Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sirens with Soothing Voice and Resting Melody

Sirens with Soothing Voice and Resting Melody

I love music and songs. I especially love soothing female vocal sings a resting melody and poetic lyric that reminds me the story in Homer’s Odyssey, Sirens (Fairies) singing on the island that lures sailors jump into the ocean and drown them in a peaceful death. And during my years of sailing I collected some songs that I love and listen everyday, these fairies some compose and some interpret, I really do love their talent and feel very blessed that they allow me immerse into their feeling and passion when I feel sad and lonely, and sometime I lay on the bed half dead resting to recover in their angelic healing voice. I bet there are so many great singers and songs I have not heard because I don't have enough time money energy to dig, however I must put down a list that I know for showing my gratitude. (Most songs can all be googled, found on youtube and purchased from Amazon) I am glad that the voice of goddess guides me to a musical viking voyage: waves, rock and winds, high pitch spirit and longing :D 
Eva Cassidy is my favorite girl.

Kelly Sweet – Dream On youtube amazon
Siobhan Owen - Black Is the Colour amazon youtube
Giorgia Fumanti - Your Love (Once Upon A Time In The West) amazon youtube
Giorgia Fumanti - Espiritu amazon youtube
Cecilia - Love of a Silent Moon amazon youtube
Grace Bawden - Flower Duet amazon youtube
The Broadway Cats - Memory amazon
Original London Cast - The Phantom Of The Opera amazon
Hazlitt - Introit amazon youtube
Hazlitt - Lux aeterna amazon
Immortal Aria - The Bleeding Rose amazon youtube
Sinéad O'Connor - House of the Rising Sun youtube amazon
Sinéad O'Connor – A Perfect Indian youtube amazon
Hayley Westenra – Prayer youtube amazon
Hayley Westenra – Scarborough Fair amazon youtube
Hayley Westenra - lascia ch'io pianga youtube amazon
Hayley Westenra – Ave Maria - Ave Maria amazon youtube
Celine Dion - Ave Maria amazon youtube
Eliza Lumley - Sweet Child O' Mine amazon
Grace Griffith - Shape Of My Heart youtube amazon
Sarah Mclachlan – Angel youtube amazon
Nana Mouskouri – Time In A Bottle youtube amazon
Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold youtube amazon
Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves youtube amazon
Faryl Smith - Annie's Song amazon
Sasha Lazard - Carnival amazon
Sasha Lazard - Stabat Mater Ixxi amzon
Natasha Marsh - Gymnopedie No. 1 amazon
Natasha Marsh -  Si Un Jour youtube amazon
Natasha Marsh - Ai Giochi Addio youtube amzon 

Viktoria Tocca - Dark Waltz amazon
Pilippa Giordano - Habanera (From Carmen) amazon
Christy Baron - Ain't No Sunshine youtube
Amy Hanaialii - Have You Ever Seen The Rain? youtube amazon
Mary Duff - Take Me Home Country Roads youtube amazon
Barbra Streisand - Woman in love youtube amazon

Sarah K. - What's a Little More Rain? youtube amazon
Emi Fujita - Unchained Melody amazon
Selah – All My Tears (Be Washed Away) amazon
Selah - What Child Is This amazon
Selah - Holy Night amazon
Julie London - Cry Me A River amazon
Melody Gardot – Who Will Comfort Me youtube amazon
Suzzane Thomas – Rain and Snow amazon (Disc1 Track3)
Joan Baez - Diamonds & Rust youtube amazon
Norah Jones - Don't Know Why youtube amazon
Imelda May – Knock 123 youtube amazon
Taylor Swift – Drops of Jupiter amazon
Susan Wong – Sound of Silence youtube
Jewel – Raven youtube amazon
Sissel - Hallowed Mountains youtube amazon
Sissel - molde canticle amazon youtube
Sissel - Dusk amazon
Sissel - O Mio Babbio Caro amazon youtube
Susan Boyle – Wild Horses youtube amazon
Affinit - Tango De Roxanne amazon
Trio Mediaeval - Rolandskvadet (The Song Of Roland) amazon youtube
All the Stars - The Wailin' Jennys youtube amazon
Sarah Brightman – Dust In The Wind youtube amazon
Sarah Brightman – Scarbro Fair youtube amazon
Nana Mouskouri – Besame Mucho youtube amazon
Nana Mouskouri - La Paloma youtube amazon
Eva Cassidy – Imagine youtube amazon
Eva Cassidy – Ain't No Sunshine amazon
Eva Cassidy – True Colors youtube amazon
Eva Cassidy – Wayfaring Stranger youtube1 youtube2 amazonamazon2
Eva Cassidy – Bridge Over Troubled Water youtube amazon
Eva Cassidy – Yesterday youtube amazon
Eva Cassidy – Time After Time youtube amazon
Eva Cassidy – Kathy’s Song youtube amazon
Roxanna Riverso - Let it Be amazon
Mariette Davina - Angel Song amazon
Emma Shapplin - Nothing Wrong amazon 
Enya - Orinoco Flow amazon 
Enya - Caribbean Blue amazon
Enya - Only Time amazon
Sasha & Shawna - Sleepsong amazon
Tarja - Oasis amazon youtube
This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren amazon youtube
Sinead Blanchfield - Granada amazon
Sinead Blanchfield - Hymn A Lamour amazon
Samantha Link - Bring Me to Life amazon
Mary-Jess - Glorious amazon youtube
Katherine Jenkins - I will always Love you amazon
Katherine Jenkins - Parla Più Piano - Love Theme From The Godfather amazon youtube
Katherine Jenkins - Hallelujah amazon 
Renee Fleming - Hallelujah amazon
Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas (Whole CD) amazon
Charlotte Church - Pie Jesu From Requiem amazon
Charlotte Church - Dream A Dream church amazon
Jackie Evancho - Panis Angelicus amazon
Jackie Evancho - A Mother's Prayer amazon
Laura Wright - The Ash Grove amazon
Laura Wright - Drink to Me only with Thine Eyes amazon
Lisa Kelly - Now We are Free amazon
Hayley Westenra - Traditional Go To Sleep amazon
Alison Krauss - down to the river to pray amazon
Connie Fisher - Somewhere amazon
Sarah Niemietz – Stand By Me youtube amazon
Emi Fujita – Tears in Heaven youtube amazon
Selah – Bless The Broken Road youtube amazon
Melody Gardot – Your Heart Is As Black As Night youtube amazon
Melody Gardot – Our Love Is Easy youtube amazon
Norah Jones - Come Rain Or Come Shine youtube amazon
Norah Jones – Jolene (Live Cover on youtube) youtube
Adele - Someone Like You youtube amazon
Tracey Kent - Hushabye Mountain youtube amazon
Dolly Parton - Stairway to Heaven youtube amazon
First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining (acoustic) youtube
Cat Power - Metal Heart youtube amazon
Cat Power - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction youtube amazon
Lissie - Nothing Else Matters amazon


