Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Wish

I Wish
Laijon Liu 20130331

Standing on this green pitch
I envision my victory

I wish I could run
I wish I could chase
I wish my long shot pays off

forty years age, thirty years drift
somehow I kept my virginity
that’s holier than the Pope

Staring at this blank page
I pray for some good verse

I don’t wanna use flower or wine or moon
neither I care about dreams or death
I want to recollect warmth

yeah, to feel the soft breasts pressing
the familiar fragrance and breath
the things we’ll never forget

every morning I sit on the toilet
looking downward at porcelain floor

I know
the past can’t be changed
the hurting won’t linger
if I’m willing to forgive

hard years flew pass
gray hair never grows black
life will be good, the bad will pass
and they all pass

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