Monday, December 14, 2015

New York Subway

New York Subway - A Ride to Dream
Laijon Liu 20151214

Now, For 7 Line Riders
The Far West Side is
No Longer Far.           -NY MTA

Morning 5-6 o'clock
new immigrants on the train
half asleep, half conscious
some of them on their way to work
others off long hour night-shift to home
their stressed expression, wrinkled shirts
worn out working boots and uniforms...

they speak my language, mixed English and...
poor grammar short sentences in strange accents...
they never have time and energy to learn
they don't give shit, that's how they can stay and survive

7-8 o'clock
young students with backpack
immigrant and native kids with New York accent
on their way to school
to see what their nation has promised them
they ride upbeat and know their metro system
better than their textbook and changing neighborhoods
their baseball hats, football jerseys, and basketball sneakers
all that their parents paid for them

9-10 o'clock
Native residents, career successful office people
in their brand name fashionable dress and suits stand on the train
they never have to rush to punch their time cards
bury their faces in new york times and expensive glossy magazines
they seem in control of their time and work
their parents built the subway
their parents or great grandparents rode early morning train

trains rock from stop to stop
there are finance, luxury shopping, and entertainment districts
there are new immigrant concentrated and crime neighborhoods
train rock from station to station
passengers get on and get off
going somewhere
in this great multi-culture megacity
going somewhere
in their own worlds, in their own heads
going somewhere
like the NYC Metro routine, on schedule always
to that forever unreachable destination

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Golden Apple

The Golden Apple
Laijon Liu 20151103

Yes, my beautiful goddesses
you can make me honorable and famous
and grant me cities of gold
but I wouldn't trade my giggles and laughter

jewel crown set upon my gray hair
maidens in white satin serve me wine
their soothing voice sings me into mellow dreams
but fear and tears are more precious in life

ambrosia and nectar ease my wrinkles
but in the wash pan my Helen's face still shimmers
by the campfire, at our fleeting night
we cuddled and trembled, we were cold and hungry.

the world gets mad when we fall in love
gods throw tantrum because we choose each other
behind us, chasing armies and swearing kings
their men up in arms hunting for our trail

desperate battle cries, men's solemn chants
broken spears and blood in burnt fields
fires and smokes died down in city ruins
these are wedding gifts from the blind Bard

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Serve. Rally. Roar.

Serve. Rally. Roar.

On the 7 train back to Queens after my sat. soccer game, I saw a great three word poem done by US Tennis Association:


the writer is sharp and poetic like Don Draper, only 3 words capture the player motion, strive, spirit and watching fans' emotion, the player and audience naturally blend into 3 words. I couldn't google the exact advertising image on the web, so I find some other tennis match photos for this cool poem.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Big House Burns

Big House Burns
Laijon Liu 2015.08.08

wall is for protection
door is to shut outsiders out
window is to peek the outside
backyard for kids to play, and friends’ beer chat

Houses are past down thru generations
they’re nation’s treasures or family’s legacy
but I’m thrilled seeing big houses burn:
Temples, Summer Palace, Plantations, Global Corps...

because when a house gets too big
the owner hires slaves to maintain it. 
My friend said: “we ought to be live in containers.”
I said: “yeah, when we are all drunk.”

Monday, July 27, 2015

Boy and His Sandcastle

Boy and His Sandcastle
Laijon Liu 20150727

a boy on the summer beach
is building his sandcastle
he's happy and singing
while the sands flow through his hands

wishes in buckets, stack up to small dunes
bridges and cathedrals gradually appear
behind him, the low tides creep
and slowly creep into my heart

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Laijon Liu 20150606

Thunderbolts flash in the night sky
Earth revives under the rumbling clouds
Soon- comes that long-awaited rain
Soon- the sun rises in rainbow dress

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Falling Snail

Falling Snail
Laijon Liu 20150521

You let go of the tree branch, the longest distance
and the highest spot you've ever reached.
the wind streams now, and stationary world
becomes a whirling rainbow

Finally, a lifetime of forward endeavor
upward crawl, and bearing that heavy shell
is traded for one second rush

Monday, May 11, 2015

Three Very Funny Pictures

 Three Very Funny Pictures I recently screen-captured from 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Who is your Superhero?

Who is your Superhero?
Laijon Liu 20150508

Superman? Batman? Spiderman?
Ironman? Xman? Matrix Neil? 
or the master cook Walter White?

