Monday, July 27, 2009


By Laijon Liu 20090725

Plath says mirror tells truth
But eyes can be deceitful
How we stand in front of it
Seeing same picture everyday

We first always see a youngster
Then a fine lad or a fair maiden
Like God we adore our look
That moment seems eternal

But as our years flow by
We somehow never realize
How different we have become
How gradually, and so suddenly

The face of a familiar stranger
Pierced into our woken mind
Then memories like old photos
Comparing with current evidence

Yet, mirror remains faithful
And silently reflects our image
Only we, staring and pondering
Over our past and unreal present

Thru our eyes we perceive
And mind searches or defines
Who that person really is
In this mirror of flying time



那时, 我们好似永恒的

逐渐的, 却又突然的

一个熟悉的, 陌生的面孔
接着, 回忆象破旧的照片

但, 镜子保持着它的忠诚
只有我们, 还在凝视和沉思着:
我们的过去, 和这不真实的现在


Thursday, July 16, 2009


By Laijon Liu 20090715

Paiting: Manet's Olympia

In between the streaming cars
I stand alone, posing like a supermodel
And waving with my glamorous smile

The gray pavement is my silver runway
And street lights glaring on my long hair
My pink hand bag stores our protection
And I’ll make you feel good at any night

Yes, I am a street fairy
I’m goddess in bed
And I’m your seventy dollar baby
If I really liked your hearty offering
Then I’d do you a dirty favor for thirty

My high heel boots w’ red leather neck
Look shining great by the black tire
My tight mini skirt, and black net socks
Never shy away from the stormy winter

On the table I’m a young dancer
And at home I’m an exhausted mother
But tonight, I let you be my driver
Or I can be your back sit lover

You can call me Mommy
Or make me scream Daddy
Or share all your heartbreak stories
Thru your psychotic revenge

For cash I must bend over
I must sing or moan or howl
I must rock my hips and roll back and forth
To turn you on and set you off
To let all you men pick up what you have lost

The queen size bed is my living stage
For each show I must nail my acts in sweat
The wet sheet marked by all past stains
That reminded our history and violent affairs

No, showers cannot cleanse
Soaps do not wash away
The deeds and fears I have endured
Only alcohol and tears would drown me
So I can sink deep in sleep
And run away from my haunting thoughts

Oh, I sold my body for soul
I traded my eternity for choice
I collect all the tips to buy hope
I strip off and kneel down
I beg around naked
And exchange in truth
But no one in this dealing world
Has much left to console

Christ died on the cross
He’s resurrected in books
And men are lost in streets
And in market place they’re waiting
Oh that second coming of God, seems at halt

So I must be my savior for now
I must be a savior for myself
I cleanse men’s feet with my hair
I feed babies upon my breasts
And I give boys their motherly love
That this world never provides

I’m a sweet little girl, holding a lollipop
I’m a beautiful lady in red, waiting in a bar
Tonight, on this shaky bed, I lay myself flat
For all my children and our better day
I must lie quietly and calmly spread

I’m praying for the lips of my date
I’ve forgotten the taste of love
And all I’ve had is this battling sex
Till one day this body says
"I am too old to sell"

I watch the ruby sun goes down
I greet the pale moon when she rises
Up on my hills I lie down
I see people climb on and fall off
Then I take a deep breath
I look up toward the dark sky
And I yell out:
Tonight I survived again
And tomorrow I get up, I live on!

Part 2:
Civilization II