Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Toilet, What A Sanctuary To Be

Toilet, What A Sanctuary To Be
Laijon Liu 20090218

Toilet, what a sanctuary to be
Whenever files piled up on my desk
I can always come to you
To obtain a moment of peace

No one would dare to stop me
If I loudly pronounce your name
Whether they’re enemies or boss
For they must wait for your sake

You’re stuck with all kind papers
Political reviews help me to blow
Porn magazines satisfy my drive
And clean roll tissues all we need

I wish I have your mighty strength
That all people sit on you daily
And you can take whatever they dump
Without any complaints

I know I can always count on you
Your space, my venting place
Where I curse and where I pray
After, I’m clean, and rumors never leak

I think you are the most holy thing
But why I don’t pay you much respect
Watching you sucking in all the shits
Isn’t it what world really need?

I hope I could adore you as my dog does
For he knows you hold the living source
And I pray you never fail to flush out
Or else, all hell breaks loose, and I’m crying to God.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Pen Writes For You

My Pen Writes For You
Laijon Liu 20090202

My pen writes for you.
It never rolls to any side.
For every its inkdrop is sacred,
Coz it’s not made for word games.

My pen speaks for you.
It never shouts for any sports.
When your world filled by dust,
Then my pen shines its piercing light.

My pen cries with you.
When all things are seemed lost,
And dreams become nightmares,
So my pen jots down all your tears.

My pen serves all of you.
And I hold it firmly with pride.
For I won’t sell it for a price,
Nor bend it to gain any prize.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I So Wanna Fall Asleep

I Wanna Fall Asleep
Laijon Liu 20090201

I so wanna fall asleep.
No more sorrow or grief.
No need to hear the grating clock,
And never see the gloomy clouds.

I so wanna fall asleep.
No need to plan or recall.
No need to flatter or bluff.
Never tell lies, or be tricked again.

A good dream is a blessing in life.
Shut our eyes, we see flowers and bees.
Lovers hold each other, families party together,
And our innocent kids with their sweet sweet face.

I so wanna fall asleep.
No more debts of former life.
No more affairs of coming age.
Just shut our eyes, so we are in peace.

Oh, I so wanna fall asleep.

没有忧愁, 没有烦恼,

不用说谎, 也不会被骗.

恋人们卿卿我我, 家人们团团圆圆,