Mine is Ordinary Men
They are so brave, they dare to walk
in this world with no superpower

All they can do is
to dog, duck, and chicken out
their appearance makes the dark part of stage

They don't have fans
their names and stories never been told
their numbers counted by millions, billions

but they pass down mankind
carry on our evolution
they born, breed, labor, and die
and be Ever Hopeful

Work ants and work bees

Work ants and work bees
Laijon Liu 20150508

Work ants and work bees
they labor from sunrise to sundown
build their hives and colonies

they're dedicated, disciplined, loyal
tech savvy and self-sacrificial
united & alone they guard their empire hierarchy

they're zombies, brain dead
like slave never lived, and never survive
never try to mate their queen or sit on the throne

Tang. Luo Yin

Everywhere from flatlands to hilltops,
a vast landscape they have occupied.
And after all flowers're gathered, honey made,
for whom they've labored and sweet they offer?



Thursday, May 7, 2015


Laijon Liu 20150506


Monday, April 27, 2015

Ming poet Chen ZiLong 陈子龙 横云山石壁铭

Ming poet Chen ZiLong 陈子龙 横云山石壁铭

Sunday, April 26, 2015

ISBN#978-7-5458-0126-2 Old Shanghai Travel Book with Poems and Newspaper Drawings

An Very Cute Old Book
ISBN#978-7-5458-0126-2 Old Shanghai Travel Book with Poems and Newspaper Drawings

There's a Chinese bookstore on Elizabeth St. in Chinatown NY. I often go dig up some good books there. On Sat I discovered a book written by a Qing Dynasty author, Old Shanghai Travel Guide Booklet (1st published 1876),  contain a poem and a newspaper drawing on each page, total 356 drawings, two Chinese poems depict Qing Opium dudes truly funny, load them up here for some laugh:)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Old Age

Old Age
Laijon Liu 20150424

Mirror reflects presence and recalls our past
old age with grey hair is but a wrinkled coat

Am I this? Were I that? Our prime, a hologram
Gold satin has faded, becomes ashy bandage

Strip off the heavy shell and the dead skin
Life must embrace sunlight and Mother Earth

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nightbloom Cereus

Nightbloom Cereus
Laijon Liu 20150404

Those years of mild sun rays and lucid dews
your seasons of tranquility among the blooms
last night, under the golden moonlight
your fragrant heart suddenly bloomed-
For whom? -and quickly faded into memory.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Li Po's Great Roc Poem

Li Po's Great Roc Poem[1]
Translated by Laijon Liu 20150329

Great roc one day rises with the wind,
He twisters upward ninety thousand miles[2].
If the wind's calm and he comes down,
Still he can churn the mighty sea waves.
People see me and my oddball speech,
They see my bragging and they all sneer.
Even Confucius respected his pupils,
Gentlemen should not ignore young adults[3].

[1] Poem original title: To Li Yong, he was a Tang calligraphy artist, held a local official job, a friend of Li Po, Tu Fu and Gao Shi.
[2] miles literal translation: li, ancient measurement
[3] young adults literal translation: young of age

Chinese Original:
上 李 邕
  李 白

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Laijon Liu


Rereading Sima Qian's Historic Record reminds my old Chinese poem done years ago, about Han Dynasty's flying general Li Guang, a poetic tragic figure, his career misfortune done a better service on pages and stages than to his lifetime desire.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dark Memories

Dark Memories
Laijon Liu 20150324

Dark memories stream out of bat caves
patch the patterns of nights
those cut and sawed fragments, countless

like crawling bangle stripes or leopard spots
quietly tailing a lost zebra
gradually, all vanish into white desert

Monday, March 9, 2015

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
Laijon Liu 20150309

gushing, roaring, and pouring
forward- is to freefall, to farewell and to self-undo
forward- is to sink the past, and face future uncertainty
forward- is also to rise, to renew, and to reborn

drawn and dive into that immense gravity
smash and splash that overpowering energy
new settlers come forth at your foot
offer up their wish, bonding, and own-selves

Friday, February 13, 2015


Laijon Liu 20150213

piercing thorns cannot shield your fragrant heart
ruby folded layers tightly clench your secret yearning
You, with Aphrodite's beauty, praised by the world

and doomed to be the crown jewel
only to be cut off from branch, and sold
as symbol of love bonding

Friday, February 6, 2015

Two Great Yuan Qu Poems

Two Great Yuan Qu Poems

Autumn Thoughts
by Ma ZhiYuan (1250-1321)