There are also some Chinese folk and poetry singers that are equal to the above English Singing Sirens. So the following list of a few songs for people who lust some good vocal. My choice of standard is, soothing voice, good melody, and poetic lyric. No propaganda song.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ode to Homeless

Ode to Homeless
By Laijon Liu 20120120

O tell God, Who is the bravest among men?
A wayfaring stranger despised by passerby
Men and stock are born in house and stable
But he’s resurrected after his roof collapse
Family and friends so all become strangers
Streets and parks suddenly turn to badlands
Winter freezing winds blow his heart cold
Sizzling summer heat burns up his thirst
Where he should go? Jordan? A Shelter?
Would he find his father and mother there?
Crowd faces, his usual sitting spot, all new
Only his old past is lost and he can’t forget
In rainy night, the sky spits on his head
In sunny day, he begs every stone face
To be himself, he must practice give up
Let the world win, watching people pass
Sitting in a corner he bows his head
Like a convict receiving his trial in court
His crime is that he lost his job and home
out of love and hope, no money to pay his debt
He is drowned in Vodka, his stomach like a sea
A non-stop smoker, cigarette can’t kill
He refuse to quit, coz he’s never addicted
Only drink and smoke soothe his sense
Time and silence are his sentence
In this wall-less jail he tries to rejoin our society
No name or inmate number required
And he’s liberal to roam anywhere
Life is a journey, but he can’t find rest
Living is a match; he’s preset to lose
Mountains and rivers test his lonely faith
Bar light and catering noise tempt his appetite
He is a traveling monk, a living Buddha
Hunger and thirst are his meditation
Thru deaf ears and rejections he observes Zen
At the marketplace he lives out a hermit life
Shaking his coin cup, he offers a sincere prayer
Facing apathetic crowd he puts on Golden Globe act
No, he doesn’t want to be rich and famous
His paperboard says [Money for food n drink]
Dress is his identity, so he picked original brand
Thru rains and winds he endures his natural scent
Shower and soap cannot match the fresh breeze
Sympathy and acceptance are not triggered by sense
Seasons pass, he experiences warmth and cold
On his pilgrim road there’s no sickness, toil or danger
People immigrate, mammals and birds migrate
Yet, wherever he goes, he can’t find a satisfying habitat
Oh, where is his house for his lonely unrest soul?
In his ransacked temple he silently sits and recalls
Childhood nightmares and long lost wife and love
His failure, promise and his glory white bubble days
Good life like a rushing train in dream crashed in past
Typhoon, earthquake, battle cries and his child’s face
Like a rolling avalanche lands on his wrinkled forehead
He was too slow to react, nothing he could do to survive
His hands were broken and his heart pierced
Yet, he was reborn after his house vanished
He saw a life after death and his wound never healed
On the crossroad he begs for money and pity
He doesn’t have a name; he could be you and me
And in the people crowded cities
He receives God’s enlightenment
To try to adapt and fall asleep on this strange golden field

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thought on the Beach

Thought on the Beach
By Ms. Jane Yang 2012.01.08

Blue sky
Is a virtuous lad
Waves of warm breeze
Is he that chasing after a fair goddess
Offered bloom
Red like burning flame

May the lovers in world
Hold hand and forever

It’s rare to meet a poet on street; it’s rare a poet meets another poet in public or business place. I just found out my dentist is a poet, and how? Because she saw me reading a poetry book on her patient bed, and after she cleaned my teeth she wrote down two short poems for me. And I was so glad. So I hereby typed her Chinese poem and translated it to just mark down this happy and rare experience.

沙滩随想 (一)


牵手 万年