Monday, July 3, 2017

On Greek Classic 01

On Greek Classic
Laijon Liu 20170702

I love Greek Classic. Homer's Iliad and Odyssey are or is truly great literature, and I believe these two works are done by the Ancient Greek, a group of people, thru oral tradition, and after some years compiled and revised by a single author, there's no need to end the endless long war of the authorship, that's not the most important, to me the most important part is these works are somehow should be read as whole, that tales from the wall of Troy spread to the voyager's home, Ithaca. When the Greek in their dark time, whatever nature phenomenons unexplained they tribute to gods or goddesses, of course that include the human inner feelings, emotions cannot be logically explained, maybe parts of that they want to easily memorize, thru invented system of stories and causes, they consciously developed their ways of understanding their world, societies and their inner life experiences, so the Olympian gods and goddess claim victory over the titans of raw rough chaotic nature symbols, and amongst all their new gods and goddesses they created their heroes, sons and daughters of gods and men, later, human heroes, after they gained much learning of unexplained and confident of their surroundings. Iliad and Odyssey show how they explained their wars, dealing, concepts, and emotions, in Iliad gods are more dominate, Achilles resembles both man of fate and character of invincible god; in Odyssey, Odysseus, a bloodline of men, but more and more as one of us, more shrewd and humbled with fears, more vulnerable, batterd and traumatized by our world. Gods shifting their power to men from Iliad to Odyssey, Olympus is not center stage of the world any more, but at Troy, men's battlefield, by the campfires, in the trenches; and at Ithaca, on the fingertips of waving woman, by the cold hearth that long parted couple first time met, in the court of feasting hallway; both tales set off and end by women, Helen at Troy, Penelope at home, and both women are seemed worth to fight and die for; Men know their best choice, not a ruler of cities that Hera can offer, not champion of the world that Athena guarantees, but only love, makes sweet home that satisfies men's heart, so that completes them. The old ruling system also declined, Agamemnon lost his leadership by robbing Achilles, and later paid tributes to him as equal, Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, but his Troy conquering fame could not protect his own household... All great Classic are Modern, I believe.

I've just watched the Wonder Woman, it packed a lot of action, film tech. I love that early film kung fu girl, so cute, cheered my day. the main actress is hot period. And the later part of film that Ares, the god of war, existed in an illusion, that's correctly depicted, never certain individual, Ares and along with all Greek deities exist in both Nature, the Outside World, and the inner world of men. Ares stood on both side of the battle, also other Gods, that Homer's Iliad painted, the gods characters fight on both sides, often, they fight among themselves too, and also explains the a few deeply moving parts of Iliad, how Hector, Achilles, Priam killing each other, and mutilated corpse to vent hatred, and held each other cried like long lost friend, for What they must fight and hurt each other that way, for What? so that answer Ancient Greek can only tribute to the Gods. Also, the film throws the Love word at viewers, and Greek Love, is not Aphrodite, Aphrodite gives sexual desire, appetite for fresh meat, yuk; later the Paul in new testament refer Christ the Unknown God, the God of Love, but Christ was not known by Homer time Greeks; so I guess the only suspect of God of Love in Ancient Greek should be Zeus, Zeus is the Ultimate Player known by men and gods, but Zeus also gives order to Prometheus to create man, and Zeus' main role is to maintain the order of heavens and mankind, so after hogging on some women or a heifer/swan he comes home dumps a bag of grocery on the table and shouts at the ceiling telling his children to come down clean the rooms, I guess. That love is more real today.

Again, I really love great classics, Homer, Bible, Spring and Autumn, Hamlet, and a few more, they are like time capsules, you open them up, wind and test or play them, often find some strange features or functions that do new tricks.