Withered vine, Old tree, Dusky crows,
Small bridge, Flowing water, Folk's hut,
Ancient road, West wind, Thin horse.
Evening sun declines westward,
Heart-broken person at far corner of the earth.
by Bai Pu (1226-1306)


Solitary village, Setting sun, Sparse rosy clouds,
Scarce [chimney] smoke, Old trees, Cold crows,
Beneath the dot-shadow of a flying swan,
Green hills, Emerald water
Bleach grass, Red leaves, [and] Yellow blooms.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Red Pill and Blue Pill

Red Pill and Blue Pill
Laijon Liu 20150202

I swallowed the red pill, and I saw Alice
float facedown in lime spring river
her blond hair and pink polkadot skirt 
covered by rose petals and blood
slowly disperse in the tear ripples

I swallowed the blue pill, and I saw Alice
chase a black-suit rabbit, and fall down 
into a black hole, infinite gold light-rays
swirl, myriad pink distorted oval balloons
and her bell laughter forever echo 

It was a bored drowsy afternoon
on the riverbank I saw Alice and her sister
they were fishing and catching butterflies
by accident I tripped over, by accident
my shotgun discharged.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Red Crane (Flamingo) by Xin Mu, The Swan by FS Flint

Red Crane (Flamingo)
by Xin Mu (1943-)

One flamingo descends
one red bloom is planted on the lake;
A flock of flamingo descend
the whole lake is covered by red blooms.

One flamingo ascends
slits a bleeding wound in the sky;
A flock of flamingo ascend
the sky bleeds a blood river.

Original Chinese poem:



also reminds another great poem

The Swan
by Mr. FS Flint

Under the lily shadow
and the gold   
and the blue and mauve                 
that the whin and the lilac     
pour down on the water,        
the fishes quiver.        

Over the green cold leaves    
and the rippled silver         
and the tarnished copper       
of its neck and beak,  
toward the deep black water 
beneath the arches,    
the swan floats slowly.                   

Into the dark of the arch the swan floats      
and the black depth of my sorrow     
bears a white rose of flame.

The Swan more color and emotional, Flamingo is simple.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Cracks

The Cracks
Laijon Liu 20150128

My dry lips crack, my dry fingertips split
like the retinal vessels crisscross in my eyes
it's symptom of malnutrition and dehydration

the frozen earth, city roads crack too
and they gradually grow into me, like cerebral fissures
dissecting brain functions, experience, and hope

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Rokeby Venus

The Rokeby Venus
Laijon Liu 20150126

like a pearly stream of cool bubbling spring
you amble through the sizzling summer night 
your tresses- fragrance shrouds your bedchamber

lying on your linen couch, you look into Cupid's glass 
your goddess smile ripples, outside, above your flowerbed
that low-hanging plump gold moon

Friday, January 23, 2015

Beauty of Woman

Beauty of Woman
Laijon Liu 20150123

June is your smile, July is your eyes
and August must be your song
sunshine brings blazing colors of summer's day

Beauty exists. Yes! it's also in your broken heart
like midnight violin plays melancholic tune
slowly echoes your memory of black & blue

A mother cradling her infant child, sings lullaby
her babe is her world, her child is her savior
and in her arms her baby sweetly sleeps

Those red maple leaves, frosted evergreen twigs
like your wrinkles through the passing years
permanently beautiful, permanently warm

For moms, grandmas, women raising their family.

Snowdome Dream

Snowdome Dream
Laijon Liu 20150123

Granny's music-box, plays an old fairy's song
tracing a set of wolf footprints
you'll find a gray castle in the woods

there snowflake twirl, there winter ever world
there a maiden in slumber, and she dreams
a pair of crystal shoes

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wild Horse, and Herd of Wild Horses by Poet Zhou Tao

Wild Horse
Laijon Liu 20150119

Winds are my bones, storms are my thoughts
pastures and plateaus erect my soul
life is stride and howl!

forever running, forever- non-stop
tune to the heartbeats of Earth, glide in Night's gown
Forward- my youth! Go- erase the sunset!

Xu Beihong's Galloping Horse.



永远奔驰,永远- 不停歇
前进- 我的青春!去- 涂掉夕阳!


the following a much better poem about Wild Horse done by a contemporary Chinese poet, environment  change horses as experience-soaked poets, my wild horse lived in a good comfortable land, his herd of wild horses truly lived, strove in battle, desert, wilderness, and storm.

