Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Laijon Liu 20170328

That moment you were shocked and paralyzed-
You turned the golden key
You unlocked the door of that forbidden room

You wished you’d never done that
You wished you obeyed him
You wished you never stepped in his golden coach

But it’s good fortune to live in a castle
Servants stand by, and many rooms to stroll
Curiosity is mind of appetite

And now you have seen his secrets
That dark room, old brick walls, blood
Hanging limbs, chained skeletons

Your lover is a courteous King, and a Doctor
He studies disfigurement and anatomy
He experiments philosophy of dreams

You can hear those strange noises clearly now
Night winds, swaying trees, crows beating their wings
And frightening screams in lightning thunders:

Look at his Blue Beard!
Look at his Blue Beard!
Look at his Blue Beard!

I love Bluebeard tale. it gives me climax every time thinking about the scene that young wife unlock the secret room. I am sure people unlocked some secret rooms in their relationship and there were signs everywhere on the first date, not something they disliked, but something that gave them creeps, but for some reasons they chose to ignore, such as bad temperament,  control-freak, chronic betting habit, or reticence,  or egotism never wrong always true huge character, thing/belief/principal that holier than love and relationship, or even life must be the sacrifice for that if needed, like this tale there's one room you should never access, basically the dude never trust you with his secret, that he is a monster, if he tells you or you find out then he has to kill you, but marriage is relationship of no-secrets I guess, I learn this principal from Hollywood films, soon or later you somehow gonna find out, then the thrilling drama comes, but I don't believe the young women's brothers could hear her loud screams, nor they could ride horses like thunders or fly like birds to be there on time to save her, and none of those dead women survived in that dark room, they all screamed for help, that's the truth, and that Bluebeard dude would continue, driving his golden coach to the countryside, marrying another young woman, bringing her back to his castle, repeating the storytelling. It could be a Wall St story too, like Tom Cruise's The Firm.

Wild Cross Reference: The Creation Tale - Genesis - Original Sin Tale
It's not once upon a time, but In the Beginning of the Time, when God created heavens and earth... fast forward to: God commanded the man said: "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden, but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you shall certainly die."... fast forward to: When the woman saw the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it, she also gave to her husband, who was with her, so he ate it too.
So what my saying is that you don't give the car key to your teens and say: "Don't turn the engine on when I'm not home." nor you give gun safe key to your kid and say: "just hold it til I'm back, if you ever open the gun safe and play with that loaded gun, then I'll surely ground you."
Bluebeard surely set it up for his young bride, that's his game of trust, if she fails, surely everyone would fail, so she must die. But I don't think God-believer would say God want people to die so he planted the wisdom tree there for men to sin, nor he's all knowing God was little careless picking an easy access spot there, I guess there must be some kind of interpretation of the Original Sin Tale, probably the tale is so old that our ancestors use to explain our death cause without any knowledge of disease, injury, aging, also explains men must plough, women feel birth pang, and their living conditions that time; also their moral sense introduced: Order(Obedience), Self-Consciousness(Shame,Nudity), Conscience(Knowing Good and Bad), Trickery(deceive.crafty), Fashion(Leaves,Hide), Relationship(Man and Woman must rejoin, the missing ribs symbol), Basic Living Concept(Life Hardship, Labor Pain) ... So our ancestor like the Ancient Greek Culture, maybe all people share the same Creation Tales, they need to explain their livelihood and surrounding whatever they don't understand thru making, editing and retelling their Tales.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Laijon Liu 20170326

Never wanna fly off the cliff
Never wanna drown in the sea
Never wanna nap on the railroad tracks
Never wanna hold a gun or beg for candy
Never wanna find a religion
or pray for anything

This poem is not about suicide, it's about living, how many people dealing this feeling daily, annually 44000 Americans die Link  and the rate increases every year following other countries too. Of course we never hear our major radio show, prominent interview program, and GOP politicians spend time on this issue, to interview the family members and patients still in rehab for finding out the cause and solution, I guess no one wants to hear those in-depth studies after day of exhausted labor, that people already fighting negative thoughts of quitting work and life on their own, they are tired of almost everything. But we cannot just put on a mask like GOP politicians say: "Why don't you go find a job?! Why don't you get an education?! Why don't you work hard?! or Blame Chinese, or immigrant, or illegal, or robotic technology, or addiction..." then they find tv cameras and passionately wave their flag of "Freedom", "Pro-Life". So this poem to record people's struggle in early 21st century, hope future historians get some balanced information of this Great Making American Era.

