
Drinking our lust to get by
Our past never be adored
And matters are all waste

We never need to strive
Or catch time by rush
And our fate and chances
Like seasons circle around

No, we don’t urge or yearn
Nor taste any griefs or lost
And all the senses of existence
Become sex without love

Oh, we wish we never die
So we can enjoy forever
But only death reminds us
The value of present time

Behold the present moment, for each second is eternal.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Give Myself a Little Break

Give Myself a Little Break
By Laijon Liu 20090805

I’m too tired of walking
Too tired of searching and working
I’m gonna lie down for a while
Don’t care if a train runs over me

I’m gonna lock myself in today
And stay in my room all night
Just listen to music till dawn
Don’t care if this ghetto house is on fire

I’m gonna let go of myself
Just to loose myself for once
Not to worry about bread or milk
And not to be bothered by any thoughts

I’m gonna stop all my believing
That this life is about chasing dream
Coz in the end of our journey
Not everyone all reach it

I’m gonna quit asking girls to go out
Coz they’re gonna say “No” anyway
Who wants to hold hands with a loser?
Or be crazy enough to marry poverty?

I’m gonna quit my shitty job
And tell all the collectors to fuck off
Coz in this game of trickery world
None of us gets a fair rate

I’m gonna withdraw all my savings
And eBay all my books and CDs
Gather up all my five hundred bucks
For a sky diving without a parachute bag

And I’m gonna shut my weary eyelids
Just to give myself a little break
And if God awakens me some day
Then I’m gonna recite Him this poem

Monday, August 3, 2009

Drink Alone Under Moonlight (Sad Version)

Drink Alone Under Moonlight (Sad Version)
By Li Po
Translated by Laijon Liu 20090803

Among the flower bush
I set a pot of wine
At this midnight hour
I drink alone again

So I raise up my cup
To invite the bright moon
And bow down my head
To greet my shadow friend

But how the moon in sky
Knows about the taste of wine
And my shadow just follows
To wherever he doesn’t understand

Still, the moon and my shadow
Are my temporal friends
And at this short spring season
We must make joy for all us

So I sing out aloud
The moon tangoes and waltz
And I rock and swing
My shadow rolls and disperses

O at this wakening hour
We share our love and pleasure
But after we sunk in drunkenness
We all separate toward each road

How we wish to be together forever
On this mutual voyage
And wait for the date we sh’d meet
In that far vast Milky Way


I have done translations on this poem before, but never satisfied.
Coz I felt I could not bring out the loneliness and sadness,
But this translation is really closer to Li Po’s mind state.