Herd of Wild Horses
by Poet Zhou Tao (1946-

erect standing in the wasteland
let desert wind blow their carefree manes
stretching their necks gaze at the far joint of the Earth and sky
that forever unreachable horizon
three [or] five gather in herd
to be a tripod leg force of cauldron balancing vast land and sky
formed a scene of dependent on each other for survival.

same as a clan of horse
yet different as most of them
their thick tail skirts dragged above the bush
hanging loose manes on their breasts, necks and foreheads
not combed or decorated
sand dust covered their back
that never mounted with crafted silver saddle
broad rump and thighs
not marked with branding iron
in those intractable untamed eyes
cannot find a bit of meekness.

Breed of the Blood Sweating Horse
Descendants of Ancient Armour Cavalry Turkics
once in a violent heated battle
by luck survived
the ancient battlefield adherents
to be the wittiness of history in this desolate land.

the past noble horse breed
lost their royal stable
reduced to be wanderers in wilderness
facing the threat of extinction
dealing with wolf packs
chasing water grass in desert
dodging the kill of muzzles
and, even facing the coming of century storm
they're not a herd that willing to kneel and beg for life.

and it happened
under the declining dusk
[they] quietly
approached near to the herdsmen's tent
inhaling the warm odor of human
lowering their heads to listen mysterious voice and laughters
[that] deep affection buried in their blood
awakened from their wild spirit
a yearning like prodigal son to homeland
made them [stand still] for a long while
with silent concentrated attention
but only a sound of dog bark
made them
vanish without a trace.

herdsmen out of their tent
staring at those far uncatchable accelerating
dark shadows immerse into night
and gently said:
ah, [a] herd of wild horses......

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thoughts, Winter Withered Branches

Thoughts, Winter Withered Branches
Laijon Liu 20150113

My thoughts sprout out like winter withered branches
reaching their entangled arms upward at the sky 
spring breeze in dreams, warm embrace in nest

those gray elongated, meandering, suffocating trunks 
tightly wrap around a cracked eggshell
waiting for hatch, aspire to launch

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Thinker

The Thinker
Laijon Liu 20150110

the world weighs down
on his neck and shoulders

so he sits, and takes deep bow
to generate his utmost strength

his knee supports his elbow
his hand supports his chin, his frowning eyes shut

above him, the infinite cosmos vanishes,
becomes singularity, the burden of existence

his dead wife still smiles at him in his dream
or he's still searching for his long lost son?

he strips himself nude
wearing only his stony strain muscles and rough skin

let the scorching sun and the freezing rain
rub his silent stillness.

Rodin's The Thinker, Atlas and Hercules.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Heart A Spider Web

Heart, A Spider Web
Laijon Liu 20150104

My heart slowly spits out a spiral web

that symmetric framework of time and solitude
only to catch moonlight and cold dewdrops

those thin fragile tangled silky strings
tremble at birds chirp and lover's hum
suddenly smashed by a pair of flowery wings


threads of device, gaps to flee
on this center stage of labyrinth
fate directs tragedy and uncertainty

hearts on eight legs, climb and crawl
clinging in wind, hair-raising
torrid kisses, and night drowns in wine


between earth and heaven, a cast wide net
that cuts off living, and unknown universe
mind paces behind those indestructible wires

one must endure hunger, endure rains
one must endure silence and patiently wait
a predator is Nature's prey


heart-shaped triangles, oval galaxies
infinite designs spin off in lotus blooms
a single crystal strand ties love and foes

backtrack traces, unfasten knots
wipe off dawn project for a sable sail
unquenchable desire, restless thoughts


every vibration, and slight stress on strings
connect your feeling to my senses
your perseverance, your desperation

force in distance, and Earth gravity
together construct matters of harmony
our existence is defined in relation


constellations, branches and veins
through a cracked telescope lens
that worlds hold many centers, are fallen

a seraph flaps his fractured wings
a nymph tries on her red-cobra nightgown
constant outward reach, toward that inward goal


everything is made broken, everything
tattered, shattered, deformed, every piece
and we try to keep them as whole

spinning kaleidoscope, rotating carousel
every fabric of mirage glistens
in a perfect geometric realm


I saw myself hanging in the void
so now I sway, and sway

I felt sea waves of stars falling on me
piling on me
I laughed, and laughed wildly