Thursday, March 23, 2017



人类的社会发展与大众的审美观念有紧要的关系, 而正确的审美观念就会使整个民族和文化导向文明, 从而提升大多数人的生活品质,让人们一代代的过得更好。中西文学及艺术有很多美学的文章,但很少有简洁清楚的论述或精短的故事让普通人明白美的概念。中国有传统的诗歌,诗话词话和经书教人以德,也有佛禅和道的自修篇章。西方有哲学和童话,如著名的:白雪公主,美人与野兽,灰姑娘等,其中白雪公主应是最完整的探讨美概念的寓言,但还没有任何西方美学家或中国哲人费笔墨详解,我就在这做个胡乱的议论。


魔镜:象征鉴别良知。每个人都有,审美是人的自然本能, 是像神一样知道善恶的智慧。两个或多个女人在一起就都心里明白谁更美和最美或识别美与丑。这魔镜不会像人一样奉承撒谎,魔镜的审美标准是真实美至上,技巧美次之,和外在美又次之。人的良知一直这样鉴定我们自己和别人的。
七岁-十岁的白雪公主:人在7-10岁是最美的,那个岁数的小朋友,身心是纯洁的一致的,他们做的任何事或调皮捣蛋,或读小书乱画画,或坐那儿无所事事... 都是美的,无心机。如七个小矮人让白雪公主 [收拾房子、做饭、洗衣服、纺线、缝补衣裳 ], 她没有讨价还价,或有暂时忍辱的埋怨: “开啥玩笑!你奶奶俺是天下最美的!俺放出的屁都是诗奈尔香水味!让俺伺候喃们?!又是老娘的霉气了!”,但公主的回答却是天真爽快 [ 白雪公主很乐意地说:"好的,我非常愿意!" ]



白雪公主的继母,恶皇后是有宝物(魔镜可知谁最美),有鉴定外表美的能力; 精通化妆术(胭脂铅华丑化人)打扮成不同的老婆婆又有一次是个农妇, 但不用此方法修饰自己容貌的不足; 精通时装艺术(胸带织成勒气阻),而时装在西方是文明的产物,动物不穿衣,愚昧无知的也不讲究着装,圣经上当亚当和夏娃吃了智慧果就知羞耻,就用树叶盖住下体,上帝之后就用皮给他们做衣服; 精通工艺技术(药梳制成梳断魂); 精通医药知识(青红苹果色甘美,心欲第一毒杀人); 样貌美,是比美亚军,只有白雪公主比她年轻还美,但若和白雪公主是同龄的话,可能二女平分春色或秋色。但恶皇后不知足,非要用她的秋容盖过白雪公主百花盛开的春颜。恶皇后的审美也是只注重形貌的,当人对着镜子只注重自己的话,她就只能看到自己的弱点,虽有美的地方也被忽略的,从而就有嫉妒和报复,随之她的长处如艺术,工艺,医药种种辅助人的知识就只能被她的私心和邪恶驾驽,这本是长处的知识,是辅助美的,却成了害人的工具,帮人行恶。但恶皇后却一意用她的方法自私的追求自我的外表美,方法是把比她更美的摧毁掉。如国家科技,经济数据,文化艺术奖牌,军事力量,学历和声望,好多面子招牌,但社会的大多数还是贫穷,不自主,没有救。但恶皇后和其家人却都是天下第一的,如西方最好学府毕业,精通中西,弹肖邦,论古今,个个王侯富贵,俊雅豪杰公瑾,帮其父母改进并巩固了奴隶社会。

白雪公主,样貌美,她的心灵跟她的外表一样纯洁。 白雪公主的美是博爱,感化生灵,她的美让人不忍心下手杀她,林中的野兽也不伤害她,她缺乏工艺知识,三次中计落入恶皇后的圈套,思想单纯,但她的智力弱点却不妨碍她的美。七个小矮人是被歧视的人物,他们自我介绍是山里挖金子的,估计真实情况还不如挖煤的,再说身体矮小能搬动个啥啊?只是起早摸黑的弄得一身脏灰罢了。她却不计尊贵公主的身份,和天下最美的荣耀,而服务七个小矮人。她的美是形象及本质的不死,是从里到外真实一致的,恶皇后的一切攻击(命令猎人,胸带,毒木梳,毒苹果)也不能致她死地,让她腐烂消失。

生母的美是以形貌鉴别,只是专注外表, 是短暂的;
继母的美注重技艺, 形式, 方法, 知识等, 但有极端的歧视性, 竞争性, 攻击性和毁灭性, 是丑恶的, 必失败的;

白雪公主向他们讲述了自己的全部经历。 他们听了非常同情,说道:"如果你愿意为我们收拾房子、做饭、洗衣服、纺线、缝补衣裳,你可以留在这儿,我们会尽心照料你的。"白雪公主很乐意地说:"好的,我非常愿意。"