Monday, December 29, 2008

Out For Battle

Out For Battle
By Du Fu of Tang Dynasty
Translated by Laijon Liu 20081229

To wax a bow; one must wax a strong bow;
To pick an arrow, one must pick a long arrow.
To bring down a knight, one must shoot the horse.
To capture his enemy, one must capture the king.
There should be a limit for every slaughtering,
As all the nations patrolling their own borders.
And such method is to fend off an invasion,
Or for the purpose to slay more and more?

This poem shows the great learning of poet Du Fu’s view about war.
He wrote this poem to tell his people and colleagues (most officials),
That war was not for killing, but only a nation to defend an invasion.
But our TV news often reminds that we are not civilization yet, and
People never get tired fighting, killing, whatever any reason we use,
or religion, or land property, or security, or even for peace: Shalom,
or Liberty, Freedom, Human Rights, or Helen… it seems we human
can only solve all and every problem by using method of killing.
As the great poet argued with his last two verses by a question form,
All wisdom of war is for defending or slaughtering more and more?

That’s why I try to live a new way,
ain’t gonna be a nationalist, common man must pay tax to any government,
ain’t gonna fight for land, Jesus said what was good to lose life for world?
Ain’t gonna fight for a woman, she has all her God given rights to pick.
The best way to get out conflict, Run Forest! Run! Coz hell is on fire and
Satan loves toasting, and never get tired.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Walk In Dew

Walk In Dew
Book of Ode (Compiled by Confucius)
Translated by Laijon Liu

Wet dew on the morning road.
Who doesn't want to sneak out by night?
But I’m afraid of the dewy road.

Who says sparrow doesn’t have beak?
Then how he pecked thru my room?
Who says you don’t have a wife?
And why you sue me and put me in jail?
Even though you put me in jail,
But don’t you think I’ll marry you!

Who says rat doesn’t have teeth?
Then how he drilled thru my wall?
Who says you don’t have a wife?
And why you sue me and persecute me?
Even though you persecute me,
Still, I will never marry you!

This is like tv drama, that a young girl refused to marry some filthy rich man who had connection in the court yard, and she was put into jail in a force of marriage. But she decided even she sat in jail still wouldn’t change her mind. Jeez, that man must be so ugly. And it seems the poor girl was fighting for her human right and marriage right, freedom of spouse selection at same time. I praise her strength. Nowadays, many people in the world should learn from her, especially those who live in Asia. And it seems Confucius selected this poem to talk about human rights and freedom marriage. Usually in every ancient Chinese literature that marriage is symbol of political pursuit or officials and authority. But this ode is great that Confucius put topics of politics, individual rights, and marriage into one body. Freedom of choice is individual thing, it's like marriage.





The Plums Are Falling

The Plums Are Falling
From Book of Ode (Compiled by Confucius)
Translated by Laijon Liu 20081210

The plums are falling on the ground,
And most of them are still hanging.
If you do like me,
Then don’t let go your good chance.

The plums are falling and falling,
And only a few are left hanging.
If you do like me,
Then do not hesitate now.

The plums are all fallen on the ground,
We must gather them in a basket.
If you do like me,
Then please tell me right now.

How beautiful a lady takes the initiate to find her love? 2000 or 2500 years ago?
For love we are all equal I guess that everyone must take his or her initiation.
She used plums to describe her urgency and desire for love.
There are many odes, and this is one of ode that I like Confucius’s pick. He picked many good odes like this one for us and our children.

The rose is budding, while she’s blooming, please adore her.
The rose is withering, while she’s fading, please abide with her.
The rose is fallen, and she’s gone, please always remember her.