Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Golden Apple

The Golden Apple
Laijon Liu 20151103

Yes, my beautiful goddesses
you can make me honorable and famous
and grant me cities of gold
but I wouldn't trade my giggles and laughter

jewel crown set upon my gray hair
maidens in white satin serve me wine
their soothing voice sings me into mellow dreams
but fear and tears are more precious in life

ambrosia and nectar ease my wrinkles
but in the wash pan my Helen's face still shimmers
by the campfire, at our fleeting night
we cuddled and trembled, we were cold and hungry.

the world gets mad when we fall in love
gods throw tantrum because we choose each other
behind us, chasing armies and swearing kings
their men up in arms hunting for our trail

desperate battle cries, men's solemn chants
broken spears and blood in burnt fields
fires and smokes died down in city ruins
these are wedding gifts from the blind Bard